His Best friend!

Lying here in a lonely room,

I know he is there with you,

Shaking with anger tears rolling down

Hands are pale and my tongue is tied.

Because you're his best friend,

And that is all he cares about.

He is blind to all your imperfections

But I can see straight through your lies

You are my sickness that I can't disguise.

I talk, sickly sweet and sugar coated lies

When my stomach is churning and my lungs heaving.

All I can bear to do is nod

You make me so sick I can't bear to be here.

Biting my nails, sitting in a corner all alone.

While you are there talking about us,

How I'm not right for him

That im too obsessive, that we're not serious.

But I have news for you

You are lower than the dirt I walk in,

You are the vain of my existence.

Maybe he can't see it, but I can.

You make me sick, you voice makes me heave

Your lies crawl into my veins and suck at them like leeches,

You disgust me, you and all your false masquerades

You make me sick and I can't pretend.

You may be his best friend,

But it doesn't mean, you are anything to me

Go run away and shut your mouth we are together.