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Droplet Agreement

When Reivaxe was not but a child he lived in a village, a pack of werewolves they were. Though his family new that his father was not a werewolf but a wolf demon instead they did not mind. They kept the secret amongst themselves until when Reivaxe turned 10 the secret was found out. In the town square they held captive Reivaxe's father. Him and his mother stood in the crowd watching in horror. His mother couldn't seem to bear with the fact that they were going to execute him. She pushed through the crowd and fell to her knees before the alpha male. They had recently gotten a new alpha male who seemed a bit out of it, and seeming to hold a deep grudge on wolf

demon. Proving it by wanting Reivaxe's father to be executed. His mother begged him to let him go. The alpha male asked why. She answered saying she loved him and you could at least just banish him. The alpha male only narrowed his eyes and said in a cold tone, no. With that he executed her; cutting off her head. By then Reivaxe had made

it through the crowd so he could see his mother be killed before his eyes. He stood paralyzed in that spot looking shocked as he watched his mother killed before his eyes. The alpha male turned his gaze towards Reivaxe a look of disgust on his face. In a deep tone he said, "I'll deal with you later." Before turning towards his

father. Reivaxe could not tell what his father was feeling for his bangs were in the way. His father stared at the ground as the alpha male came to
stand before him. Finally his father spoke up.

"I will not let you have the pleasure in killing me, Atamagaokashii." He said. And before anyone could react Reivaxe's father had slit his own throat.

"Huh." Was the only reply given from Atamagaokashii. "Pathetic." He then turned toward Reivaxe who was crying by then. "Now its you're turn." He said stalking towards Reivaxe. The crowd around him stood there numbly, not questioning their insane leaders actions for he was stronger than all of them. Reivaxe fell on his knees, his hands clutching his head tightly.

He closed his eyes shut tightly repeating in his head, 'This can't be happening, this can't be happening. Its just a nightmare, Its
just a nightmare!!' Atamagaokashii stalked forward. "This can't be happening," He stopped before the fallen Reivaxe. "This can't be happening." Atamagaokashii slowly raised the weapon in hand, a crazed look in his eyes as he smirks down at Reivaxe. "Its just a nightmare," Atamagaokashii swung his weapon aiming for Reivaxe's neck.

Reivaxe then yelled, "Its just a nightmare!!" Then blood squirted every where, most of it soaking Reivaxe in blood. Reivaxe slowly opened his eyes. Before him lay the body of their now former leader Atamagaokashii. His body lay there cut in half. A now turning black gooey substance lay upon both ends of where the body lay in half.

The pack stood around too shocked to move. Finally Reivaxe broke. He jumped to his feet and darted out of their village and into the forest unbeknownst to him the black gooey substance followed. Reivaxe soon collapsed under a tree before a pond. He held his knees in his arms and buried his bloody face in it and cried. Finally after awhile

the crying slowed and he noticed the blob before him. Reivaxe crawls backward a bit out of shock. The black blob formed its body into Reivaxe's. It then spoke.

"Do you wish to live?" It asked. Reivaxe nodded his head. "Then you must become stronger." It stated.
"how?" Asked Reivaxe.

"We came out of you," Says the blob, "Let us return and we shall lead you unconsciously to a place where you may get stronger. Will you let us back in?" It asked. Reivaxe points at the black blob.

"You came out of me?" he then points to himself.
"Yes, you were in danger so we were awakened to help." It said, "Now will you let us help?" It asks. Reivaxe gulped but nodded. The blob crawls upon
Reivaxe stopping at his back and then seeping in.

Reivaxe clutched his knees hard as it seeps into him. Then he looks forward blankly his eyes turning black. He stands up and heads away from the village and deeper into the forest.

-Two years later-

Reivaxe sat lifelessly at the edge of a dusty road. He had been wondering around for over two years fending for himself. During the first year his clan had been looking for him but they seem to have given up. Humph, seems all the better to me. Just means I can get around more easily.

A car strode passed and the people within it gave an uneasy look his way. He looked through his bangs at them as the car went on its way. Weak. Was all he thought. Reivaxe then stands up, dusting as much dust he could from his outfit. Then he put his hands in his pockets and headed into town.

He had found a job here earlier this year and it was enough to feed him. He strode through the crowd of people eating an apple he had picked from someone's backyard. There was a crowd of people gathered around something but he didn't care he just strode right through the cluster of people.

