Summary: The pie was savory in my mouth. I went to bite down on it and accidentally caught my own tongue in the process. I let out a horrified scream, and in a matter of seconds his lips were on mine, his tongue caressing my wound. Wait… what?! One-shot

"So, since you wanna be with me. You have to follow through, with every word you say. And I, all I really want is you. You to stick around, I'll see you every day. But you have to follow through." Follow Through by Gavin Degraw

Thanksgiving Day

"Happy Thanksgiving, loves!" My grandma shouts as she enters the room with a pie in her arms. I smile; I love my grandmas' pies. "Brianna! My, how you have grown. So lovely also!"

"Thanks grandma," I say sweetly as I eye the pie.

Yes, you read that right. I was eyeing the pie. Only because my grandmas' pies are the most amazing thing in the whole entire world… and I really mean the whole entire world. I could eat them for my whole entire life, but that might end up badly. Probably resulting in my sudden death from a sugar overload, which would not be good. To some people, like me. Maybe not to my annoying younger brother who wants me dead anyways. Pft. Nobody cares about him though. He's unimportant. Anyways, my grandma's pies are amazing, and she only makes them once a year. Naturally that's Thanksgiving that she always makes them. She comes from Rhode Island, while we live in New York. I look up at my grandma and then something catches my eye, because something – or – someone was behind her.

"I hope you don't mind, Susie," My grandma speaks to my mother. "But I brought some company to spend this wonderful holiday with us." She smiles and let the person behind her slip into our house.

And that's when my stomach dropped.

No. No fucking way. I can't believe he'd show his face here! I've hated him for my whole life and all of a sudden, he's coming into my house?! And spending Thanksgiving with my family?! My grandma must be getting really old or something, because I've told her multiple times why I hate her neighbor's son. And now she decides that he's worthy enough to spend the holidays with us?! I really don't fucking think so. I grimaced as he flashed me a smirk and shook hands with my father.

"Graham Myers! So nice to see you again," my dad bellows.

"It's nice to see you also, Mr. Sander, it has been awhile since I have last been here." Graham says politely and looks over at me. I can't believe he's here. I can't believe that he's standing in my front room, chatting up with my parents.

My brother, Max laughs. "Stop staring. You're drooling, by the way." Jerk, I think and close my mouth.

I would beat him up, but I can't stop looking at Graham. I can't believe that he's here. Whenever I went over to my grandmother's house, I would avoid running into him. He walked around like he owned the world, he was the most insulting jerk that ever lived on this entire planet. He was always being really insulting to women and I never really was comfortable around him. He would usually have a new girlfriend each day whenever I stayed with my grandma over the summer. He was disgracing to women, I could not take that from somebody who thought they were superior. That's why I hate him, and will always hate him. There is no turning back from this hate.

I growled as Graham approached me. "What're you doing here?!"

"My parents asked your grandma if I could come over to your house to spend Thanksgiving with your family since my parents are away on a cruise. They didn't want me to spend the holiday alone, so they sent me out here." Graham explains. "It's just a plus that I get to see you." Cocky jerk.

"Shut up," I murmur darkly. "I hate you."

"I never understood why you hated me." Graham mutters and glances at my younger brother who is begging my grandma for the pie. She refuses, of course. "It just seemed that you were destined to hate me from birth."

"I am destined to hate you from the day I was born!" I state darkly.

He smirks, his blue eyes getting a lively vibe behind them, and says, "you won't for long," or something like that.

To which I reply, "YOU WISH." And walk off without another word. I just want to get away from him. And fast. I mean, I never want to be stuck with him ever. This makes me think of why I hate him. This makes me think of how much I want grandma's pie which I only think of because I hate him so much and I want to eat the pie so bad and… UGH! He has ruined my day of eating good pie and lots of other good foods and now I'm stuck with him! This sucks, so much. I reach the bottom of my stairs and start to head up, before my mother stops me.

"Honey, where are you going?" She asks.

I point towards the upstairs and mumble something like, "mmmm." Before she shakes her head and walks back to the kitchen. I trudge up the stairs before walking to my room and slamming my door. Why, oh why, did Graham have to come this day out of all the other days in the year? Does he really want to ruin my whole life? Of course he does, because he's just that kind of guy of course! Grrr. I never want to see him again, but I know that's not possible because I have to eat dinner with him.

