I am the mindless monotony of life

The blurred lines of boring words

I creep cautiously, insinuate my inanity

Into sloppy brains, rusting the cogs

And casting my chains

Metaphorical steel numbing psyche

Drilling nails, curved and spiky

Hooked and bent, they attach themselves

Eclipsing essences, suffocating spirits

Damaging dreams; tearing hope asunder

I can be slow, silent: subtle as a snake

Or swift as a swirling storm

But the results do not differ,

I sweep into minds, souls

Gnaw habitually at vulnerable hearts

Until, despairingly, black gloom descends:

I am destroyer and maker in one

My creations: vegetative mindless voids,

There only in flesh: needy, servile

And worse off than, perhaps, in death