People he past moved slightly out of his way giving him passage through the crowd. As he came to the inner area he could see it was two teens fighting. A glance around told him fighting over a girl. Hmph, pathetic. He thought. What a waste of time. As he was passing the two boys fighting minding his own

business, one of the boys decided to slug him in the ear. His half eaten apple dropped to the ground. His faced turned away from the force of the punch. He then turned his gaze down to the apple. "What a waste." He said, his voice bitter. The boy who had punched him looked triumphant the other boy watched, though smirking as well. He looked at both the boys with a blank expression, standing there lifelessly.

"What a waste of time." He said then before anyone could react had the boy who had punched him pinned to the ground. "You would be wise as to know who you punch next time." With that he brought his foot up and kicked the boy in the neck. Then he simply knocked
him out. The girl they had been fighting for looked shocked at this. As the other boy charged at him, Reivaxe simply spun and kicked him aside.

The boy landed near the end of the ring of people, seemingly unconscious from the kick to the side of his face. Reivaxe then turned to the girl who was shocked from the fight that had ended quickly when he came. Reivaxe glared at the girl who stared at him.

"Weak," He said in a cold tone. "What a waste of time." With that he left the place and headed to his job. Today he would arrive a minute late. What a foul mood they had put him in.After been given the letter he strode out of the shop. He tucked the letter into his pocket and then strode down the street.

Today he was to deliver an important note to the castle. It was from one of the spies. He worked for him passing messages back and forth through people in town. Though he had never been given a note to take to the castle, He simply walked down the street and to the castle. His boss had told him to be hasty and wary while

heading there but Reivaxe did not listen. Though someone was following him; they had been since he left the shop. Reivaxe simply ignored it. Finally, halfway to the castle Reivaxe decided to take a short cut through an alley. Halfway through the alley Reivaxe stopped.

The person who had been following him stood there at the end of the alley. He was smirking.
"They were fools to send a child." He said a sword brandished on his shoulder.

"Or maybe you are." Whispered Reivaxe.

"Now why don't you hand over the letter boy and maybe I won't hurt you." He said. Reivaxe just stares at him blankly.

"No." He said. The mans smirk widens.

"I was hoping you'd say that." Then he charged. He swung his weapon at Reivaxe who had not moved an inch. The sword made contact with armor.

"Armor?!?!" Asked the man taking a step back in surprise. There was suddenly armor on Reivaxe. The armor suddenly turned into goop. The man takes another step back. "You may deal with the rest." Says Reivaxe, seemingly sounding crazy at that moment.

The black goop shoots out at the man. The man finally regains his composure and slices at the goop. He succeeds in stopping it for only a second before it moves on. It wrapped around the man and hardens again. The man drops his weapon and does the only thing he can do, Screams as he's crushed to death. Reivaxe stood over the lifeless corpse, Only one eye visible through his bangs as his red eyes stare down in boredom.

The black goop moves toward Reivaxe and wrapped itself around him then starts to seep within him, taking the blood with it. Reivaxe winces as it seeps within him. Then Reivaxe moves on leaving the corpse there. As he neared the castle he could hear and see people rushing around talking about the new murder that had happened just a few minutes ago. As Reivaxe came upon the gates a guard stepped in his way before he could go through the gates.

"What purpose do you have of being here, runt?" The guard asks.
"I have a letter for his majesty." says Reivaxe.

"Do you have a pass?" asks the guard.
"I do not need one." Replies Reivaxe. Reivaxe then proceeds to step around the guard but once again the guard steps in his way. This annoys Reivaxe.

"You need one to get through." Said the guard who was now glaring at Reivaxe. As Reivaxe was about to punch him a women on the other side of the gate said,
"Razz, Let the boy in." The guard looked toward her, shocked. The women opens one side of the gate as the guard replies.

"But my lady. He is only an orphan, surely you do not want to let him in."

"Do not be fooled, he works for our top spy, so he is of value." She says. The guard looks at me then proceeds to laugh.
"Him?" Says the guard through his laughing. "Of value?" Reivaxe finally out of patience lets his fist fly. He hits the guard in the face and unfortunately for him goes flying in the other part of the gate that was still shut, denting it into uselessness. Reivaxe looks down at the shocked guard.

