Hey people. I came up with this story after a dream I had about three years ago that I told a friend about and haven't been able to forget since. I don't know if this is going to work, but I'll give it a shot. Read & Review please. I review trade. Please enjoy. I will only continue if I get some kind of positive feedback (probably). Oh and yes, I know neither the moon nor the sun are planets, but I decided to count them as planets, and I also know that the terrain/workings of the planets aren't exactly accurate, but I don't care about that. That's why it's Sci-fi/fantasy.

Chapter 1: Moon War

There was another crash as a pair of Martian mages launched jets of fire at her through the trees. Luna made a great leap, landing on a branch a few trees over. She took in another angry breath as she watched more trees burn from one of the largest and most important forests on the moon. Luna was the appropriately named princess of the Moon. At any past time, royalty would not normally go into battle on any planet, but she was an only child with a sick father and no mother. Only the royal family could use the Moon Treasures, and their powers were needed in this Great War. The fact that she was one of the most powerful mages on the moon helped greatly.

She jumped into the air and stood atop the canopy. The Martians leapt up to meet her, their red skin seeming to emit a faint glow in the faint light of the moon. The Moonfolk had become adept at amplifying and harnessing this faint light for use in both combat and everyday life due to the fact that the Moon always had equal amounts of light. Holding her hands out in front of her so that her thumbs and pointer fingers formed a triangle; she closed her eyes and focused. She opened her eyes and reached out with her body's natural magic to magnify and pull in the surrounding light into a tennis-ball sized orb. She then allowed her magic to pour into this orb, instantly magnifying it and launching it off in the form of a great missile of magic-infused light. The orb caught one of the mages and angled up into the air, enveloping him after a moment and then extinguishing, dropping the mage's dead body through the treetops.

The other mage roared and closed her eyes as she started to shake in anger. She clenched her hands together over her head and a fireball formed around them. She brought her hands apart and the fireball shot off in the shape of a great lizard-like dragon that turned and started to fly towards Luna. She turned and ran at top speed. She reached the end of the forest and made a long jump as great as she could. She held her right arm out straight and touched her silver cuff with her left hand. "Itsuna Uray!" She called into the eternal dusk. There was a small glimmer of light that ran along her fingers into the cuff, and its winding dragon shape shuddered. The serpentine figure unwound and flew off of her arm.

Luna partially closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the wind as she fell. A moment later, the dragon from her cuff, only now roughly fifteen feet long, flew under her and caught her. The dragon, named Itsuna, was one of the three Moon Treasures. She had the appearance of a long, pure-white snake with spikes on the end of its tail. Although she has no wings, the powerful magic that was infused with the cuff enabled flight. The magic also enabled her to communicate telepathically, and fire blasts of magic-light just like a Moon mage, only stronger.

Luna flattened herself against the dragon to reduce drag. She could hear as the wind whipped around her white travel cape. She felt to make sure that the black jewel holding it in place was still there. "Are you okay, my liege?" Itsuna asked.

"I'm fine. Send an alert to Captain Izew that there is a powerful Martian mage in the Arden Jungle," Luna replied in her usual icy tone.

"Consider it done, my liege," Itsuna said obediently. They flew on in silence, passing over plains and smaller forests. They were on a straight course for a nearby Moon military base when they passed over a most unusual forest. It was unusual because of how fast and randomly it was growing.

"Treefolk at two o'clock. Bring us down," Luna commanded. The dragon went into a nosedive, going almost straight down. Luna jumped off as they reached the canopy, trusting in her magic as she let it flow through her and slow her descent. Even she didn't have the power to fly like Itsuna, but she could at least reduce gravity's pull. She dropped to a branch and Itsuna flew toward her. She held up her right hand and Itsuna, starting at the tip of her snout, shrunk down and wrapped around her wrist, turning back into the silver cuff.

I landed to see a half-dozen bluish-grey skinned Mercurians in combat with a single Treefolk, which is military terminology for an Earthling. Earthlings were floral organisms, being somewhere between intelligent flower and out of control tree hugger. The main distinction between male and female was that males were made out of wood, resembling small, humanoid trees with legs, arms, and a face with hair made of leaves, and females were made of vines which flowered every few years and produced seeds. This one was a female.

She was putting up a good fight against the Mercurians, summoning vines and trees to wrap, whip, smash, and otherwise beat the crap out of them, but they had technology and superior knowledge. Luna silently darted down to the Treefolk's side. She flicked out one hand towards a Mercurian and a volley of sharp shards of light fired out, sticking into him and dropping him to the ground immediately. Because Mercurians had long since given up their magic because of their great technology eliminating it's need, they were much more susceptible to energy-based magic (which is different from physical magic such as Treefolk summoning). Luna lifted a hand, creating a marble-sized light orb. She brought her hand down and fired off a single missile of light about the size of a human head. It hit one square in the chest, knocking him into a tree and crushing his ribs in, killing him.

With two of the Mercurians dead, the Treefolk was able to concentrate more on killing them, taking out two by lifting them with vines and smashing them together while they were still so startled by the death of two of their colleagues. A vine-stab to a third one left only one Mercurian standing. Luna created another marble-orb and fired the missile. However, the remaining Mercurian lifted his hand, which the missile hit and proceeded to bounce off and hit a tree. The Treefolk attempted a vine-stab, but with a flash of silver, the Mercurian whipped out a sword, cut the vine in half, and sheathed the sword again.

Luna tried the Moonshard spell she had used on the first Mercurian, but the man reflected them just as he had the missile. "Ahh, silly Luna. You really must learn that magic isn't everything. That is why we Mercurians will always win out," the man said.

"If magic is so inferior, then why are you siding with the Martians and the Venusians?" Luna retorted.

"Because they pay the best. Now, it's time for you and your friend to go nighty-night," the man said in a mocking tone. He pulled a small blue cylinder with a lens on it and pressed in the top. There was a flash of blue, and Luna and the Treefolk woman both fainted.