I don't want your pity

We bless you for choosing us and curse you for ruining our lives. We are
your pets, chosen by you to sit in your shadow till death do us part.
Our blood is yours and theirs, but not ours. You are not our god but our
sanctuary. Please remember us for all eternity.

--We are you shapelings for always.

'Those are the experiments?'
'Yes, young aren't they?' We both watched the three younglings play amounts
'What are you using these higher mortals for?' asked Meced. I smile to
'You'll see soon enough.' I replied. Meced watched the three higher mortals
with great suspicion. Turning away she walks toward the door, 'You and your
experiments.' She said as she left. I gave a one sided smile as I picked up
each higher mortal with careful hands and set them in the gate.
'Time for you younglings to rejoin your enemies, time for the experiment to
begin.' I step onto the gate and take my leave through the gate to the next

Chapter 1: Deadly Circumstances

First Experiment, Fir's blood
Christmas Eve 10:04 pm, 2002

'Shhhh, shhhhh. It's o.k. Calm down, your fine.' the mother held the child in her arms as he shook. The child was crying, terrified as he stared out the window. This scene was common for the family to see when they came to visit. The Childs cousin, only a year older, watched the terrified child with a blank expression. He sat on a pillow in a corner on the opposite side of the room, a book clenched in his hands. Unlike the rest of the family he new the secret the mother and child kept from the rest of the family members.

'Honestly Nancy, get someone to help that child.' said the Childs aunt. The mother sighed.
'I did,' she said. 'And they said he was perfectly fine and healthy.' she stood up with the child in her arms. The child looked tiredly up at his mother.
'Grandma is unhappy.' He mumbled.

'Grandma is dead.' she gently reminded the child.
'That's what she's mad about.' whispered the child as he fell asleep. The mother silently carried the child upstairs to put him to bed. The cousin walked over to the window the child had been staring at and watched the snow fall outside.

Second experiment, Nolen's blood
Christmas Eve, 2:38 pm, 2002

'Did you put it in the freezer, sweetie?' the mother asked. The young child nodded its head as he grabbed the frosting and decorations for the cookies. He set the stuff down on the table. 'Ow!' the mother quickly pulled her hand
up to inspect it. A thin clean cut was on her forefinger. The child grabs the mothers finger to inspect. Looking at the cut the child slowly rubs his thumb across the wound then pulls his thumb away. The wound is gone along with the blood. The mother smiles down at the child. 'Thank you, sweetie.' The door opens and shuts as a women known as the mother's sister walks into the room caring bags.

'I've brought supplies and ice cream for the boys here.' says the women, holding up the bags in question. The Childs eyes light up and he smiles as he runs in circles around her. The women tries not to trip as she makes for
the counter.

'Sweetie, go call your brother in from outside and don't you step out there,
ok?' the mother said. The child smiled and nodded before running off toward the back door. The women sighs.

'Poor child, born with such a weak body.' the mother smiled sadly at her sister.
'Just apart of life.' She said then continued cutting the vegetables.

Third experiment, Renni's blood
New years Eve, 9:43 pm, 2002

'Just leave him be!' cried the mother. They sat the table eating dinner and the father was once again suggesting the turn their child over to the government.
'Why are you defending that thing!?' the father yelled back. the child sat at the table, staring solemnly at his food.
'Because he is our son!' she argued back.

'He is a monster!' By now the father has flung his seat back as he stood, rage aflame in his eyes. 'He is not human!' The child decided now was a good
time to tune them out. But the sound of a slap soon brought him back. Looking up he saw his mother on the ground a bruise developing on her left cheek. Usually they fought often but only arguing, today, today was different. Something bad was going to happen he could feel it trickle and shift in the back of his head.

The father stormed out of the room heading for the phone in the hallway. The mother ran over to the child and dropped to her knees, clinging to the Childs arm.

'You must stop him, please! Your life depends on it!' the mother pleaded with the child. then her mood darkened. Trickles of electricity zipped through his veins showing here and there upon his arms. 'Kill him.' the mother whispered the deadly suggestion in the Childs ear.

'Do this and he can no longer cause us harm, you want mommy to be happy don't you? Kill him and our problems are solved.' The mother gave distance between her and the child as electricity grew more dense, flashing and sparking across his arms. A lightning storm was growing larger outside. The rain grew more violent. The child stood and left the room to walk up behind his father.

'Father.' the child said. The father looked angry and frustrated as he turned to the child. His anger and frustration quickly vanished and was replaced by fear as he stared at his son. 'Mother says,' the child began. 'Mother says your our problem, if your gone then our problems solved.' The father dropped the phone. It made a soft thud on the carpet. The father took a step back and flinched as the child raised his lightning etched hand. The mother heard lightning hit near by and sighed tiredly, ignoring the scream from the other room. The clock truck ten. The rain just a trickle down the young face.

1st experiment, Fir's blood. 2nd experiment, Nolen's blood
Last month of 3rd grade, after school

'Come on, defend yourself!' Someone threw a rock at me. It made contact with my left shoulder. They kept laughing. They'd cornered me near the edge of a small cliff about 15 feet down. I sat curled up in a ball on the other side of the safety fence. Rocks pelted my body as they kept throwing them and insults. There were three year older kids throwing the rocks. This was their routine, to pick on me, nothing new. Then I heard someone running in my direction and the flow of rocks stopped, I looked up. Someone stood in front of me facing the three bullies.

'Stop hurting him, he didn't do anything to you!' The kid shouted at them. The three looked at each other then one said.
'Sure he did, coming to our school.' they laughed once more. One started towards the boy. The boy didn't move. 'So why don't you just move aside?' he said. He gave the boy a shove just to move him off balance. The boys eyes
widened and he stumbled backwards, trying to catch his balance. There wasn't enough ground, with no time to yell the boy fell over the cliff. The laughter ended instantly. All of us even me looked over the edge to see the outcome. The boy was lucky, he landed on a ledge only 5 feet down with a serious concussion.

'Oh man, why'd you push him? Now were going to get in bug trouble.' The guy who pushed him stared down for a moment before smirking.
'Who said I pushed him?' He said, looking at me on the ground. The others smiled aswell. Raged grew inside me, rolling off in waves from me. The building emotions roared against the barrier I had made to keep them in. It was there to stop me from causing accidents, I could not control my power under strong emotions. The emotions hit and just as fast the wall vanished.

One of the kids eyes widened as he feel to the ground clutching his right arm and screaming in pain. The other two's eyes widened as they stared at me while I stood up. I looked at them and they could see the white rage flicker in my eyes, coloring them. Snap. Bones broke, blood squirted. Two died before I had control over my emotions. I looked to the last of the three who was still alive, the first one I attacked.

He was curled up into a ball in hysteria. I walk over to him. He does not see me, the pain clouding his eyes. I erase his memories of this event as he passes out. Hearing noise behind me I turn around. A boy a year older was carrying the boy who fell off the edge of the cliff in his arms. Looking at the unconscious boy, I locked away his memories of this, then turned to look at the older boy. He nodded to me then headed off to the nearest hospital. I looked at the still alive guy before walking away. Someone else could deal with them.

I was tired. Today would be a bad memory for those who remembered, me and that older boy who took the unconscious person who tried to help me. I do not need nor want help. Never.


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