"The Bears win! 4-2 to the Warriors!"

The crowd cheered loudly as the players on the field shook hands before heading off. Devin headed into the change room to congratulate his team mates and hear their lecture from their coach, which consisted of 'I knew the other team didn't have a chance!'

He got undressed out of his dirty uniform quickly and changed into some jeans and a top before heading out of the change room and heading over to Wyatt, who was watching some tall bulky guys chatting away.

"Hey Wyatt, where's Thalia?"

Wyatt frowned in confusion. "Last I saw of her she was going to the change room to see you."

"That was half time… over 40 minutes ago!"

Both guys looked around wildly through the crowd, panic slowly setting in. They both knew that Thalia wasn't the type of person to wonder off and not tell someone.

Devin thought back to their last conversation. He relayed the gist of it to Wyatt and breathed out deeply. "You don't think… Laney and that would do something to her do you?"

"She's a hoe and I don't know… you were the one who dated her!"

Devin grabbed Wyatt and pushed through the crowd. He dragged Wyatt to a tall guy with black hair and green eyes.

"Hey George!"

"Dev my man! How's it going? Sweet win man!"

"Yeah thanks…. Listen…." Devin lowered his voice and looked around before continuing. "Have you seen Laney anywhere?"

"Not since half time man. Then her and Brad left."

"Thanks man…"

Devin walked back to Wyatt. "I think… I think Laney has her…"

"Omg what if she turns Thal into a hoe!?"

"Come on. I think I know where they are!"

They both ran to Devin's car and jumped in and without a moment to spare, Devin started the engine up and pulled away from the car park so fiercely that the tyres squealed loudly causing a bunch of people to move out of the way in fear of being run over.

Wyatt clung to his seat belt as Devin veered round corners a little too fast, his mind set on finding Thalia. The car roared loudly as he accelerated towards abandoned warehouses. Wyatt raised an eyebrow and looked at Devin.

"Uh… this is…. cliché for a kidnapping I must say."

"My group use to come here on Friday nights and get drunk. Look there's Brad's car." He pointed to a black Toyota as he stopped the car and undid his seat belt. He stormed out of the car and headed towards the entrance of one warehouse. Wyatt followed him closely, his eyes glancing around suspiciously in fear of someone leaping on him.

Without being conspicuous, Devin barged open the door and walked in. He was met with Laney and Brad standing in front of him, laughing heavily.

"Bout time you showed up Kayden. I was beginning to think you didn't care about your little bitch of a girlfriend!"

Devin growled and walked over to Brad. He glared at Brad before raising his fist and punching him dead in the middle of his nose, the force causing the dark-haired boy to stumble backwards while clutching his nose.

"If you ever EVER touch her again, I swear to god I will kill you."

Wyatt stepped forward to Laney and pushed her slightly. "OMG! How bout you stop being you know… a skank and get a brain?! No wonder Devin dumped you! Don't you ever touch my Thal again!" He raised his hand and slapped a stunned Laney across the face.

Laney grabbed Brad and stormed off out of the warehouse. A loud rev roared in the air as Brad's car was started and a loud screech of tyres as they spun away from the warehouse.

Wyatt glanced around. "Where is she?"

Devin sighed. "Well if I know them well enough…" He walked over to a cupboard door and opened it, revealing a terrified Thalia.

Thalia glanced up as the door was open and gasped upon seeing Devin. She forcefully threw herself at him in a tight hug as she clung to him. He wrapped his arms around her and whispered apologies in her ear.

Wyatt cleared his throat and watched as Thalia looked at him before pulling him into a hug too.

"Thal… you shouldn't scare us like that!"

Thalia rolled her eyes before shrugging. "I didn't really have a choice. What kind of sick people are they? I was forced into a boot!"

Devin pulled her into a tight hug again. "I'm so sorry. She's a bitch. There's no other words to describe her… except maybe vindictive. There's that too."

Wyatt put his hand on his hip. "What was her purpose anyways?"

"I think she was trying to scare Thal."

"Stupid pregnant cow…"

Wyatt and Devin looked over in surprise at Thalia. "Did she just say that?"


Thalia grinned slightly. "Well… what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? She can attack me all she wants… it just makes me more confident in being bitchy too…"

Devin laughed. "You aren't a bitch. You just defend yourself. I love you for that."

Wyatt grinned and made kissy faces at Thalia who merely rolled her eyes in return.

"Don't start Wyatt. I'm a woman on edge."


The next few weeks passed without drama. Laney had been sulking and it was now common knowledge that she was pregnant, though there was a lot of debate as to who was the father. Most students believe that Devin wasn't the father and slowly the rumors died down. Thalia and Devin's relationship was out in the open and people weren't gossiping all that much about it anymore, much to the relief of Thalia.

Thalia had learnt to be much more open and less shy around Devin. Wyatt and Emilie had lectured her letting her know that it was natural to do things such as kissing. Grumbling, Thalia had replied that she wasn't an idiot and that their hint was obvious. However, to her disbelief, she knew they were right.

The weather had just shifted like the seasons. It was now December and snow had started to fall. To keep warm, Thalia and Devin were huddled on Devin's bed under a thick blanket. Tightening his grip on her, he leant down and placed a soft kiss on her lip. She kissed him back gently and mewed when he nipped her bottom lip. Opening her mouth to allowance him entrance, Devin slipped his tongue into her wet enclosure and searched for hers. Instinct kicked in as she pushed her tongue against his.

