Authors Note


Most of you who enjoyed this story will be glad to hear I have decided to rewrite It only takes a minute. I've been thinking about this decision for a while now, and have finally decided to give it another go. The basics of the story will be the same, however I have decided to change some details, which are listed here:

Alex and Charlie will still be friends, but another vital character will be introduced: Abby, who will be Alex's girlfriend, Charlie's best friend and Eve's sister.

More about Eve and Bradleys relationship will be revealed.

The characters will be 17 instead of 18, and members of their local college. Charlie will be a member of the local football team.

More on Charlie's relationship with Eve's brother Marc will be revealed, and he will eventually try and win her heart again.

Eve will discover Charlie's affair with her brother and their friendship will be changed forever.

Noah will become a central character.

There will be a twist to Charlie and Alex's relationship and her pregnancy.

The ending will be dramatically different - this time, she may not end up living happily ever after with Alex.

Well, what do you all think?

Reviews and thoughts please, x