Hung up on You


"This is stupid," I said simply with a smile, shaking my head at my friends "What purpose is there in doing this? How on earth do you expect to find your soul mate like this? It's ridiculous."

"Look, just do it before I throw your English essay out the window." Chelsea warned me, narrowing her eyes at me. Ellen, who was sitting beside her, mirrored the glare.

"I can't believe I fell for the whole 'come over and help us with our homework' line, you guys dropped that the first time you asked." I chuckled, flicking the papers in front of me and letting the numbers dance around in my mind.

"With good reason," Ellen spluttered, sending me a look "Do you need me to recall the events? Have you forgotten our completely plausible reason for never accepting your offers of help ever again?"

Ok, so maybe I went a little crazy when I saw the text talk on the sheets before me. I am a spelling freak and well, just about every other kind of freak you could be. Well, atleast academically.

"If you put text typing in your writing, how am I supposed to know whether you can spell the word in reality or not?" I sniffed, in my own defence.

"The word was 'forgotten' Lauren, all I did was put a '4' instead of 'for'." She said flatly "I can spell that, f-o-r, see?"

"Alright," Chelsea clapped her hands "Come on Lauren, get a move on already."

"I don't see why I have to do it first," I said finally deciding on a number "I didn't even want in on this in the first place."

She sent me a look and I rolled my eyes, picking up the receiver and dialling the number.

After a few beats, while I tapped my foot on the floor, bored, someone finally answered the phone. It was a very deep and very masculine voice, atleast that clears my worries about Chelsea and Ellen making sure to only get male numbers. What he was saying wasn't very reassuring however, it was actually quite rude.

"Who the hell is this?" he wanted to know and I blinked, looking quizzically at the duo in front of me who stared back blankly. Very helpful girls, I appreciate it. I mean, was I supposed to tell him who I really was, or not? I decided on remaining anonymous for my reputations sake, I didn't want rumours getting spread around about me.

"Well," I said, refraining from saying 'um' and furrowing my brow in thought before coming up with an answer "Who do you want me to be?"

"Unless you are either Angelina Jolie, Sarah Michelle Geller or Keira Knightley-" He paused, his voice a sardonic tone "I don't want to talk to you."

"Ah," I said into the phone "As I am to expect from a member of the male population, though I do approve your choices, all those female actors are pretty kick ass."

"I presume you are a feminist?" he drawled inquiringly.

"Wherever did you get that idea?" I refrained from smiling, this guy had a voice that could make your knees buckle and however uninterested I was-I was very much aware of it.

It was a rhetorical question but he decided to answer it anyway "For one thing, you used the term 'female actor' instead of 'actress'. And, your obvious disdain of the male population clued me in a bit also."

"I see," I said mock thoughtfully "Very observant there, Mr?"

Trailing off I waited for his response, and of course I got one, albeit a satirical one.

"Well, I don't see any reason for me to tell you my name when you refrain from telling me yours." He replied nonchalantly.

"So, in the case that I tell you my name, you would tell me yours in return?" I inquired, smirking into the receiver.

"I might," he said "So, will you tell me your name?"

"Nope." I said with a grin and he snorted from the other end.

"Well my lady," he said clucking his tongue "Listening to your dribble has indeed been a waste of time."

And then he hung up on me.

Frowning into the receiver I found myself feeling rather indignant, I had always hated not having the last word. No matter what the discussion was about, even if it was a piteous one such as the one I had every time my Mum demanded I clean my room. I would always shout out something childish and run off before she could say anything else on the subject.

"What's wrong?" Chelsea asked quirking an eyebrow up at my frown "Did he say some kind of sick innuendo?"

"I hate it when they do that," Ellen said, shaking her head and pouting "You always have to end up being nasty to them, either that or risk losing your dignity and womanly pride. It's especially loathsome when the guy is really cute."

Chelsea nodded her head enthusiastically in agreement.

"Nothing like that," I rolled my eyes at them, my mouth a thin line "He hung up on me, I can't believe it."

"Oh no," Chelsea giggled sharing a look with Ellen "Someone hurt Lauren's pride, do you want a kiss better Laursy?"

