The second part of chapter 5... there will be a third.

Hanapu laughed, "I never experienced life. I am a prisoner of my own fear!" He yelled. "A creation who hates and fears his master. Who hates the light, who can't sleep for fear of nightmares he can't escape from!!"

Gabriel backed up to Maria and Amonet. Hanapu stood up and whipped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He leaned heavily on the corner of his desk, suddenly his phone rang. He picked it up, "What...?" he growled.

"Sir... Dante wishes to meet with you. He just called." Was the reply.

"Tell him... I will meet with him later. I'm busy at the moment..."

"But sir..."

"DON'T... QUESTION ME OZZY!!" He yelled. Amonet clung to Maria, clearly frightened by Hanapu. "I WILL MEET HIM LATER!! UNDERSTAND?!" He yelled.

"Yes... yes sir." Then she hung up. Hanapu walked over to a cabinet and took out a vile in it was a silver liquid.. He uncorked it and downed the lot, he pushed a button on his desk and Raphael walked in.

"Bring them away and find somewhere to put them." He growled. Raphael nodded and the three were escorted out.

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