A/N Just so we're clear I was inspired to write this story by the anime Death Note it does not have the same plot so don't flame me. . .

Chapter One

At first there was just a black void. In time there was a light, a bright engulfing light, but within the light there was still darkness. The darkness came together taking a formless shape. The shape was falling through the light for what seemed like eternity.

In time the darkness took a form. It was a book. A thick, black, leather-bound book. Though, it wasn't like any normal book, it opened differently. The cover was split in half and both halves opened opposite the direction their edges faced.

In the center of the cover was a pentagram, three inches in diameter and made silver. A sliver keyhole was located in the center portion of the star.

The book stopped falling and floated in midair. A blinding light emerged from the keyhole. The book opened and let loose a thick layer of darkness.

This same dream, night after night, what did it mean? That was what Suki thought as she walked to school Thursday morning. Unfortunately for Suki, it was a chilly, windy day. School uniforms were such a nuisance. The white long sleeve blouse, black neck tie, white knee-high socks, and black flats were what she didn't mind, but the black skirt was where she drew the line.

As she waited for the crosswalk light to come on, she switched her brown leather bag from her left to right shoulder. Her ruby bracelet that was strung on a stretchy string was a little twisted. She had to take it off to fix it because there was a small obsidian key attached to it.

Shifted her weight from one foot to the other and toyed with her elbow length braid. The sliver blue strands were woven loosely and bound at the top and bottom with black ribbons.

Finally, the light changed and she crossed the street along with the other people that had been waiting to cross. She looked at her watch, finding that she had plenty of time to get to school.

Every day it was the same thing. The same strange dream, same boring routine, same boring teachers and peers, and nothing ever changed.

It was usually sunny this time of year, Spring having started a few weeks ago. Little would Suki ever know that this was only the start of some major changes.

She arrived at school at the normal time. She had no trouble with her locker. Her classes went by as slowly or quickly as they normally did. Any homework she was assigned she finished in class if possible.

She walked home, oblivious to her surroundings. She stopped at the same coffee shop she did every day prior. She ordered her usual, French vanilla coffee and a chocolate muffin.

She got home at the normal time and did her daily chores. She went up to her room and turned on her computer. She had a fair amount of e-mails and it took her until dinner to get through them all. After dinner she went back up to her room and read a book until she went to bed.

In sleep she didn't speak, her eyes didn't flutter beneath their eyelids. She didn't toss or turn. In fact she slept rather well, a little too well.

The first thought on her mind when she woke was that she didn't have the dream. She looked at the clock and found that she was late getting up by a whole hour. After taking a five minute shower, she quickly got dressed and did her makeup. She ran a brush through her long wavy hair, having no time to braid it, and then ran downstairs and out the door.

At the cross walk, she tapped her foot impatiently. The second the light changed, she ran across the street and all the way to school. She got to class five minutes late. After apologizing to the teacher again and again she took her seat.

Instantly she noticed something was off. The seat next to her, usually empty, was occupied by a girl with short purple hair that flared out at the ends. Her eyes were a shining gold and almost appeared catlike.

"Hi, I'm Kaosu." the girl said with a smile.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Suki." she smiled back.

"Same." the girl grinned, her teeth seemingly pointed. It turned out that Kaosu was in all of Suki's classes. Suki noted that it was a very off day. She wasn't getting any work done because little disruptive things kept happening.

Something was wrong. Why was everything so different today? Those were Suki's thoughts as she walked home from school. It had to be some sort of omen.

She snapped out of her thoughts which had rendered her oblivious to her surroundings. She looked up to the sky to find big gray clouds. She felt a rain drop on her cheek, looked back down, and continued to walk knowing it was going to rain soon.

Within the dark clouds was the Realm of the Divine. Shikyo, the Angel of the death and evil, was now looking down unto the Mortal Realm. He had recently lost a book, a thick, black, leather bound book with a silver pentagram on the cover.

He had looked everywhere for the book, everywhere except the Mortal Realm. He was forbidden to go there, so he had sent his daughter to search for him.

Suki was now waiting the rain out inside the coffee shop. It turned out that they were out of French vanilla coffee. She thought again about the day's oddities as she looked out the window.