Thank You

I sat there alone,

Thinking about this week,

How the feelings had grown,

With words still to speak.

It was like a dream,

I'd never have thought it,

I expected what I'd seen,

A puzzle that never fit.

Then the truth came out,

And the anger rose,

But I never wanted to doubt,

That that's how it goes.

I fight for myself,

I hurt for my happiness,

Regret is far from itself,

And it will not hurt us.

Some of those nasty things,

That they said to you,

And the hurt it brings,

Could be beared by few.

I was afraid of losing you,

But you're still here,

Those things I knew,

And now it's all clear.

How I doubted it,

You seeing it through,

But I can admit,

That I say thank you.