I grab my phone and dial her number. Ashlyn has been my best friend for my whole life, she knows me through and through. She picks up on the third ring. "Hello?"

"Ashlyn!" I shriek. "You'll never guess what just happened! It's the worst thing ever that just happened!"

"Brie?" Ashlyn questions cautiously. "Sorry I couldn't tell it was you because my whole family is yelling because they decided to play football. So anyways," she pauses for a second and I can hear her brother in the background. "What's up?"

"Graham's here."

"Graham Myers?"


Ashlyn pauses, digesting the information. "But why is he here? I mean is he an orphan or something? That he has to spend the Thanksgiving celebration with you?" She asks.

"Apparently, his parents are on a cruise."

"Or so he says…"

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Maybe he wants to be with you, so he asked your grandma if he could come and then he decided to tag along so that he could see you of course, silly!" Ashlyn gushes and I can hear her family screaming at her to get back in the game.


"Yes way! How do you not know that he likes you or something that's why he's always been a jerk to you?" Ashlyn asks.

"Because I know these things!" I shout. "AND GRAHAM IS DEFINITELY NOT IN LOVE WITH ME! If he was in love with me, Ash, than the world would blow up."

"Don't say that, the world is probably going to blow up tomorrow." she remarks.

"Shut up, you're not funny."

"I never tried to be."


"Okay, okay, sorry. I was getting side-tracked."

"I could tell."

"So… what are you gonna do?"

"Hide in my room and die? Is that an option?"

"I don't really think so."

"Well how am I suppose to know what I'm supposed to do? I don't even want to be in this house anymore. Hey, can I come over to your house and play football with you?" I joke lightly and Ashlyn laughs.

"I wish! It would be more fun that way."

"Anyways, any advice, great Ashlyn?"

Ashlyn giggles. "I always have advice for you, young grasshopper!"

"Lay it on me, master!"

"Okay, so you just go downstairs, ignore Graham, eat your pie, and then come back. It's as easy as one, two, three!" Ashlyn shrieks with delight at her 'wonderful' plan. Although I don't think that it's that great.

I laugh. "Whatever, Ashlyn. I'll try to do that."

"Okay, love you, honey! Happy Thanksgiving! Make sure that you enjoy it!" Ashlyn adds.

"Ha, love you too. Happy Thanksgiving."

I close my phone and sigh. This for one was going to be a very, very eventful Thanksgiving. That might actually involve me blowing up at Graham once and for all! Why does he have to be such a jerk? I'm pretty sure that he was born like that…


I survived dinner without another word to Graham.

And I was as happy as I could possibly be because I was now, sitting outside in our shed, where nobody could find me, eating my pie. Thank god. I am so glad that Graham was sitting inside and I was as far away as possible from him as I could be. I bit down on my pie and smiled happy. It was amazing, all the flavors rushing into my mouth as I swallow it thickly. I sigh happily and lean back against the wall of the shed. Right as the door to the shed opens. And oh my god, Graham walks into the shed and closes the door behind him.

"I knew I would find you here." Graham states. I am shaking with anger, because I can't believe he followed me here! "Your grandma thought you would want more pie."

I stop shaking. Oh. "Thanks." I take the pie from his hands and he sits down next to me. No words are exchanged as I take a bite from the second piece of pie that he gave me. The pie is savory in my mouth. I bite down on the pie and accidentally catch my own tongue in the process, since I wasn't paying much attention to my eating skills.

I let out a horrified scream.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, OH SHIT!

OW, OW, OW. Oh my god, my tongue is bleeding. I am going to die! It's going to gush and I am going to need blood from some random person and I am going to die. I can taste the blood clearly and I am screaming and then suddenly. I can't scream anymore. Because Graham's lips are on mine. And he's gently tracing my bottom lip with his tongue, begging for entrance to my mouth. His hands are cupping my head and my arms suddenly betray me and wrap themselves around his waist. He is pleading for entrance to my mouth and gently, I part my lips.

His tongue enters my mouth and gently, carefully caresses my wound. He's making it feel better. He's making my gash feel better. And as weird as that sounds, it's actually strangely comforting. Like when a mother gently kisses her child's wound. Except more intimate than that. Graham Myers is kissing me. Graham Myers has his tongue in my mouth and he is kissing me. And I am kissing him back, and the feel of his lips on mine is amazing. And he tasted so much like my favorite pie, banana cream, and everything was just clicking. As he moved his hands from my face, down to waist and pulled me to his lap, only deepening the kissing. WAIT – WHAT THE FUCK?!

