"There was a man I once met who said Flamingos weren't pink, they were brown... Well my friend promptly told him he was blind. Ironically, he was, and said flamingos tasted great barbequed."
--Eto Mayuki

First Experiment, Fir's blood
Blood Rain, Present

"Hey pass the ball!" Outside the window, four boys played basketball on a driveway. One of them wasn't Ray Chidori. Ray sat inside watching from the second story window as the kids outside played. His Cloudy gray/blue eyes glared at the kids, hand tugging on a strand of charcoal hair. Since the incident in elementary school, Ray had been living a quiet and isolated life within his home.

He was home schooled now and never did he go outside, only ever watching from his bedroom window. He sat in his black modern swivel chair twisting it left and right every now and then. Now and again the kids across the street would glance and wearily, feeling Ray's cold stare but it didn't deter them from continuing their small game of basketball. Ray threw himself dramatically onto his windowsill, and sulked silently.

He laid his head on the windowsill waiting impatiently for his mother to arrive home. He stayed there quietly, till long after the kids playing had left. He was half-asleep when heard the humming of his mother car in the drive way. Jerking up my head, I stood up and look out the window. Sure enough my mother is walking up the driveway. I dart out of my room and to the stairs. As the door opened I greeted her from the top of the stairs.

"Welcome back, mom." My voice carried softly across the room, and mother looked up. She smiled.

"Ray! Son, how come you aren't outside or something? Are you still not feeling well?" She asked me, a little worried. I shook my head and followed behind her into the kitchen.

"I wanted to ask you something." I told her. She set her purse on the counter and looked towards me.

"And what do you want to ask?" She asked me, taking a seat on the stool by the island counter. I took a deep breath and said…

"I wish to go to school." I said. She stared for a moment.

"But you go to school already, sweetie." She said innocently. I sighed.

"You know that's not what I meant. I want to go to PUBLIC school." I said. She pursed her lips.

"No." She said firmly, "It's not safe."

"Look mother, I think you should really let me go to public school already, you can't protect me forever, what happened in elementary school sucked yes but that doesn't mean you should keep me locked up in the house." She frowned and gave me a look. She stood up and headed for the fridge.

"Fine….I'll think about it." She started pulling things out of the fridge for dinner. I smirked and headed up stairs. I couldn't wait to start public school; fresh air at last. Sure I'd be a freshman but that's the time you always get knew kids, it shouldn't be too hard, even if I was coming in on the second semester.

A week later found me getting up out of my comfy black covers to get ready for my first day of public school. I threw on my favorite jeans and a plain neon blue shirt and my checkered sweater. I darted around my room looking for my shoes before putting on my black high tops.

I grab my backpack filled with everything I would need and headed downstairs. Mother had enrolled me into the nearest high school which was eight blocks away, so I could walk there. It was called Cydaran High. Mother hurried over to me as I opened the door.

"Here's some money, are you sure you don't want a ride?" I shook my head and took the money.

"I can walk." I shoved the money into my pocket and headed out the door.
"Be careful!" She shouted after me.

By the time I'd reached school and gotten my schedule, class had already begun. I stood outside the door to my first class, contemplating on whether or not I should just skip first class. I somehow managed to convince myself, much to my misfortune, to open the door. Everyone including the teacher turned to stare at me. Why'd I have to open the door?

"What do you want?" The teacher asked a little rudely. Glancing at the other students in the class I would say there was a good amount of some hostile looking kids, some leering at me from the back of the room.

"..I'm new?" I asked. The teacher have me a weird look and held out his hand.

"Let me see your schedule." I handed him my schedule and he looked at it before nodding.

"Take a seat wherever, Ray." I grabbed a seat farthest from the teens leering at me. Almost instantly, the girl next to me smiled and started to talk to me.

"Hi! I'm Kieki!" I looked to the girl who had decided to talk to me. I sort of nodded and tried to listen to what the teacher was saying. Her smile didn't even falter.
"Don't mind the guys leering at you, there are plenty of friendly people here who won't mind being your friend!" I sighed and looked over at her.

"Like you?" I asked.

"Yep!" she chirped.

