Upon a Star

I wished upon a star tonight,

A black one with an empty hole,

Sinking through the twilight sky,

Lost within its very own soul.


My wish was pure, my wish was real,

There was nothing else I wanted more,

Than that very one wish I held on tight,

Suppressing down its bottomless core.


I lifted my head with trust and faith,

That this wish was all I'd ever need,

It'd fulfill my wants and desires,

Bringing me down to my final deed.


I speak my wish with simple hope,

No more lies and disloyal hate,

It'd lead to prosperity ever more,

Make my life halfheartedly great.


I wish I die with no regrets,

My ashes fall upon the stars,

They disappear without a sound,

I am left with regretful scars.

A/N: Hmm well, I guess Thanksgiving inspired me to write something. It was really random and at the "spur of the moment." Please read and review anyways, though :)