"Please do not call me that," I said flatly, picking up the phone again and dialling his number. They exchanged looks again and widened their eyes at me, mouthing in unison what are you doing?

"Hello, this is the Mauri Residence; we are not home right now but please leave a message!" A friendly, middle aged sounding woman chirped into the receiver before it beeped. The jerk had put on the answering machine, damn it.

"I hate not having the last word. So, I'm just going to leave you, sending you my ill will and putting down the receiver." I chirped like a parakeet to the answering machine "Atleast satisfied that I had that. Thankyou, and have an awful day."

Slamming down the receiver I clapped my hands together "That settles that."

Grinning I turned my head to find Ellen and Chelsea staring at me "What? Guys what are you looking at?"

"I don't know if we should have done this Chelsea," Ellen shook her head in disbelief, I blinked at her confusedly "We shouldn't have made her."

Chelsea clucked her tongue "One phone call to a guy and she's been reduced to acting like a kindergartener..."

Sniffing indignantly I shook my head at them, collecting my stuff up and putting it in my bags "Don't be so melodramatic, I have played my part now I'm going home-to do some real studying."

"But wait," Ellen cried out, scampering after me as I made my way to the front door, untying my shoelaces and pulling on my shoes.

"Yeah," Chelsea soon followed her, hands on hips "We haven't made our calls yet, this is only one third over."

"For you guys maybe," I rolled my eyes, tying up the last shoe and standing to my feet "But for me, I have had enough conversation about boys for one night. I can already sense my IQ dropping a couple of levels."

"Have a nice night girls," I walked out the door and before shutting it added "Tell me if you have any luck."

It was idiocy to think you could find any sort of pleasant male by choosing a phone number at random and punching the numbers into a phone, or any other way for that matter. Males are like maths homework, you have to deal with them and even if you are quite capable of doing so-they are still annoying.



"I...don't...understand..." Chelsea puffed as she jogged around the field "My doctor says I'm in good health, why is running such work?"

I laughed at her dragging her along by the hand and running easily along "What he means is-" I stuck my tongue out "You're not dying. But maybe you need to do a bit more exercise Chelsea Rho Carlson."

"I agree with you Chelsea," Ellen puffed, only moving forward because of the fact I had hold of her hand "Sports...should be...illegal!"

"Come on guys, one more lap and we can go home." I laughed "Maybe remember to bring your sport clothes next time? Then we wouldn't be in this mess."

"Easy for you to say, those shorts are so unflattering to us." Chelsea whined gesturing to her legs "We're the short and average weight kind; you are tall as the sky is blue and as skinny as a stick."

"Well then," I dropped their hands and sped up, running backwards just to tease them "I must not be very tall at all because the sky is grey and white with all the clouds right now-"

Tripping backwards I realised I had fallen over someone's feet, landing on my tush with a groan.

"Hey watch were y'all put your feet," I shook a fist at the guys retreating back, jumping to my feet and continuing my run "Stupid boy, they're all stupid."

"Watch it yourself," he called back with a snort "You're the one running backwards."

Spinning around I went to retort but the guy had already walked off on his own merry little way, another time a guy has stolen the last word which was rightfully mine. Next time, they will certainly not be so lucky.

Crossing the line I sat down and waited for Ellen and Chelsea who came puffing up about half a minute later.

"Who...was...that??" Chelsea said looking back over her shoulder, trying to catch sight of the guy but he had since disappeared from the school grounds and –presumably- gone home.

Ellen collapsed on the ground next to me and nodded with interest "Yes that is a good question dear Chelsea, do you have an answer Miss Lauren?"

"How would I know?" I inquired, shrugging my shoulders "All I know is the guy tripped me over, so I'm not really worried about who he is. I don't want to converse with such a creature, all humans of male gender are fools-some of the females, also."

"Ever the cynic Lauren," Chelsea sat down, wrapping her arms around her knees "Speaking of which, remember last nights events?"

"Oh," I said mock sweetly "How could I forget? The night of my life, honestly."

Chelsea rolled her eyes "Well, I could believe that-" I shot her a look and she grinned "Ours, however, bummed."

