Never Anger an Immortal Heart, Part One

Italicized font means that Kai and Ismet are telepathically communicating with one another, as Annuviels tend to be telepathic.


I'll never forgive you for all that you've done. All the hurt and grief you've caused me, all of us, really. One simple action that can never be undone, and nor can it be atoned for because you took away something that is irreplaceable.

Her clear blue eyes met mine in an instant, searching my thoughts. "You okay?" she asked, her voice hardly a whisper.

I glared at her for a moment, but then softened. "Yeah," I muttered. "I'll be fine." Forgiveness sure is hard to come by, isn't it, Ismet? You just let him die. You sat there and you watched him wither away and didn't do anything about it!

The Elven girl shook her head slightly. "Come on, you need to rest," she whispered, reaching a hand out to lead me away from the abandoned field: the same field where Prince Jonathan laid, hewn in battle and unable to defend himself. But he was dead from the poison that killed him first. My eyes wandered to a couple of feathers a few meters away.

Membenci-ti! Angry thoughts filled my mind as I screamed out in frustration towards the heavens and towards my brother. He was the one who did this… who let this happen.



My brother's angry thoughts hit me with the full force of the training staff the first time I sparred with Ayah, causing me to drop to the floor. He is much less sensitive than I am; this we know for a fact, and he never ceases to make me remember that.

If only you knew what really happened. It was never like you thought it was… his mind wasn't his own and I had to kill him. It was the only choice.

Alina puts a hand gently on my shoulder and our wings touch, a sign of genuine love and affection. She starts to wipe a tear from my face, but I stepped away before she could. Let the tears fall and they will mourn the loss of what could have been.



"Alright, what's going on?" Adriana sat down and crossed her legs, inviting me to sit next to her. I obliged, kneeling down by the cuprum tree and gently running my fingers along its indigo-tinted wood.

"Nothing." But that was a lie and as soon as it left my lips, I felt a sharp stab of pain in my side. Such is the curse of the Annuviel folk. Adriana eyed me doubtfully, as she always does when she knows I'm lying. Apparently, it isn't difficult to tell.

The heir to the throne is dead, thanks to you! When can you stop meddling in the affairs of other people? Jonathan was too young to die; he had only just come of age and you killed him!

"Prince Jonathan is dead and I hate my brother." I narrowed my eyes at the one person in the entire universe who cared about me and I about her. But that didn't matter now; the world was going to end because the prophecy hadn't been fulfilled and Jonathan was the only living heir to the throne.

Adriana shook her head. "Don't you remember what Nana said when you last visited her?" she asked, leaning closer to where I was sitting and placing her hand on the same tree as my fingers were still touching.

"The prophecy cannot be fulfilled by any other than the heir," I replied. I have studied enough history and lore to know that one day, the heir to the throne will defeat Chaldai, the dark lord, in battle and peace will be restored to the lands. King Nicholaus is now too old to have any children and Queen Lillith has no brothers or sisters. Their line is going to die off, just as all the humans are.

"You don't know what the prophecy really says, do you?" she asked quietly, slipping into a gentle accent which speaks of the woodland realm like her mother rather than the varied, rough accent of her father.

It is too late to for the prophecy. Since the heir is dead, Chaldai will not be killed and it is very simple. Almendrim will never have peace, thanks to Ismet.



"Was that your brother?" Alina asked after a moment of silence has passed. I nod, but no words come out of my mouth; most of my mental strength is trying to repair my mental shields, to keep anyone, even Alina, out of my mind for just a moment. I want a moment of silence.

Eternity lasts forever, as does death. It is permanent, the long sleep to which humans pass. They are the fortunate folk, not doomed to forever wander the earth as we are. They will not reap the consequences of the prophecy, which will be fulfilled, though neither in the ways or methods my brother has predicted. He is sorely misguided in his thoughts and I can only hope it isn't too late for him, too…

"I need to go," I said at last, shoving my thoughts into the abyss of my mind. I can deal with them later. "I will return before the festivals begin." With that, my wing caressed Alina's and I flew off, into the freedom of the clear skies overhead.



I hate the prophecies of the old, especially when none of them have been fulfilled yet. They must all be fulfilled before Almendrim can have lasting peace and I do not foresee that happening in my lifetime… the lifetime of an immortal being. In some ways, I envy the humans. They live their lives with few lasting consequences and their lives only last for a blink of an eye. And then it is over.

"Kai?" Adriana asks, pulling me out of my thoughts. I sighed, and she continued, somehow knowing I wasn't going to interrupt her. "Nana knows what the prophecy really means and remember that she told you… and all of us." By all of us, she meant herself, her brother and Ismet. "There is another heir."

I pulled away immediately, letting my hand drop to the earth below, the impact of what she said hitting me like the tanto tomo, the twin staves, one from either side. "Explain. Now."



It was a few hours later when I touched down, landing softly in the grass outside the forest clearing. There's still about an hour of daylight, if I remember correctly, which gives enough time for me to find him. It's so strange, being here all alone. I've never been here alone before and it's a little unnerving. They say that when the night comes and the first moon, Lunn, rises, the dark elves come out and take prisoners captive. They are a wholly evil folk, with little love for creatures of the day. They worship the moons, Lunn and Carn.

Where are you? I can sense your mielaika close by. Why are you hiding from me?



"So the prophecy is true," I replied after Adriana told me everything. The Elven girl nodded, her eyes shining like the pools of water in lazy summer days.

Adriana nodded. "And you should apologize to your brother," she replied, her voice quieter than before. A man would have to strain his ears to hear what she said. "I felt what happened between you two."

"And it is none of your business, is it?" I snapped, thoroughly annoyed that she had been peering into my mind once again. My thoughts and emotions were meant to be private, something I only share when I must.

I am not hiding from you. I merely wish to have my privacy back and perhaps it would be better if we had never known each other. Perhaps that was the way things were meant to be. I am sorry, Ismet, but I must.

With that, I closed my eyes, summoned all my mental strength and pushed everyone and everything I could sense away. I knew it had worked because I felt Adriana let out a hiss of sharp pain.

I am sorry. Perhaps I will let you back in some day, Adriana, but today is not that day. And I am sorry, Ismet, but I cannot allow you back into my mind, to listen to my thoughts. I must be alone, even if you do not understand. I must be alone because… membenci-ti.

Thus concludes Part One of Never Anger an Immortal Heart…

Wow… Ismet really does sound like Denethor when he's talking about death and eternity and all of that. It was completely unintentional.


Author's Notes:

Alina: Ismet's beloved. Since the Annuviels (and the Elves) believe in courtship, she was chosen for Ismet by Ismet's parents.

Adriana: she is basically Kai's best friend, and they're in love. Like her mother, she is an empath.

King Nicholaus and Queen Lillith: the king and queen of the human realm. Their only child, Prince Jonathan was recently killed.

Almendrim: the name of the land where they live and these stories take place.

Chaldai: the dark lord of Almendrim who makes his residence in Shinishi.

Lunn and Carn: the two moons which orbit the planet that Almendrim is located on.

The dark elves are not wholly evil, as Ismet claims they are, but they are generally thought of as sinister by the other folk of Almendrim and regarded with much suspicion and prejudice.


Membenci-ti: "I hate you" in Archia, the tongue of the Annuviels.

Nana: a term of affection, roughly corresponding to "mother".

Tanto tomo: the twin staves, a traditional form of weaponry that the Annuviels have mastered. It's a difficult form of fighting to master.

Mielaika: The Annuviel name for the spirit (or essence or soul, whatever you want to call it).