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I can still hear the voices of my past whisper huskily into my ear, encouraging me on past the Limits of insanity, eager for my visit once again to their land. But I am dreary, weary of this world. The future says none to me, the past is eager for my visit once again, and the present resents who I've become. I ignore the voices, of past and present. Gentle days were of bliss in my younger days before shattered glass pierced my delicate skin, before blood ever crawled down my skin reluctant to leave its passage. Mirrors show such delicate truths so unbearable I'd rather them broken, but I detest the sound of breaking glass, of breaking bone.

The sound of flesh being torn, the dripping noise as the blood relaxes onto the floor, the savage eyes that trail over your limp body. Where... when were my moments of peace where I truly felt at ease? Numbness was my only sanctuary from these growing terrors, the uneasiness faded along with reality and for a moment oblivion was upon me. Now I know nothing yet everything, I know what your feeling are at this moment while you read this. Yes, it clouds my mind. Emotions were a blessing I saw, felt in everyone. This was a curse as much as a blessings for their emotions were at my biding.

Years, decades, centuries past since that nightmare, now I'm no more then a corpse moving slowing through time. They had long since died or yet HE has long since died, I made sure his family never lived only one. Now... I have no reason to live, why am I still alive? Ah that's right, I'm immortal, since the day of my birth. Why was I born immortal cursed to walk this path on no whim, no thought, only a promise given to me a long, long time ago with a necklace. A clouded crystal dangled from the dark blood stained chain. It was beautiful how it reflected the colors around as if the crystal itself glowed ominously with great intensity.

Though one spot was clear, clear as glass, in the shape of a tear. I have kept this with me each day... in hopes that someday I will know, hoping desperately that she would come. But as each day passes I get more weary. Hope is slowing being eaten away as dread grows. The promise whispers less and less each day, its words slowly losing its power.

'When the time comes, if ever you are in need to learn your heritage, when finally you understand who you are, I will come.' Such words of hope were a given. But... the spell it had made had long since faded into the back recesses of my mind.

What effected me the most was not my demonic past nor the unending whispers of the promise but the fact that centuries old and still I was no one, still a shadow in the night, where was I? The question was, who was I? Certain is something I wanted, yet not. A new spell has been cast over me since the last.

Now my world is fading. These chains are becoming too much of a burden, choking me. This world no longer is apart of me. My blood is exhausted. And tonight, the moonlight lingers in the doorway...

"And how is Niatrec doing?" asked Mother.
"He's secluding himself these days. Also he's become ill."

"Yes. His temperature is rising and wounds appear randomly on him." Mother stared out the large window her blue silk gown moving restlessly in the wind coming through the open window. She sat on the window sill.
"Interesting. Quite interesting, how often is it that we get sick? Tell me, do you know what is causing him to get so ill?" Mother asked.

"No. He knows but keeps quiet on the subject. Don't worry it has nothing to do with him not getting a strong soul." Replied Meced. Meced stood stiff behind Mother, the ribbon around her left arm barely moving in the breeze.
"You may leave." Meced bows and leaves the room, shutting the door. Mother stared out the window and into the ocean below.

"Maybe," Mother thought aloud, "It is because his heart has not beat once? How sad to feel so numb. It will be interesting to see how he fixes it. Quite." Mother smiled to herself, thinking no more on the subject.

Drip. Drip. Niatrec looked down to his right arm where a shallow wound had appeared. He could feel no pain, only the blood as it ran down his arm. He grabbed the wet towel off the table and tossed it down where the blood fell. The wound would bleed productively so he did not bother in trying to stop it. He sat in his chair at the table staring up at the ceiling as the blood dripped off his limp arm. No pain.

What did it feel like? He couldn't feel a thing. He was numb and no one understood that more then him. No one. He was sleeping and he would probable for the rest of his life. The door to his house opened and closed. Footsteps headed his way. Meced stepped into the room. "Ah! There you are. Your still sitting there? Oh you've got another wound." She walked over and grabbed the wet clothe off the floor and pressed it to my wound.

"You should really put some effort into stopping the bleeding. Look see it stopped." She took the wet clothe away from his arm and the blood had indeed stopped. I faintly wondered if she thought she was the one who stopped the bleeding. "So lets see if you've gotten any better." She started her daily routine. When she finished I saw her to the door.

"You know you should try walking around town sometime instead of locking yourself up here, okay brother? Will you?" She turned from me and headed down the path. I watched her leave and in a soft voice said, "I think I might." I shut the door and walked to the back door. I slid the door open and entered the backyard. The night air was warm and there was a slight cold breeze.

I walked out into the middle of the yard and sat there. I sat there the rest of the night, staring up at the star lit sky. What did it feel like to feel?

"Have you any coconuts?"
"No, sorry ma'am."
"Brother! Wait for me!"

"Ha-ha! Try to catch up!"
"The poor dear!"

"How can she stand such a man?"
"She should just leave him." They chattered all around. The people were talking about someone and their relationship.

To put it simple, it was gossip. He walked past them his head slightly bent to the ground. They did not notice him. He walked through the market street his coat fluttering in the open breeze. He walked past them all and out of the crowded street. And that's what he did. Walked down street after street. Passing by unnoticed. It reminded him much of when he was younger, when he first learned of this world.

-----Memory mode!-----

"He's the kid they adopted?"
"Is he albino?"

"What is he even worth?"
"Guess he'll do then."

"They only needed an heir."
"If they really wanted an heir they should have used one of our sons."

"Agreed." They murmured amongst themselves. We were at a family gathering. I sat on a couch not far away from the talking women. The kids talked amongst themselves, most older then me. I stared blankly down at the floor.

-----End memory mode-----

I sat down on a park bench and awaited the coming evening. I had been wandering around town all afternoon and finally now relaxed in the evening air. I breathed in the cold air and watched a squirrel work furiously on cracking open a nut. The wind stirred. I looked toward the house of me and my sisters. Standing up I head toward our, their, home. Mother has called a meeting.

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