Hey guys,

So I've gotten a lot of messages asking whether or not I will be finishing this story, some even begging me to. Most of the messages were quite lovely while some were just rude. Well rude people, be lucky that you were overshadowed by such sweethearts because they are the only reason I am even posting this.

I will not be finishing this story. I'm sorry. I am so happy that so many of you enjoy this story and love it enough to want it to be finished, but I just don't have it in me. I started this story nearly 8 years ago. I was still in High School when this was started! Jeez, I can't believe how long its been. I haven't even been on Fictionpress in near years. The only reason I was on today and saw the messages was out of sheer boredom and curiosity.

That being said, I will now tell you all the gist of where this story was going. How it ends and what happened to the characters. Some of you might like this to provide closure, some of you might not because maybe you already have your own endings for them in your head, which is something I sometimes do too for stories I love. So I am giving you this warning so that if you would like to continue reading and finding out what happens you can, for those of you who don't STOP READING NOW.

Ok, here we go.

Sofia and Natale: Natale falls in love with Adam Hoffman, Jackie's old time crush and the new history teacher at their school. Adam would have rejected her because he's her teacher and older and Natale would have continued with her life and sleeping with guys until graduating college. She and Adam meet again by chance and decide to start dating and end up married. Sofia would have dated Sergio for a while before coming to realize that they just weren't meant to be. She then would have died during the story. There would have been an incident involving Jackie and those who wanted to take over the Venturi family, and Sofia would have been shot in the crosshairs.

Haruka: Oh Haruka. She was actually one of my favorites to write. Haruka would have excelled in school and life. She becomes a successful lawyer like her father. She would have met a nice man not involved in the mob at all and married him. She would not have children.

Emma and Dante: Emma was such a sweetheart. She falls in love with Dante, and he her, but because of his womanizing ways he pushes her away. She continues with her life and in the end Dante ends up chasing after her, changing his ways slowly. Emma would finally accept him and they live happily ever after.

Madison and Luca: Madison lets her guard down enough to finally admit to herself and Luca that she cares for him. Luca accepts her feelings and they date for a long period. In the end they just grow apart and break up but remain good friends. Madison would have continued her modeling career, overshadowing her sister, until finally retiring and starting her own successful agency. She would meet and marry a very handsome and kind man who would be a stay at home dad for their 3 kids.

Eloise and Andre: They get married and stay madly in love.

Shane and Addison: Jackie would have finally accepted Addison and Shane would have then started to date her. They would fall in love and get married, later having a son who Jackie would love very much.

And finally...

Jackie and Alphonso: Oh these two. Oh, oh, oh these two. These guys have put me through the wringer. I want them to have a happy ending, but for that to happen Al would have had to give up the mob. After Sofia's death, that would be the only way Jackie would have even begin to contemplate having a life with him. So there are TWO possible endings I had for them.

First: Al leaves the mob life and he and Jackie find a somewhat happy ever after. Al will still miss his family sometimes but he and Jackie built there own family, a son and two daughters. There will be nostalgia but still a life full of joy.

Second: Jackie and Al part ways. Al can't leave his family and Jackie can't have a family involved in such a life. They always love each other, but both meet others that they grow to love as well and build their own families. They would have met again later in life, greeted each other amicably and parted once more on good terms.

To be honest I was leaning more towards the second ending for a long time. Jackie would not have thrived in the mafia life and to me, that ending showed that you can love someone so much, but you still need to put yourself first. And yes that would be painful, but it's not the end of the world and you would once again find all the happiness you deserve. Jackie and Al's love was that of adolescence and at the time so consuming and wonderful, but once you grow up you realize that there's just so much more.

So there you go. I hope that gives you guys so happiness and closure. I love you guys and I appreciate all the love and joy you sent my way.