It's funny how wealth changes people.

you may have everything,
the whole world at your fingertips
in colors, different shades of green
but it can mean absolutely nothing to you
at all:

he had everything…
and spent it without any care…
me, I cherished the few dollars
that my mother snuck to me
along with the cookie
even though I spent no money,
nor did I eat a crumb of the cookie…
it was her way of showing that she cared
with the little that we had…
but he, he filled his bag with a large quantity of food,
his pocket, an abundance of green
feeling compelled to spend
not a bit more loved nor grateful
just happy to have more than me.

I think it's funny how little people care.

their wealth makes them brush off spirits of thanks
makes them fall asleep during dinner grace
and question the need, the purpose
to partake in that very activity…

I think it's funny how right Abraham Lincoln was.

he told us that although our country was growing
in numbers, in wealth, in power,
we have forgotten to pray
we have forgotten God
(he was right)

he established a holiday for thanksgiving,
and even that is brushed under the carpet
with the dust, vomit and other vile things of life
when it is maybe one of the most important things of all.

I think it's funny how nobody gives thanks anymore.

did you ever realize that thanks needs to be taught?
you never need to teach a child to say no…
they do that automatically
you don't have to teach them to say mine
but the one thing that you do need to teach them
are manners: "please" and "thank you"

I think it's funny how badly parents are failing at that job.

the media is polluted,
sites make America look terrible…
like the holiday is just another way to show that they
are better off than poverty stricken countries and more ungrateful
for their provisions than anyone else...

the French even make fun of the thanksgiving holiday
in our own newspapers…

(nobody even notices.)

I think it's funny how more is really less.

everything that people strive for:
prosperity, success, money,
only puts a greater rift in families
causing selfishness and isolation

everything that people hope to gain,
all the material possessions, power, titles
are all so meaningless and keep people feeling alone.
everything just brings a greater feeling of loss,
and brings about an insatiable need for more.

I think it's funny how all of these things destroy our country
and still nobody cares to change it,
that is, if they even notice it at all.