Devin pulled back slowly and smiled at her. He ran his hand along her curves and grinned when she jumped.


Thalia bit her lip and shook her head. "Of course not…"

"Ha! You are!" Devin pinned her down and began an attack on her ribs. Thalia squealed loudly and weakly tried to push him away. "Stop!! STOP!!"

"Never! Muahahaha!"

Panting and laughing, the pair fell back onto the bed, giggling randomly before a knock on the door distracted them. Devin sat up and running a hand through his already messy blonde hair.

"Come in!"

The door opened and a tall, petite woman walked in. A warm smile covered her features as her dark brown hair fell over her shoulders in waves.

"Dinner is ready guys."

"Thanks mum, we'll be down in a moment."

Still smiling, Mrs. Kayden nodded and left, closing the door behind her. Thalia turned her head to look at Devin. "I like your mum. She's so nice."

"She likes you too. She likes everyone really. Wanna know something funny?"

Thalia nodded eagerly, trying to hold back a goofy grin.

"She hated Laney."

Accidentally letting out a snort, Thalia giggled. "Yeah cause that is so hard to do!"

Standing up, they flattened their clothes before heading out of the room. Thalia knew her way around the house now. She had been here a few times within the last few weeks and was slowly getting more and more comfortable around Devin.

Heading down the stairs, she gripped Devin's hand in her own as they headed into the dining room where Devin's parents sat waiting.

His parents, Irene and Mark, were very warm people. Mark Kayden owned several of the tyre companies around the area while Irene volunteered at a homeless shelter. Irene had dark brown hair and blue eyes while Devin took after his father who had the same dirty blonde hair and electric blue eyes. Both smiled at the couple as they sat down.

Thalia looked over all the food on the table and felt her mouth watering at the sight. It had been a very long time since she had seen so much food.

"This food looks wonderful, Mrs. Kayden."

"Please sweetie, call me Irene and thank you."

They all began dishing out their food onto their plates. Mr. Kayden looked up from his meal at Thalia.

"Will you be staying the night, Thalia?"

Coughing slightly on her food, she looked up alarmed. "Uh staying?" She looked over at Devin who was watching the whole situation amused.

"Yeah, do you want to stay the night?"

Irene chuckled as Thalia's cheeks burned. "Uhm… okay."

Reaching for the salt, Mark smiled over towards Thalia. "No need to panic Thalia. You can stay in the guest room next to Dev's room."

Nodding, Thalia smiled back. "Okay, thank you. I'll call mum soon and let her know."

The rest of the dinner went quickly and pleasantly and Thalia felt at home with the Kaydens. Half of her felt envious, though she hated to admit it. She didn't have much of a family and she rarely ate dinner with her mum as she was always out on a date. Most nights Celia would cook for Thalia and leave.

Picking up her plate, Thalia followed Devin into the kitchen and handed her plate to him as he placed the dishes into the dishwater. Closing the dishwater door, Devin stood back up and turned around to face Thalia. She smiled at him and tilted her head when he smirked at her. He took a step towards her and subconsciously, she took a step back. The process repeated until an object hit her back and she realized she was stuck in between the bench and him. There was no panic though, she trusted him. Still, that smirk was a little unsettling. It made her heart jump into her throat and as he brushed against her, she swallowed hard.

His large hands softly touched her waist and slowly, they dragged down to her jean-clad thighs. Thalia yelped softly when he suddenly grabbed her and lifted her onto the bench. Blush tainted her white cheeks as he leant down closer to her.

"Scared?" He whispered to her huskily with a smirk.

Thalia shook her head, contradicting her answer when she gulped. "N-no…"

"You're so cute when you are nervous."

"Well I must be down right adorable right now."

Grinning, Devin leant down closing the gap and pressed his soft, full lips against hers. Giving into the sensations, Thalia kissed him back, the fear of hormones now out of her body. She felt a tingling feeling in her stomach, something she hadn't felt before. A little voice in her head was chanting 'more' and she knew she was head over heels gone. There was no denying it anymore.

Thalia's arms wound round Devin's neck, her fingers twisting and playing with the blonde hair near his nape.

Footsteps walked into the kitchen, the couple too engrossed in their activities to notice. It wasn't until a chuckle filled the room that they broke apart. Turning towards the source of noise, they found themselves facing Mark.

Thalia's cheeks burnt bright red and she let out a small "eek!" before burrowing her face into Devin's collarbone. Devin merely chuckled and looked over at his father.

"Hey dad. What's cracking?"

"Not all that much, son. However I thought if you were going to do something like that, the bench would be awful uncomfortable wouldn't it?"

A smile played on Mark's lips as he watched the situation with amusement. Thalia wanted to sink into the ground and hide as she clung to Devin hopelessly. Devin chuckled again and almost effortlessly, flung Thalia over his shoulder and left the kitchen. Once the shock had worn off from the whole situation, Thalia came to her senses and tapped Devin's back.

"Uhm.. hello? Can I be put down? It's nauseating up here."

Letting out a husky laugh, Devin stopped and placed Thalia down on her feet. Clearing her throat, she straightened her clothes and looked at Devin, her face slightly flustered from all the embarrassment of the current situation.

"That was… uhm… different."

"You loved it."

Grinning with innocent guilt, Thalia let out a nervous laugh. "I guess I did, yeah."

Wrapping his arms around his girlfriend's waist, Devin pressed his face into her neck and inhaled. "I love you, Thalia."