Lifting an eyebrow I whistled mockingly "Oh, and why am I not surprised? I hate to say it but-"

"Don't." Ellen said, holding up a hand and gesturing a stop motion.

"-I told you so." I smiled and they both groaned "So, what exactly bummed about it?"

"Mine was incredibly boring, he is in the chess club-" I sent her a look and she shrugged "No offence meant Laurs, but this guy was awful, he was lording his so called intelligence over me."

"He was not as bad as mine, mine found out who I was right away-" I sent her an inquiring look "He was my next door neighbour, see, and he kind of got me mad so I screamed at him and he rolled down his window and he saw me throw the phone out into the garden."

I laughed; her neighbour was never going to live that down. Her neighbour loved pulling practical jokes on the people in his street and had yet to pull one on her seeing as she kept herself well away from him in fear of getting pranked-until now.

"I went out searching through the geraniums later on at night because Mum would kill me if I wrecked the phone-and he had put a heap of stinging nettles in there!"

I whistled "Ouch, Chels."

"Though we did, however," Ellen simpered sweetly, with a wicked grin "Get a message back from your admirer."

"Lucky she wrote it down too," Chelsea snickered "Otherwise she would have forgotten."

Ellen stuck her tongue out and handed me a note she pulled from her pocket.

"Anyway," Ellen and Chelsea jumped to their feet and darted off "We'll meet you back at your place tonight; make sure to have ice cream in stock! We have the new Anna Hathaway."

Rolling my eyes at their retreating forms I opened the paper, feeling somewhat intrigued and trying to keep myself from opening the note too quickly-I mean, it was just a stupid note after all. Why I am feeling excited over such a trivial thing is beyond me.

Finally the note folded open and I looked down at it eagerly.

Don't like not having the last word?

Nor do I. But of course I had an awful day, I got a phone call from you didn't I?

I believe you'll want to call me back to protest so I advise you to call the number below this message.

You see, it is my private line. It would be much more preferable for you to ring that because otherwise my mother will think I am friends with people alike your own disposition and upbringing.

And, might I add, I couldn't bare the shame of it.

Snorting at the note I crumpled it up and threw it to the ground indignantly. Then I picked it up again, sliding it in my pocket-for reminders sake, of course.

Never trust a guy to leave nice messages on the answering machine. Then again, I wouldn't be trusting me to either.



The movie they had brought over was great; it was on the life of Jane Austin, a brilliant fiction romance writer. It was beautiful, but the ending was quite sad.

"So," Chelsea asked between gulps of ice cream and handfuls of popcorn "Would you agree to go off with him and elope?"

"On her circumstances to which she cancelled on it-I would have done the same thing, but," I tapped a finger on my chin thoughtfully "I don't think I would have said yes in the first place, running off on my family, my friends...for a boy? I could never."

"I'm glad we mean so much to you," Ellen smiled squeezing my hand but then dropped it, giving a guilty laugh "But I would have left you guys the second he said anything about it. Sorry."

"Well, don't feel too bad," Chelsea grinned "I would have jumped him as soon as I saw him, did you catch a look at that boy? Damn..."

Ellen nodded enthusiastically in agreement, eating a handful of popcorn she shoved in her mouth-or more like, inhaled.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes "Really, is food, boys and ways to skip sport all you two ever think about?"

Chelsea and Ellen shared a look and giggled, shrugging "So sue us, you need to be more social. I mean, look at your lovely hair, you could bring on those boys like honey to a bee."

"Hah," I rolled my eyes, waving their compliments away with a hand "You do tell such sweet lies ladies, but if I am to go to school not looking like a zombie-I got to catch some beauty sleep."

Chelsea and Ellen rolled their eyes and stood to their feet "Please, like anyone goes to bed at nine or before unless they are like, five or something."

But they left anyway, calling a goodbye to my parents on the way out and freaking out my little brother, squeezing his cheeks and whatnot.

As soon as they left I found myself staring at the phone which lay on the desk, I too had my own private line, my mother hoping I would be swarmed with calls from boys as soon as I hit my teens. Sadly for her, this has not happened, though I looked upon it as a quite fortunate event.

