Thunder roared loudly as the dark storm clouds rolled into California. Lightning flashed and illuminated the room in which a 17 year old scintillating girl sat. Curled up on the window sill, she had her arms wrapped around her knees as she gazed out at the vociferous weather. She sighed deeply and mentally sweat-dropped as the candle in her room went out, throwing her world into darkness.

"Stupid forecast predicted humid, hot weather…" she told no one in particular as she grabbed her matches and re-lit her candle, her room once again visible.

She flicked her short, brown hair in an innocent way and walked over to her desk. It was covered in an assortment of things; books, homework, paper, stationary and empty bottles of water. She reached for a black A4 notepad which had 'Thalia Simmons' inscribed on the front, along with a mixture of stickers and drawings.

Her green eyes skimmed over various drawings and pieces of writing until she stopped at the last used page. Picking up a pen, she wrote a few extra lines at the end of the previous text. Her brows creased in concentration as her mind ran through a mixture of words to use. She was onto a new paragraph when a female voice called out through the house.

"Thalia! Darling come here please!"

Putting the pen down in the middle of the page, she closed the book and evacuated her room. Walking down a set of stairs, she walked into another room; her mother's bedroom.

Her mother, like Thalia, had the same brilliant green eyes but with ice blonde hair. Looking up from her make-up box, she motioned Thalia over.

"Darling, what do you think; red or brown lipstick?"


"He's a solicitor."

"Red definitely. Very seducible"

"Thank you honey. Now-" she was interrupted as a car horn blew to the right of them. "He's here! I'll be back as soon as possible." Her mother kissed her cheek quickly before grabbing her bag off the bed and hurrying out of the house.

Thalia's mother, Celia Simmons, was what some males described as a vixen; tall, blonde, skinny and available. And as usual, she had a date. And once again, Thalia was left home alone, in the dark house lit by candles no less.

Heading back up the stairs, she entered her room and walked back over to her desk and picked up where she left off.

She sighed as she read over her story about a young girl who was swept off her feet by a handsome man with a white horse. Sometimes she wished her life was like that.



Thalia's eyes shot open as her hand automatically reached for the alarm clock and switched it off. She gazed over at the time which read '7:40am'.

It was a Wednesday. The middle of the week she preferred to call it because that way you could just say the week was half over and before you know it, Friday was there and everyone can relax for two days.

Throwing back the pink bedcovers, she rolled out of the bed and headed downstairs to the kitchen. She flicked on the kettle and began looking through the cupboard for breakfast. Grabbing a slice of bread, she popped it into the toaster and made herself a cup of hot chocolate. She couldn't stand the taste of coffee or tea; it just tasted bizarre to her.

She jolted slightly as the toast came up with a 'POP!'. She buttered it and shoved it down quickly before racing back up the stairs and headed for a shower.

Yawning slightly, she turned the water on as she slipped her night wear off and climbed in. Goosebumps rose on her fair complexion and she hummed a tune off-key and scrubbed herself.

Seven minutes later, she climbed out and wrapped her petite body in a light blue fluffy towel. As she reached over to grab her toothbrush, the bathroom door opened and a strange looking man walked in.

Thalia screamed and jumped back. The man let out a yelp too and looked over her.

"Argh! Very sorry young lady!" He said as he backed out of the bathroom and closed the door.

Thalia held a hand to her heart as she tried to calm herself down. It's not every morning that a stranger walks into your bathroom.

Grabbing her toothbrush, she quickly brushed her teeth and ran into her room before she encountered anymore strangers or surprises. She locked her door as if someone else was going to barge in and see her getting changed.

As she thought that particular thought, a chill ran down her spine and she shivered. She couldn't imagine someone seeing her naked body. That was just gross…

Ensuring the door was locked once more, she let the towel down and she pulled out her school uniform and began getting dressed. Her uniform was far too bland in her opinion. All it consisted of was a navy blue pleated skirt and a dark green polo shirt which had her school name 'Hemmingway High' written across the top right hand of the shirt in white writing.

After dressing, she walked over to her desk and grabbed an elastic band and tied her hair back into a high ponytail and grabbed her books and homework and placed them in her black off the shoulder bag.

Running down the stairs she went past her mother who was holding hands with the guy who had walked into the bathroom earlier that morning.

"Have a good day honey!"

"Bye mum."

