I was stupid, naive, young

Letting myself fall in love

With someone I hardly know

Showing the broken half of me

To a boy I trust for no logical reason.

That's what this emotion is

Immune to any sort of reason

Free from human rationality

They call in love, they call it lust

I call it inevitable heartbreak

Because that's always at the end

You walk along a beautiful path

Lined with roses, daffodils,

The scent of his cologne,

The memories of those cute texts

That deprived you of sleep

Because you were too busy

Writing him love poetry

As his words made you high.

But the road narrows, and

Claustrophobia pervades your idealistic

Notions of a fairytale romance.

The gorgeous gardens replaced with

Tombstones, marking an early death

For the relationship you dreamed of,

Yet you clutch onto him as the path

Winds and enters a burdensome darkness

Questioning everything you are

Asking if he still loves you

And if that girl on the train was

Really just a girl on the train, or perhaps

They're secretly seeing each other

Doubting your every move, determined

To forever make you happy, even if

It means sacrificing who you are and

What you want in life.

He's your first priority, distancing himself

From your iron grasp, and the road

Turns to gravel beneath your feet and

You don't know which way to go

Life seems meaningless without him

But being with him is equivalent to

Permanent loneliness, he doesn't care

His arms welcome you no longer

Seeing him is like a chore, but

You refuse to be the one that calls it off

But he doesn't hesitate, whispering those

Damn├ęd words, it's over

And you beg, and you cry

You mourn for weeks on end

Loved him, you really did,

But you couldn't satisfy him.

He wanted perfection, and that you weren't.

The path is broken, and you sit down

Feeling the moist ground underneath

Your fingers, the ones that caresses his cheeks,

Lifting them to your lips, the ones that

Were constantly attended to by his,

And the tears fall freely from your eyes,

Dripping down, like a waterfall,

And you're just like me

Too young, too naive, too stupid

For letting yourself travel the road

Called love, with the only destination