But now it was bugging me, it was just right there, and on the other side of the desk was his number, coincidence? I knew I shouldn't call him, I mean; I couldn't give him the satisfaction of him knowing he got to me. But also, I didn't want him to have the satisfaction of having the last word.

I stepped to my feet, and started pacing around the room, weighing my options. I could ignore it and have it in my mind or I could just give him one short call and get it out of my system.

Before I could stop myself I was punching the numbers into the phone and holding the receiver to my ear, when I heard his familiar rude greeting I immediately regretted it.

"Hello, and this is?" he grunted into the phone, had he been sleeping? Already?

"I woke you up?" I scoffed in disbelief and then hurried to find some way to hang up "Woops, I mean? I called the wrong number? Goodbye-"

I went to hang up but his next words halted me from doing so.

"How can you possibly have called the wrong number?" he inquired coolly and I felt myself flushing as I thought of a response "Unless you memorised my number..."

"Fine," I said, throwing a hand up in the air even though he couldn't see it "You caught me, feel better? But I did not, in any way, memorise your stupid phone number, got it?"

"The lady doth protest too much, methinks," he murmured into the phone and I scowled "So did you just call me to hear my voice or...?"

"I called you because," I paused, because I couldn't resist? That doesn't sound too good. "Because you, you, are annoying and I don't think you should get away with it. Being annoying, I mean."

"Uha," he said, amusement creeping into his voice along with his sarcasm "I believe you, thousands wouldn't."

"The others can be convinced, I assure you." I cracked my knuckles into the phone in example.

"Ah, violent are we?" he inquired tapping his fingers on the receiver.

"Well," I started, furrowing my brow in thought "Really, I'd be doing them a favour, considering if they do not believe me, the great Laur-ahem, then they obviously need a wake up call."

Nearly slapping myself in the face I cursed inwardly, I had nearly given him my name. Well, atleast my first name, I guess I had his last name but...

"Oh, your name starts with 'Laur' does it? Laura, Laurel, Laurie, Lauraine, Lauren-" he started but I interrupted him.

"No!" I said, horrified, what if he found out who I was?

"Not going to tell me? I'll just call you 'monster' then, because when my sister heard your message she was scared out of her wits-" he informed me sounding close to laughter and stopped when I let out an indignant snort.

"Your sister said no such thing! You," I said, frowning "are a liar."

Then I slammed the receiver down, unplugging my answering machine feeling rather satisfied at finally getting the last word. Annoying thing was, I couldn't keep my answering machine unhooked forever.

So I walked out into the kitchen, heading to ask Mum for alternatives, it was her I got the brains from of course.

"Mum, can you like? Block peoples numbers with the answering machine?" I asked and she looked blankly back at me, shrugging.

"I honestly do not know dear," she threw up her hands "Technology is progressing so fast these days, I wouldn't be surprised if it did but-either way, I cannot help you there."

She went back to experimenting with the microwave and I chewed my lip in thought, wandering over to the lounge to ask my Dad for help.

He asked me what he could do for me and when I explained it all he just quirked an eyebrow and told me to just answer the phone, it wouldn't kill me and otherwise it would just keep ringing.

Then I went so far as to look for my little brother for help, but then spotted him chasing his guinea pig around his room with red texter in hand, the guinea pig sporting drawn glasses. I decided my brother was definitely not the best person to ask for help on such things, and I think his guinea pig would agree with me.

So I went back to my room to of course find the phone ringing, I frowned at it and picked it up, hoping it wasn't him "Yes?"

"Decided to answer the phone?" he snickered and I glowered at the receiver, coming to know the feeling Chelsea felt when she threw the phone into the garden beds. Actually, I was feeling rather tempted myself.

"Well," I snapped and then swore inwardly at myself again, I had let him know he was bothering me "I can't ignore the phone forever can I? What if I got an important call? Also, I would like to have the use of my answering machine back."

"Well, you grab the plug to it -that's the little bit at the end of the cord- and then you-" I interrupted him.

"If I was near you right now you would be in a lot of pain." I said flatly and I could just feel his smirk through the phone, though he didn't say anything else.

"So," I said into the phone, going over to the corner and sinking down into my bean bag "Do you really go to sleep that early?"