Thalia walked outside and walked to the bus stop down the road which was about 30 metres to the right of her house. The bus pulled up approximately 2 and a half minutes later.

She flashed the driver her bus pass and sat down in the middle of the bus. There was only 3 other people on the bus at that moment; a freshman who looked absolutely terrified to be alone, a sophomore who was listening to her MP3 and Devin Kayden… the school's most popular guy. He was absolutely gorgeous with dirty blonde hair and electric blue eyes. He was the captain of the school's soccer team and nearly every girl at Hemmingway was head over heels in love with him.

Thalia's heart gave a jolt as Devin smiled her way and locked eye contact with her. She looked at her feet and tried to ignore the feelings of nervousness as she could feel his gaze on her still.

She was grateful as the bus moved once again and stopped to pick up more people. Almost immediately she took back that thought as the school's biggest bitch got on the bus. Laney Summers. Where to begin to describe her? She was the world's biggest backstabber. Everything she said was fake, along with her chest and hair. The worst of it was she was Devin's girlfriend. She was the envy of all the girls in town.

"Dev baby!" Her high-pitched voice rang throughout the bus and Thalia cringed slightly as it rang in her ears. Laney walked past Thalia and headed to the back where Devin was seated.

"Baby cakes!!" she cooed him as she sat on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned in to place a kiss on his soft lips.

Unfortunately Thalia looked at that moment and pulled a disgusted face. She felt sorry for Devin as she was sure his face was now caked in lip-gloss and whatever else Laney had on her face.

The bus stopped once more and a few more people got on, one of them sticking out to Thalia. She grinned at the girl and waved. The girl ran up and hugged Thalia and sat next to her.



Thalia grinned at Emilie, one of her best friends. Emilie was beautiful in Thalia's opinion. She had black short hair and blue eyes and she was always smiling.

The bus moved again and the two began gossiping.

"Thal-Chan, did you know that Devin was looking at you?"

A faint blush crept onto Thalia's cheeks. "Emilie that was uncalled for."

Emilie grinned. "Oh come. It's awesome! What's your Devin Kayden fantasy?"

Thalia gasped. "I do not have fantasies!" Emilie smirked in reply. "You will one day. And when you do, I want details!!"


The bus stopped at Hemmingway High and everyone filed off in an immature fashion. Thalia and Emilie walked into the grounds, stepping over puddles and laughing at each other.

"Thal! I met this really cute guy at the sci-fi convention last night. His name was Fred. So adorable!"

Thalia shook her head, trying to repress her giggles. Emilie was a sci-fi fanatic, loving mysteries and supernatural things.

They kept walking when they were suddenly pushed apart as someone walked between them. Thalia looked up to see Laney with a bitchy smirked planted on her face.

"Oops my bad!"

Emilie and Thalia just stared at Laney with unimpressed look. However, Thalia's expression changed once again as someone nudged her shoulder walking past and she looked up into Devin Kayden's eyes. Her heart jumped into her stomach at that point, especially when he grinned at her and Emilie.

"Ladies" He nodded and walked off to join Laney who was flicking her long fake blonde hair and chatting to a bunch of girls.

"Oh my god…" Emilie laughed and looked at Thalia. "I swear to god my heart fell onto the ground!!"

"Emilie… it's not funny! He's so… so…"



Thalia hit her head in frustration. "He's Devin Kayden, that's what! He's untouchable and forbidden."

"So what Thal? He's still hot."

Thalia shook her head. Maybe he was … kind of … hot… but she wouldn't admit that to Emilie. Ever.


"Good morning class. Today we will be continuing our work on poetry. To finish off this subject, you have three weeks to write a page long poem showing emotion and texts we have looked at throughout this topic. You can begin planning now."

The class groaned and pulled out their textbooks. Thalia mentally grinned. Poetry and writing were her best aspects about her.

Emilie however seemed to be lost.

"Oh star-trek you rock my world… you make me feel like a nice girl… captain Kirk is a sexy duck… I wish he would come over to me to f-"

"Emilie!" The teacher looked outraged. "No vulgarity!"

Thalia giggled and covered her mouth with her hand. Emilie was the biggest and funniest extrovert ever.

Thalia picked up her pencil and stared at her text book. What could she write? Her mind started racing a thousand miles an hour about different ideas but she couldn't pinpoint something to write about.

That was a first.