"Alright students, quit your jabbering. I'm passing out some worksheets; finish them by the end of class."

Is it too much to ask for trouble to leave me alone on the first day of school? Apparently it is. Currently I've gone through to classes and its break time. I'm not exactly sure where I was, somewhere in the back of the school. Why was I there? Because somebody from my first period class though it cute to become my personal stalker/molester of some sort.

I've been running from them for who knows how long and I am currently cursing my lack of fitness. The three pursuers kept up easily with me and were only gaining. By now my breath came in short and raspy. I took a turn somewhere and found myself in a dead end. Well shit, fuck my life. Currently I found myself in-between two building connected by a fence. Maybe I could climb it?

"There you are." Someone said from behind me. Well shit, there went that chance. This school is a lot bigger then I originally thought. I turn around to look at my pursuers and back into the fence. The first one, supposedly their leader, looked barely out of breath, but the other two dwindles were. All three were giving me a leering smirk.
I was still a whole lot out of breath; my lungs were burning. The three advanced towards me as the leader spoke up again.

"Now that you're done running lets move on to the foreplay, hmmm?" I felt my back hit the fence. The other two stopped advancing but the leader did not. The guy, being taller then me; leaned down into my personal space and rested both of his hands on either side of my head. I turned my head away as the guy practically shoved his face into mine.

"So hard to resist such a pretty face." His breath was hot on my neck. What was with psychos and attempting to molest me? I jumped in surprise when I felt a cold hand slip under my shirt. I wasn't going to stand here and let him all but rape me. I glare at him as my irises flashed pure white and the man/molester/rapist was flung backwards.

He stumbled backwards surprised and a little confused but didn't lose his footing. I was quite pleased to see the fruits of my practices getting put to some use, even if it were in unpleasant circumstances. I moved off the fence and was going to attack them again but was interrupted.

"What are you guys doing?" someone asked. The two who had been standing turned around and groaned when they caught sight of the new comer. The molester/rapist glowered at the guy. The new arrival had more brown than orange hair and bright green sepia eyes. He wore a green shirt with a musical design on it and loose fitting jeans, around his neck hung a tribal pendant.

He had multiple piercings in his left ear. From his mouth hung loosely a pencil and he held a piece of paper in his hands.

"Nothing." The molester/rapist grumbled. All three then proceeded to walked past me and climbed the metal fence. "Just passing through." Talk about hive minds, sheesh. Well at least they were gone now.

"Who're you?" asked the pierced man. I ignored his question, only giving him a weird look before walking by him. He stepped in front of me. I noticed the pencil was no longer in his mouth.

"Who're you? You're new, right? Why are you so late joining in the year?" all these questions left his mouth rapidly that I barely had time to register one before the next came. I stood there a second wondering if he'd fire off anymore questions. When he didn't I figured I may as well answer so I could continue on my way.

"I'm Ray Chidori." I mumbled. He stared at me a moment and I thought he hadn't heard me when he opened his mouth and said in a rather too cheery voice;

"You're cute." Straight faced too. Oh my god I was found by another potential rapist. Well at least he seemed more sane then the other three and won't try to molest me?
"Are you a wizard?" and there goes the sanity, well shit.

"No." I replied automatically.

"Then how'd you do that weird thing?" He asked.

"What weird thing?" I asked innocently.

"You pushed him away without even moving."

"I did no such thing, you're just delusional." I replied. He merely nodded thoughtfully at my reply.

"I'm Eto Mayuki; a pleasure to me you." The bell then rang, interrupting Eto before he could say anymore. Thank you god. I proceeded around the taller guy and started for my next class. Eto decided to follow me.

"So what grade are you in?" Eto asked. I ignored him as I stopped to look at my schedule. I hadn't the slightest idea where my next class was. Eto hugged me from behind and gently pulled my schedule from my hand. He then let go and stepped back. My eye twitched in annoyance. He looked over my schedule, grinned, and marked something on my schedule.

"Okay! See you at lunch!" He said after handing my schedule back. He ran off and I looked down at my schedule to find fifth period was circled; my physical education class. Glaring at the schedule I shoved it into my pocket and head for my class which I was late for.

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