"Didn't have much sleep this morning and," he paused for dramatics "had to do a project on a kind of flower in English class, go figure."

He said flower like it was some kind of dirty word and I accidentally let out a chuckle.

"I managed to make her laugh," he said, at attempt at being charming "I should congratulate myself."

"If you're trying to charm me," I clucked my tongue "It isn't going to work."

"Whatever would I want to do that for?" He wanted to know and I shook my head at him, trying hard not to grin.

"Well," I said "I need to get my beauty sleep, night."

"You certainly do, goodnight Lauren."

And then he hung up on me.



"This is scary Ellen!" Chelsea cried out in horror "Look at her, she's steamed!"

Ellen nodded "Hey, aren't you supposed to be doing that baby project Lauren? You know, for health? Not searching up phone numbers on the internet."

"Yeah, yeah, baby this baby that," I said and stuffed the bottle into the crying babies mouth, stupid health project "Happy now?"

"Lauren I really don't think-" Ellen started but was cut off.

"Found it! His name is Raymundo," I snapped my fingers "Raymundo Mauri, of Spanish decent. Brilliant, I am absolutely brilliant."

"Um Laur-" Ellen was once again cut off, this time by the bell.

"Yes, later guys," I said, stuffing the baby into my backpack and speeding off "Log off for me!"

"Is that any way to treat a new born?" Chelsea called out after me and Ellen sighed.

I ignored them both.

"She's going to be a killer Mum some day."

"Yeah, literally."



I don't know how he found out my name, but all I know is I'm going to get him for knowing it.

As soon as I finished punching in the numbers the baby started crying "Oh, snap! Come on baby, stop it, you know you want to-"

"I want to what?" a voice on the other end said, sounding confused.

"Oh," I should really just jump off a building and get it over with "I wasn't talking to you."

My face burning red I walked over to the baby and shoved the bottle in it's mouth again "There, are you happy now?"

The baby continued to cry.

"What are you doing?" he asked, sounding amused.

"Nothing, but muchos gracias for asking Senor," There was silence on the other end, I smirked "What's the matter Senor Raymundo Mauri? Too much for your big idioto brain to comprehend-ay?"

I tossed the bottle away and checked it's nappy, ah, the culprit "Stupid baby."

"You go from insulting me to calling me baby? Really now Lauren, make up your mind." He said, obviously enjoying himself.

"Like I said before, I'm wasn't talking to you." I said, changing the babies diaper "Good little midget, now stay quiet for a little would you?"

Now, back to annoying Raymundo, why wasn't he taking the bait? He completely ignored everything I said, well apart from all the insults.

"Well," I tapped my foot putting the baby gently in it's cot so it wouldn't burst out crying again "Aren't you going to ask me how I found out?"

"Fine then, how did you find out?" he obliged dryly, something giving me the impression he was probably rolling his eyes at me.

"Hah," I said, grinning "I'm not telling you, because honestly, you probably won't tell me will you?"

"Nope," he said and I harrumphed, kicking the bottle again and it bounded against the babies cot and it started crying again "What is that?"

"Agh," I said, glaring at the baby and picking it up from it's cot, patting it on the back "Health project."

"Fun." He said "Well, as much as I like talking to you, I have better things to do, see you."


What a stupid jerk-crud, the baby is starting to cry louder!



A couple weeks has past since I first started talking to Ray, funny thing is-I haven't stopped.

"Are you going to tell me how you got my mobile number?" I grinned into the phone and he responded by telling me his lips were sealed.

"Uha," I said opening up my test results and then screeching.

"Ouch," he muttered "Mind warning me before you do that next time? I'd like my perfect hearing to stay that way, thanks. What's up?"

"On my health test, I got a D, a D!" I hissed, blinking in disbelief. Though I guess I should have been expecting it, but I mean, a D? I hadn't treated it that awfully had I? I had never gotten a D on a test in my entire life.

"And?" he wanted to know before realising "Oh, that's right I'm talking to little miss perfect here, of course you're screaming."

"My health teacher must have made a mistake, I mean; my written work must have made it up atleast a little." I said, chewing my lower lip.

