Give Me Proof or Give Me Silence

Due to an error in my human perception

Due to a flaw in my genetic code

Due to some karmic malfunction or some shit

I'm an anti-social asshole with a broken soul

Oh, give me a mother-fucking break

My patience spent, I'm not content to hear this shit today

Just give me a mother-fucking break

Don't bother to explain my dependent state

Don't tell me the truth without reason

Don't you tell me the "secrets" that you're keeping

Don't sell me the reality without evidence

There's a burning in my heart

To know just where the hell does this start

And though I know that I can't explain

I know I'm still at least half sane

And your faith won't explain my pain

Due to the terror at the very inception

Due to the silence that could make me explode

Due to the ever-present questions that won't quit

I've decided that I'd rather not know

Until there's something real to know

So, give me a mother-fucking break

Until there's proof there's just no use in going on this way

Just give me a mother-fucking break

Don't even try to explain what I can't even placate