"Oops. It slipped." Says Reivaxe passively. The queen smiled slightly at the scene.

"Follow me please, child." Says the queen before she heads off into the castle. Reivaxe follows. The guard staggers to his feet as other guards on duty laugh at him. He watches Reivaxe walk away.

"I'll get you for this, just you wait and see." He says darkly. The queen left Reivaxe in front of the door that leads to the king. Reivaxe knocks. There's a faint 'come in' from the other side of the door. As Reivaxe comes in the king looks up from his work.

"Yes? Did you want something?" Asks the king. Reivaxe drops the letter on the desk.
"Letter for you." He says, then proceeds to sit down in a chair. As the king reads the letter he furrows his brows before setting the note down. He looks to Reivaxe.

"Tell him for me that I understand." He says. Reivaxe nods and stands up.

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Weeks of boredom. A letter once a week had been passed through him to the castle. With nothing to do today Reivaxe decided to take a walk. He once again found himself trailing the dusty road that lead to town. Now lost in thought Reivaxe proceeded to sit on the side of the road.

He was not left to think long when he heard the click of hooves to a dirt road. Jumping onto a low branch he climbed into a hiding spot just as the fancy looking carriage came into sight. He watched the carriage as it came passing by, headed for town.

His eyes widened. Inside the cart he could make out one person clearly. His aunt, the one who was most persistent on getting him back. What was she doing here? He thought. A low growl started to crawl up his throat but he dared not to let it out in fear she would hear.

As the carriage disappeared in a cloud of dust Reivaxe was left glaring in that direction. Jumping down from the tree he stalked off into the forest no intent on heading into town today.

The carriage stopped at a small corner shop where their information had lead them. I stepped out of the carriage with a cross look on my face. My daughter had been quite reluctant to give me this information and it had taken me months to get it out of her but she had finally gave in.

Honestly! I had no idea why she was protecting her cousin, he must be brought home not scouring around like a sewer rat! I opened the door to the shop and stepped in. Humph, what a second-rate shop, didn't anyone clean up? I walked toward the owner of the shop who was an old man.

"Can I help you?" He asked politely. I set a picture of Reivaxe at the age of 10 down on the desk. The old man cocked an eyebrow. "This is a picture of Reivaxe the age 10. Have you seen him before? It was said that he had been recently seen in this town.

"The man was nodding his head. "Reivaxe! Why of course I know the young lad! Looks quite more cheerful in the picture though. He works here delivering letters to people, why?" He turned his eyes away from the picture and looked at me. "He is my nephew."

The next day I walked into town headed for the shop. It was rather quiet today, there was no commotion as I walked past people. Even the bell seemed quiet as it chimed when I entered the shop. The owner was waiting for me.

"Aw lad, there you are, right on time. Got someone waitin' in back for yah." He said. As he said that my aunt stepped out from the back room.

"Hello Reivaxe." She said. My lips curled in a silent snarl and I took a step back.

"Ah, Ah Reivaxe. I've brought some young folk from our village with me case you decided to put up a fight, you aren't getting away this time." I look behind me to indeed see two young men standing behind me. I darted between both of them and before they could react was out the door and dashing down the street.

"Get him!" His aunt shouted. The two men dashed out and were right behind me. I ran down the street and cut through an alley. They were still behind me a ways. I crossed through a yard and came out on a street that lead to town square, the main street.

As I was running down that street I stopped dead in my tracks. Before me sitting on a bench was my cousin Kaiya and the princess. They were chatting as if they had known each other for years. When my cousin noticed me she smiled sheepishly.

"Sorry, she found out." She mumbled. The princess looked over to me with her calculating eyes. I stared back. The two men had caught up and were now holding onto either arm. I look up at them but gave no resistance. My aunt pulled up in her fancy carriage.

"What no resistance? Finally giving up? That's good I suppose. Come on I do not want to stay in this town any longer." The two men lead me to the carriage.

"Next month right?" My cousin asked the princess. I turn my head slightly so I could watch them. The princess smiled.

"Good. See yah." She said and entered the carriage after me. I gave her a questioning look as she sat next to my aunt. She put a finger to her lips in a quieting motion. I looked out the window to see the princess waving. I did not wave back. She smiled at this.

The carriage rolled away headed for out of town. I stared out the window bored, it would be a long trip back to our village.

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