I move my hands to his chest and push myself away from him. Evidently making myself fall off of his lap, and onto the ground, with a thud. "What the hell?!" I question fiercely.

"Brie," he looks down at the floor. "Sorry."

"I can't believe you would even try that!" I scream as I run my tongue on the roof of my mouth. Making sure that the bleeding is close to stopping. "Just jump on me and everything!"

"Let me explain!" He says defensively.

"Okay," I mutter. "Start explaining, then."

"I've liked you ever since I first saw you when you stayed over your grandma's house, but you never seemed to like me." Cliché much? "I always thought it was because I did something wrong, or you were just paranoid, or something stupid like that. But whenever I tried to talk to you, you always just blew me off and hid behind plants to avoid me."

"I was not!" I declare.

"You were so hiding behind that plant when I came down the sidewalk."

"Was not!"

"Was too!"

"Was not! I was just… breathing, and uh… looking at the beautiful plant."

"Of course, you were." He smirks.

"How would you know what I was doing!?"

"I wouldn't! But I know for sure that you weren't just breathing in the beautiful plant and taking some notes on it."

I cross my hands over my chest and glare. "You have no proof!"

"C'mon Brie…"


"Okay, so I was just trying to be nice, but you would always avoid me and never pay attention to me, so I knew that it would be harder than I thought to get close to you. So I decided to decline to my parents offer to go on a cruise and I asked your grandmother if I could come with her to see you guys." What the fuck. Ashlyn had been right. "She agreed and I came here, but you were so cold to me and then your mother asked if I could bring you some more pie, and I agreed and then I came over here. And you let out that horrible scream and I knew that you were in pain, so I just… jumped at the opportunity to help you and to…" He swallows thickly. "Kiss you. And that's it, I swear."

"Oh." Is all I can say.

But really, in my head, my thoughts are racing. Graham Myers, one of the hottest guys in the whole wide world, likes me. Brianna Lindsay Bryant. I cannot believe this! And I mean, he's kind of cute, just sitting there, silently, looking at me, hopefully. But I shouldn't give in, should I? I mean, it's not his fault he's so adorable and he was only trying to get my attention with all the jokes and jerky attitudes.

"Brie, I should go, shouldn't I?" He asks.

I shrug and then watch as he gets up and walks to the shed door. "I'll think about it," I mutter, because that's all I can muster at a time like this.

He smiles and then he disappears.



I clutch the phone to my ear. "He likes me." I whisper.

Ashlyn is probably standing there, being like what the fuck? But I had to call her before I told Graham what I thought his confession. I mean it was kind of sudden and everything. "Wait – what'd you say, Brie?"

"Graham. Myers. Likes. Me."

"Oh my god! I told you that he likes you! But you wouldn't believe." Ashlyn shouted. "I told you that you should always listen to me, Brianna."

I laugh. "What do I do?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"Not really."

"Go get him!"

And that's exactly what I do.

Graham is outside.

I walk outside and then run, because he's walking down the sidewalk and he's like walking pretty fast, and I'm pretty sure that I am going to stumble and fall over myself. It's really cold outside, I can't help but thinking that I'll freeze to death before even reaching Graham, which might actually be the worst thing possible, because I've realized my ways are wrong. And that I really had no reason to hate him at all, and that all that stuff I thought about him, were really fake. I can't speak, because fear is backing up in my mind. I am finally within one foot of him and I do the only thing I know to stop him.

I tackle him.

"Brie!" He screams as we fall to the ground, me on top of him.

I pant, "I thought about it."

He looks at me, a little worriedly and I can't help but notice how his eyes are blue with a little green in them. He frowns slightly and I smile back at him confidently. "And?" He asks, breathlessly.

"And…" I trail off. "I guess I could put up with you," I joke lightly.

I lower my face to his and capture his lips, gently resting my body on top of his, as he wraps his arms around my waist and kisses me back, just as fiercely as before. I can't believe that this would happen. As I smile happily into the kiss, I can't help but notice that he tastes exactly like banana cream pie.