"You must have done real bad on the prac test," he said and I frowned.

"I wasn't that bad," I lied, pacing along, wondering how I would explain to my parents. Though really, they probably wouldn't care too much, they'd just laugh at me for having a psyche over it.

"Yeah, listen, I got to go, ok?" he said and I frowned, feeling somewhat disappointed.

"Oh ok," I said, twirling a piece of hair around my finger "Bye."

"Seeya," he said and I rounded the corner, spotting a boy who just put his phone into his pocket and widened my eyes, it couldn't be, could it? Hey wait a second, that was the guy whose feet I tripped over. Damn him.

Following him quietly he ended up walking up to some girl who looked up at him guiltily "Hey Ray, what's up? Heh..."

It was him. And she must be his-his GIRLFRIEND!?

"I told you not to," he lectured her and she shifted her weight "But did you listen to me? You're always so naïve I can't believe you fell for his stupid tricks-"

The girl burst out crying and he kissed her on the forehead and ruffled her hair "Just don't do it again, ok?"

She must have cheated on him. The little bratty pointy nosed prissy-oh no, I have been spotted.

"Hey," Ray turned around and narrowed his eyes "What do you think you're-"

I looked down in panic, he had obviously spotted my badge –that had my name on it- and the wheels were quickly turning in his head.

"Uhm," I said dumbly, my stomach twisting and my lip about to burst I was biting down on it that hard "I'm s-sorry for interrupting you and your-" I gulped "girlfriend."

Spinning on my heels I began to run away, blinking back tears-though I am not sure why they were there, they weren't supposed to be there, damn it. And can't forget the little break in my voice when I uttered the word girlfriend, what is wrong with me?

I had to get to Chelsea and Ellen-and fast.

Hearing pounding footsteps behind me my heart pounded and I saw the bus that takes my route about to leave, so instead of walking I bounded up the stairs, handing the bus driver thirty cents and taking a seat. Now I'm safe, knock wood.

I turned in my seat, horrified to look the other way but not helping to sneak a glance. He was standing at the school entrance, panting, his eyes darting around the bus and finally catching mine for a second.

I gulped and slid down the seat, turning my head away again.

This was going to be a long ride home, well, figuratively speaking.



"I think you like him." Ellen said, point blank and I frowned at her, refraining from blushing.

Shaking my head furiously in denial I pointed to a diagram I had drawn and Ellen and Chelsea looked up at it puzzled.

"This," I pointed to it again "Is the male brain, this-" I pointed to the part of the brain I had coloured in blue "Is the percentage of time when they use their brain."

I pointed at something I had written.

Percentage: 0.000000000001

"This," I pointed to the larger part of the brain "Is when they don't."

Percentage: 99.999999999999

"That's a lot of nines," Ellen breathed and Chelsea nodded in agreement.

"So you see," I tapped the diagram with a nail "Males, are stupid and definitely not deserving of our time."

"Nice colours, how long did it take you to make it?" Chelsea commented shovelling ice cream into her mouth.

"Oh, well-" I was going to explain but Ellen interrupted.

"I think she's trying to keep her mind off him," Ellen said, biting into a rather large cupcake "Oh, and trying to prove to herself that she doesn't care that he has a gir-"

Chelsea clapped a hand over Ellen's mouth "Giraffe! Of course he doesn't have a giraffe Elle, how could you think such a thing? Only zoos have giraffes, they aren't native here."

Ellen screwed up her face and slapped Chelsea's hand away "Will ya quit it?"

I bumped into the answering machine "I do not have a crush on him, now get out, the both of you! Out!"

"Listen, I don't know why you're so mad at me but I really-" I pressed the stop button quickly and as bright as a tomato gestured toward the door.

"That was my cousin; he stepped on my favourite hat last time he came over." I lied and Ellen muttered something that sounded like I don't believe you before Chelsea shoved her out the door, smiling meekly before shutting it and going about their usual leaving habits.

Glaring at the phone I pressed the delete button on all of the messages –all of which I hadn't listened to- and rung his phone, deciding to end it once and for all-and thankfully, getting his answering machine.

