Stage Fright



how would they react?

would they clap for me?

shout at me?

or even threaten me?

How would they react to my poem?

be confused,

teased my poem,

hiss at me,

jeer at me,

boo at me,

or would they love it?

How would they react to my poem?

Remove all doubt,

cling onto hope,

and feel ok,

to be able to stand

and stare at millions of people,

to see them react to my poem.

How would they react to my poem?

I shall remove my fear

of stage fright,

and just let it be.

Note: I wrote this before I read my poem "Death to my Lover" in front of the whole school. And apparently, I read the poem beautifully, although some people in high school were mocking, gan (gardern in hebrew), ahava (love in hebrew) and other words that apprently were foreign to some people... Although I love how this poem started. They in the poem equates to the audience...