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I dont know what happened or how it happened. All I know is it did and now... I'm not quite alone anymore.

I mean sure I can have private time and all that, but... not all the time.

I bet now youre thinking what the hell is this girl on about? Is she nuts?

Well...its the truth. Some people might call it a split personality disorder, but I know its not. The past seventeen years I've only had one personality, and thats me. Emile Rose Farran. Teen girl, senior in high school with the average grades. Completely normal. Nothing special about me.

That was...until the night I found out this world well...just aint normal. And yeah I know its like one of those stupid horror books, but this... well this horror story is a bit stranger.

It involves Eoran. My 'split personality'. My saviour, in a sense. Also the biggest pain in my ass.

Okay I'm probably getting a bit ahead of myself. So I'll back up and explain.

By now I think you know where this is going. So I'll just be nice and call it a 'social gathering' that involved just a little bit of alcohol.

"Emile what are you doing?!" I heard a shriek, looking over my shoulder just before my friend Samantha yanked my keys out of my hand.

"What?" I mumbled.

"I am not letting you drive home like this Emile!"

"Drive like what?" I asked, squinting and trying to see her more clearly. There was seriously something wrong with my eyes...maybe I needed glasses-

"Youre drunk Em!" She yelped, yanking the keys away when I tried to take them back. It was my car keys...she had no right to take them...

"I am not" I tried to grab them again, almost slipping over but Sam caught me.

"Oh thats nothing, now can I have my car keys back? I need to drive my shitty car home" I reached forward again but somehow my legs collapsed under me and I ended up in a sitting position on the ground. Sam sighed.

"Wait here, and let me get Liam. He'll take you home" She dove back into the house, and it took me a moment to remember Liam was her brother.

Screw it all, I thought, stumbling back up. I'll walk home.

I turned in the direction of what I thought was home, putting one foot infront of the other until I got into some kind of rythm with my feet.

"There we go" I muttered to myself "All good now"

If I had known what was ahead of me I would have run back to Sams house and stayed there the night. Seriously.

"A yo-ho-ho and a bottle of.. spirits!" I sang away, continuing on my way, my feet walking along on their own now. I didnt even need to think about where I was going...

"Heres a pretty sight" Came the voice, and I couldnt help but roll my eyes as I toddled along.

"Okay what do you want you moron?" I muttered, turning around. I found about four or five of them there. All smiling at me.

"Want us to help you little girly girl?" One moron cooed, and I just rolled my eyes.

"You guys are lame. Picking on a defenceless girl in the middle of the night. Seriously... get a life!" I turned back around hoping I knew where I was going and hoping the direction I was going was home.

"She really is off her rocker" One snorted.

"Yeah best to wait for the right time"

Em this aint good. These guys are going to try something!! My subconcious yelled at me, and at that moment I sobered up just enough to get a straight head.

Got to loose them somehow...

It was then I spotted the rickety old fence not to far ahead of me. That fence led to somewhere I always hated going past.

The graveyard. I dont know why but they seriously gave me the creeps. Maybe it was all those books I read with graveyards in them... and all those horror stories...

I looked around, realising there really wasnt anywhere else to go.

Damn... I guess I have no choice.

I forced my legs to pick up the pace, feeling them respond slowly. Soon I was running, and I heard those creeps following.

Fence! Jump!

I made a leap at the fence, latching on with all my might and forcing my body to move upwards.

"Get her!" I felt one grab my shoe, but I kicked him off me, continuing to climb. I heard them start to climb up after me.

I manged to get to the top, swinging my leg over then the other, letting myself drop to the ground. I hit the dirt hard, rolled, then got up somehow and managed to stumble through the gravestones. A glance behind me showed me that they werent giving up.

"Hahahaha! Big mistake little girl!" One laughed stupidly as I dove around one of those buildings with all the people in the one place in it, looking around for somewhere to hide. I needed to get rid of these creeps!

I heard them laughing at me and I almost wished I had something to throw back at them, finding another one of the buildings with all the people buried inside, wide open, and dove into that hoping they didnt see me. I skidded around a stone or whatever structre, suddenly realising it was the perfect place to hide.

