if the stars are small and cherished
thought of as beautiful
then why can't the small things of our lives
be loved in the same way?

if the clouds are almost nothing
just a bunch of loosely combined molecules,
and they can create floods, change colors and move on,
if the clouds can make a difference
if the clouds can change,
then why can't we?

if asphalt can melt, shine,
glisten, glitter, sparkle…
then carry the burdens of weight
then why can't people hearts,
do the same thing?

if valleys have more vegetation
than breathtaking mountains of majesty
then why are valleys fled from, condemned,
when they have more life and don't take people's breath…

if trees go through cycles,
from barren, to alive, to colorful, then back to barren again,
but only grow stronger
become fortified, more useful, loved,
if trees, sometimes barren can be loved,
why can't our hearts,
the ones that go through similar cycles,
be loved in that same way?

why can't people glorify god
in the same way that all creation worships him?
with our being, through our weakness,
why can't we be as beautiful and loved as nature?
or is it our perspective that makes everything else
look so much more impossible
more beautiful…
and unattainable.

little things,
broken things,
everything can be beautiful…

life's about finding the beauty within withering petals,
in dirt and in rocks
in the gray clouds, and the lightning…

we're just like that,
and if god thinks of us as beautiful,
and shows us little ways that he cares,
why we be grateful, accept it, see it?

why do we keep complaining,
when there's so much beauty before our eyes?

or are we just too blind to see that?