Okay! Me and my friend ashley were messing around and created this short one shot! XD And for security reason(that are unknown) shes going by the name Nikolai...doesn't that sound male??? Yeah anyways, were going to call her Nikolai Cassanova in here... enjoy!....oh! and its written sort-of like an I.M......so....yeah.....little heads up on that.....(Who lets an insane man on msn?!?!)

The Smiley Man

Smiley Man: Hello! :) Do you like farms?

Jona'sGirl: Hello....um....sure

Smiley Man: :) So you've been to the Happy Farm too?!

Jona'sGirl: Of course its where life is beautiful all the time

Smiley Man: :) They took my wife to the Happy Farm
Have you seen my wife?

Jona'sGirl: I'm not quiet sure what does she look like?

Smiley Man: :) They say she smiles all the time! People say I have her smile.
Genetics you know? I inherited her smile!

Jona'sGirl: Aww that's adorable!

Smiley Man: :) I have a cat thats adorable! Have you seen my cat? My cat

went to the Happy Farm People say I have her fur. Her fur
really was warm. She never took her fur with her to the
Happy Farm. I keep it with me to remember her with.

Jona'sGirl: How nice you have something to remember your cat by.

Smiley Man: :) They took my husband to the Happy Farm. I miss my husband.
I remember when he left Have you seen my husband?

Jona'sGirl: Perhaps I have How long has he been gone?

Smiley Man: :) Everyone went to the Happy Farm. I wish I could see everyone.
The nurse says I can visit them on Sunday!

Jona'sGirl: I would too

Smiley Man: :) You will visit too? Do you wanna join them at the Happy Farm?
I can help you join the Happy Farm!

Jona'sGirl: No I rather just visit

Smiley Man: :) You don't wish to join the Happy Farm? But you said its a beautiful
place! You don't like beautiful things? I like beautiful things. My
daughter was beautiful.

Jona'sGirl: How beautiful is your daughter?

Smiley Man: :) My daughter is very beautiful! She was so kind! I wish I could see
my daughter...Have you seen my daughter?

Jona'sGirl: No I'm sorry I have not seen your daughter

Smiley Man: :) You haven't seen my daughter? People say she's doing well! She
visits the Happy Farm. You said you were in the Happy Farm.
Have you seen the Happy Farm?

Jona'sGirl: Yes I have

Smiley Man: :) They took everyone to the Hapy Farm. They said I would be Happy
here. Everythings so white and soft. Have you seen it?

Jona'sGirl: Only from the outside

Smiley Man: :) HeeHee! You should come visit sometime! Everyones so nice and
take care of you! Everythings so white and bright!

Jona'sGirl: I'm sure it is

Smiley Man: :) You should come visit! They say I don't have long to stay!

Jona'sGirl: How long have you been at the happy farm?

Smiley Man: :) The Happy Farm! HeeHee! HaHa! Oh how I wish I could stay!
I'm soon to join them at the Happy Farm! HeeHee! You won't
come visit?

Jona'sGirl: I'm sorry I don't believe I can

Smiley Man: :) Oh ho! You won't come visit?! Well I'll tell you a secret instead.
A secret indeed I say, heehee!

Jona'sGirl: and what secret is that?

Smiley Man: :) People think I'm insane! HeeHee. But I'm not insane, I just love to
smile! HeeHee! Oh I believe I must go! The white men come! Bye Bye, Nikolai Cassanova!

Jona'sGirl: goodbye