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Chapter 5: Backup

The trio loaded back into their small ship. No sooner had Cera and Bluma gotten through the barrier door, Luna had the ship started up and it was lifting off. They had barely gotten buckled in when it got to the proper elevation and the jets kicked in, sending the ship rocketing off into space. They flew on in silence, the only noise being the jets and the occasional angry huff from Luna.

Then Bluma broke the silence. "So, what really did happen between you two?" Luna immediately started to glow again as her anger built. She was about to get angry again when a jet of red flew from in front of them.

"Good, something to blow up," Luna said, very quick to change the subject. She placed her hands in the blue rings again and was on the outside in an instant. She made a fist with one hand and put her other hand around it as an orb of light formed around her hands. Once it got large enough for her liking, she pointed it forward and a massive jet of light shot out, instantly blowing away four blockade turrets at once, leaving an easy opening. The extra bindings on her physical self drew away and she took her hands from the rings.

"So, are you going to answer my question?" Bluma asked. Cera gave her a "don't you know when to give up" look and put her face in her hands.

Luna was silent. It went on like that, with complete silence, until they made it to the Moon. The second they were out of the ship, Izew asked mockingly, "So, how'd it go?" Luna responded by just looking blank-faced at him and shooting him with a blast of light that sent him sprawling. As Cera helped him up, he said, "I'm guessing it didn't go well."

"Well, yes and no. He's coming with reinforcements, although we don't know how far behind he is. It was actually okay as a reunion goes. That is until she showed up," Cera responded.

"Who?" Izew asked.

"James' new fiancé," Cera said.

"Oh, God no," Izew said, going just as pale as everyone else had.

"Don't worry, Luna didn't kill anybody," Cera said. Izew gave a sight of relief. "She gave Arya a good shake though. If we hadn't been there, she probably would have killed someone. I haven't ever seen her this angry. Not even after the incident."

"Hmm, I wonder why that could be," he said with a sarcastic expression, "Don't tell me that you, her best friend, didn't know that she still had feelings for him."

"Okay, so I kind of, deep down, knew it. But she was pretty convincing when she said she was over him after the incident," Cera said.

"What incident?" asked Bluma, who had been standing there with no idea what they were talking about.

"Okay, let's go with the condensed version. To sum it all up, the three of us used to be the best of friends. We did everything together. We hung out together; we even went to the same stupid school together. Then, when we were about sixteen, they started dating. It was your typical, makes you want to vomit, over-clichéd teen love. Then his father said that he didn't want him dating her, that he would have to marry a Jupiter woman, so he reluctantly broke up with her. She was pretty much devastated. Then she found out why he broke up with her and her sadness turned to fury and hatred that he didn't have the guts to stand up to his father. It's really all rather cheesy if you think about it," Cera explained. "Oh, and I never told you any of this, got it?"

"Got it," Bluma said with a sarcastic salute. "Now come on, if we don't hurry, she's going to take on the entire army out there by herself."

The other two nodded and they broke into a run to catch up with the furious princess. When they broke through the entrance onto the battlements, they looked out over the battlefield and saw that Luna had, once again, gone straight for the front doors. Only this time, she was doing significantly better. She leaped into the air and created an orb of light the size of an average beach ball, which she threw into the fray. As it hit the ground, it exploded into a dome of whiteness, which effectively disintegrated anything caught in it. Thrown in every once in a while was a virtual storm of moonshards and gargantuan blasts of light. "Wow, we should reunite her with her long lost love more often," Bluma said with a smile.

There was a loud noise like someone blowing into a horn. Another wave of Martians and the like came stampeding over the horizon, this time with siege weapons. Jets of flame and even the occasional lightning bolt came rocketing at the fortress, taking large chunks out of the building. A young boy came running up behind the trio, as well as all the other observers and yelled, "Quickly, we all have to get inside. The fighters from Jupiter are coming for an air raid. We have to get inside!" Izew and Bluma turned to go in, but Cera didn't move.

"I'll be right there, I have to go get Luna," she said, diving over the wall. They hurried to the wall and looked over just in time to see her dive into the shadows of the wall. A short distance away, an arm popped out of Luna's own shadow and pulled her, struggling, into itself. Moments later, a tussling Cera and Luna appeared out of Izew's shadow. They walked inside just as the fighter planes from Jupiter came rocketing overhead, large grey orbs that were actually magically contained, gale force cutting winds dropped from the ships onto the troops on the ground, wiping out massive amounts of the army. More faints booms from far off signaled the attacks on many other Martian bases.

James literally ran into the trio just as they came inside. "We have extinguished a vast number of the Martian fortresses on the moon. I leave the rest of them in your capable hands, Izew and Luna," he said with a tone somewhere between sad and cold. "It was nice meeting you, Bluma. It was also nice to see all of you again. Until we meet again." He ran out the door and leapt from the battlements as Cera had done moments before, his wings snapping open as he lifted into the skies and boarded a large, currently slow moving transport ship. As soon as he entered, the door closed and it took off at top speed into the sky towards Jupiter.

Luna huffed angrily again and stomped off to make battle plans to eliminate the Martian hold once and for all. Izew, Bluma, and Luna followed close behind to make sure she didn't kill anybody until her rage died down. James, somewhere between Mars and Jupiter, gazed absentmindedly out the window as he mulled over the last few days in his head, dreading his return home.

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