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Story part 1

Kunaar Island,

Wisk village, cer port

1776, Age 10

"I'm gonna travel the world someday! Just you wait and see!" I yelled at my older brother. He just chuckled. I glared at him as he tousled my hair.

"Whatever you say, shrimp." I stamped my foot and shouted at the top of my lungs,

"I'm not short! Mother says I'll get bigger!" Brother just laughed and went to cutting wood once again. Our father came out of our house and looked at my angry face.

"Now Senre, what's got you all worked up?" our father asked. I looked at him and ran over to him crying,

"Ah, Father! Father! Brother is being mean to me again!" I clung to him as he laughed and I pouted.

"Now Senre, your brother is only teasing you because he cares for you. And you are short."

"Your both mean!" I shouted and ran into the house. I hid in the kitchen where mother let me stay and sulk for awhile. But after a while she came and set me to work helping her in the kitchen.

Kunaar Island,

Wisk village, Cer port,

1779, Age 13

I sulked silently, glaring at the ground as both mother and father said their goodbye's to my brother. As mother kept chatting with brother, father came over and tousled my brown hair. Keeping my face down I looked up at him with sulky hazel colored eyes. "He's 18 now Senre, he can leave all he wants." Father told me, though I already knew.

"Why does brother want to go anyway…?" I muttered. Father smiled kindly at me.

"Go say goodbye to your brother. Your 13 now, you need to stop acting so childish." I slowly walked over to brother; still sulking. Brother looked to me.

"Well? Where's my goodbye?" I gave him a sour look. I hesitated before saying,

"…You will come back, right?" Brother smiled.

"Sure thing, Senre. I'll come visit you." I smiled brightly.

"I'm holding your word to it! So you better!" Brother laughed and tousled my hair. I pouted. He waved then headed off.

"You better come back…" I muttered under my breath.

Secres Isle, Reig Island,

Ranor city and port,

1782, Age 16

"Hey, Senre! Help me with this before you go off wandering!" Turning my gaze from Ranor City, I looked at my father who was moving boxes of fish off our ship.

"Ah…sure." Having turned 16 recently, I was aloud to now travel on the boats and help in selling products from our island to other islands in Secres Isles. There were two other boys my age on the ship, one was a year older than us and used to trips across the Black ocean.

After helping father, I hurried away and into the maze of the city Ranor. On my island no child under the age 16 may leave the island, but of course the rules are different depending on which island you go to. So, this was my first time on a different island with completely different customs. I had grown taller since I was 13. I was now around 5'10 and had a slim figure that was often considered feminine. These of course along with other feminine traits I have give me a lot of unwanted attention. But, since I was 9 had had been learning martial arts and could easily rid of them. I walked down the streets, silently observing the many interesting things being bought and sold. After 20 minutes of wandering down street after street, I found myself walking down unfamiliar places. Of course this was my first time here so it was bound to happen that's I'd get lost. As I was trying to find my way back to the market near the docks, two woman chatting conversation caught my attention. I stopped near them and listened to their conversation.

"-In just 3 years!?" one women shouted. She was hushed by the second women.

"I know! He's only 21 and he's already the most wanted pirate out there!" There was some more hushed whispering before they spoke louder again for me to hear.

"He's so handsome! I'd just love for him to come and steal me away any day!" They both laughed before someone called them away. I walked over to a wanted board that they had been standing in front of. I was curious to see who they were talking about. At the top was the person with the most money on his head; the person the had been talking about. My eyes widened as I saw the face of the person. It read WANTED: 150,000 zets. Aayen. It was my brother.

Tearing the poster down, I folded it up and put it in my pocket. I asked the nearest person how to get to the market from here. Thanking her kindly for the directions I head to where she told me.

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