I curled up on the floor behind what I thought might have been a figure of a woman, forcing myself to calm down and breathe shallowly so they couldnt hear me.

Which was harder than it sounded, believe me.

As silently as I could, I waited for them to give up, listening for their footsteps outside the door. If they found me I was pretty much...well, whatever they wanted, theyd get lets just say.

"It's no use little girl, we can smell where you are!" One of them called out, laughing like a freakin hyena. I shook my head, convincing myself it was just a scare tactic. I had to be silent so these crazy freaks wouldnt find me.

"This way!" Suddenly I heard footsteps right at the entrance of the place, cursing myself for picking such a stupid place. I was going to get caught!

"I smell her fear... its... its...INTOXICATING!!" Another almost shrieked, laughing like his friend, and the others all joined in. It was... just...


"Come out little angel... time to make you a baaad girl!!"

I didnt know what to do. I felt so...so... cornered!

"Shut up Trevor you sound like a retard" Another muttered.

"I told you not to call me that!!"

I stood up, behind the statue, still not entirely sure what I was doing but really not willing to get killed by a bunch of idiots.

"Fine... T!!"

"Thats not it either!!"


I slowly started leaning my weight on the statue, feeling it start to tip.


I began to put more weight on it, feeling the statues weight and pushing harder.

Come on, this has to work!

I pushed harder, realising my efforts hadnt gone unseen.

"Hey! The statue!"

"Dammit! Quick!"

But it was too late. The weight of the statue did the rest, tumbling down towards the idiots.

There was a horrendous crash, and some screams, and I fell backwards as there was a flash of blue light coming from somewhere.

Then it was all over. There was dust everywhere in the air, and I coughed on it, hoping I got all those jerks when it fell. Slowly I sat up, trying to see in all the dust for any movement.

What I didnt expect was-

"Hey Ricko, you okay?"

"Yeah man"

Shit! I'm screwed!

I think my heartbeat tripled in the matter of like... a millisecond. Then I saw the movement through the haze and my body completely froze.

What am I gonna do? What am I gonna DO?!! THEY'LL KILL ME!!

Everything will be fine.

I looked around for the voice, terrified now. Where had it come from?!

It hadnt come from the idiots, thats all I knew.

It was suddenly like I was having an outer body experience. Only... I wasnt outside my body. And I found I couldnt quite control what I was doing either.

My arms and legs moved of their own accord, and I stood up as the haze cleared completely. I saw four of the five idiots were still alive, and all turned to look at me as I came into their focus.

"You!" One growled, coming at me. Somehow I managed to dodge, throwing a leg up and straight into the guys gut. He collapsed to the ground and I gave him a swift hit in the back of the head to knock him down all together.

"Whos next boys?" I asked them, although... I wasnt really asking it. I had no control over my body, I was just... doing it.

Thats when things got a whole lot stranger.

The guys... their teeth were all wrong!!

What is going on here!!

I tried to force my body to move, to run away from these things, but it wasnt happening. I still stood there, facing these guys head on.

And since when did I know how to fight?!!!!!What the freaking hell?!!!

"Vampires. Should have known. You woke me up" I pouted, although I was doing everything in my power to move my body away from the creepy things.


Suddenly I was running forward, and just before they could stop me I pushed off the wall beside me, kicking one in the head and using that as leverage to kick the next, landing on the other side of them.

RUN! RUN! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING DONT FIGHT RUN!! I screamed at my body, but it wouldnt respond. It just kept doing stupid things like grabbing the neck of one of these guys and twisting it the wrong way.

Suddenly I was down, something landing hard on me.

"You think you can stop us huh? You little-" I felt one moving my hair, and something warm on my neck, but somehow I managed to roll over, punching him in the gut and getting up.

"Have a nice night boys!" I ran outside the building, turning around just as they started running after me, kicking something. In seconds I saw the whole structure start to collapse. I jumped back watching as the rest of those...whatever they were...were crushed.

It was suddenly like there was a weight lifted off me and I collapsed backwards on the ground, realising I had control of my body again.

It was then I decided to get the hell outta there.


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