"I do not know what you're playing at but can you please, please stop leaving messages on my answering machine I really don't need it, ok? I have better things to do then," I paused thinking up insults.

"Darling, you have a friend here for you!" my Mum called, sounding excited.

"Mum, not now! Tell them to go home." I yelled back "Ahem, then to listen to a stupid jerk who's annoying and a, a-" I paused screwing my nose up in thought of one of the Spanish insults I had seen on a page "Cago en tu leche!"

My door busted open and I dropped the phone in shock and scrambled to pick it up again, putting it back on the desk.

"You," Ray said, laughing humourlessly "Just called me an 'I shit in your milk'."

Remaining silent, I backed up a little but he only stormed up to me.

"You know what? Nevermind that, that wasn't what I came here for." He said, and then sent me an angry look "Now, why are you ignoring my calls? It's been a flipping week and you haven't flipping answered my calls."

Only, he wasn't saying flipping. I started biting my lip again and turned my head in another direction, ignoring his question "May I ask, how did you get my address?"

"That's for me to know, and you to find out." He said and then reached out, turning my head towards his and saying in a gentler tone "Now, why aren't you answering my calls?"

"Why do you even care?" I said childishly, smacking his hand away "I am not Angelina, Keira or Sarah-so why do you even want me to?"

"Just a second, I got to call someone." He said and I glowered at him.

"Oh and I suppose it's that girlfriend of yours?" I retorted, hands on hips. My pocket started to buzz and I jumped, picking it up cautiously.

"H-hello?" I said nervously.

"That wasn't my girlfriend; it was my sister if you wanted to know." I heard his voice coming through the line and reddened "And I suppose you were a bit, let's say, jealous?"

"What?" I spluttered "I was not! Not jealous, nu-uh I'm the least jealous girl you'll ever meet. Jealousy is bad for your health, and if you're unwell, you give germs to other people. Then it will be the start of a whole epidemic, they'll be sick people everywhere and all the hospital beds will be filled and soon all the nurses would get sick and then the whole world will be a giant mess-just because one girl had a moment of jealousy. I, senor, am not that girl."

"Oh yeah," he drew even closer still "Well, could you help me out with a problem then?"

"Yeah sure, helpful is my middle name." I said, a hand on my hip "Go ahead, name your problem."

"Well there's this girl I like and she doesn't seem to realise," he started and paused for a bit "So what is your advice?"

My stomach lurched and I frowned at him, blinking back tears and choking out "My advice? You should already know what you have to do-or want to do, don't rely on other people for answers."

"Ok," he said "Will do."

And then he hung up on me.

But you want to know what else he did? He tossed his phone down, letting it bounce safely onto my bed. But that's not really important; he then rushed towards me, taking two steps for every one I stepped back until I had no space to step back into.

"What are you doing?" I asked weakly, my voice shaking "What are you trying to do to me Mauri?"

His face was barely a centimetre away from mine "You started this; I'm going to end it. I don't want to just call you anymore; I'm hung up on you."

"That," I said half heartedly trying to turn my head and not being able to help the small smile that escaped across my face "Is a lousy pun."

He didn't answer, atleast with words, he pressed his lips against mine and entangled his hands in my hair.

I groaned, and wrapped my arms around his neck, leaning into the kiss. Maybe studying isn't everything in life after all.

Oh, God, I am letting this boy mess me up-and I'm liking it.

He stopped in the middle of kissing me and pulled completely away, murmuring a teasing sorry for chapping my lips and walking out the door after picking up his phone.

I dialled his number on my mobile and he answered with a "Why, hello there."

"Come in and kiss me again."

And he hung up.

But you know what? I didn't care this time, because he came in and did as he was told.



That is officially the longest oneshot I have ever written. It's either an extremely long short story or an extremely short long story, take your pick. I can't believe you read all that, I have a headache now. I have been spending too many hours, staring at the screen, writing this and watching sailor moon (Really, that's all I have been doing this time. Oh, and the occasional –very much occasional- game of Mario)

And with that, I leave you. If you were bored out of your wits during all that, I do apologise. I swear, I should be shot for that. I'm sorry, really I am, cough.

FrrrUUiiiiiT CAaaKKEE