What is with people and my full name this morning

What is with people and my full name this morning?

"Reba! I can explain!" Reba wasn't in a very patient mood this morning. She had me up against the lockers shout obscene word that should never leave any ladies mouth.

"Samantha! You LEFT ME! You walked right by my house, kept walking, and DIDN'T LOOK BACK all the way to SCHOOL! I've been following you-"

"Stalker." She didn't appreciate my witty sarcasm.

"-all the way here and you haven't looked back to even see me!"

I started to calm her down so we wouldn't catch a crowd and so we wouldn't be late for our first class. I honestly don't know why she bothers any more, it's not like tis is the first time this has happened. All I'm waiting for now is the-

"So what's on your mind that distracted you so much that you missed my house?" The concern in her voice was touching, really. she knows that every time I pass by her house by accident something is wrong.

"Has Lessia told you about her new boy crush?" We kept walking to our class', trying to spend as much time as we could just talking.

"Not yet. Who is it this year?" Usually there is about three different boys Lessia likes in a year, at different times of course.

"The guy in my science class- Nicolas Pettrien,"

"not the other one?"


I know this is confusing, we have two Nick's in my science class. I'm just glad Lessia only like one of them.

Another thing I should say is that I really don't like how my friend likes guys. I've always thought that you'd like someone for a long time until you got over them. But Lessia just goes from liking one boy to another.

We turned the corner and I smashed into the "other Nick's" chest.

It's not as romantic as it sounds. My books were everywhere, Reba was having a jolly good time laughing her ass off and I was left on the floor while Nicholas stood right where I left him.

"Would anyone mind getting off their high horse and help me with this?" My irritability was irresistible. Really, it was.

"Sorry" Nicholas mumble and walked away towards the math room. I felt kind of sorry for him- he has Mrs. Carlson as his math teacher. Then again, I have her as my English and Socials teacher. I think I drew the shorter straw on this one.

"Jerk" I mumbled back at him as he walked. I turned to Reba.

"Haha! You walked RIGHT into his chest! Maybe you should go follow him and make witty remarks and wait for him to fall deeply and truly in love with you!" Reba's voice went higher in pitch the longer she went on.

I have a thing with happily ever afters. I think it's because I've never had one. See, ever since I can remember every happy ending I could have had was just out of my reach. I'd stay up at night missing out on my beautiful sleep thinking why couldn't I have even a semi good ending? Not that I have a horrible life! I'm just missing something, as corny as it sounds. I don't tell anyone this but something in me is just waiting to be filled. Now if any feminists out there found out about this I'd be slayed. Really I want myself to stop this because I find the way I'm feeling degrading!

Reba says I'm waiting for love. I told her to go die in her happily ever after. Not that she's had hers yet either.

I tried to distract her with school.

"Let us be on our way to math my lovely little flower you," I winked and held my arm out gallantly, mocking her and her untimely-ness. Reba and I are in the smart math class. Right now we're in grade eleven, but we're doing grade twelve math. It's confusing as schnitzel and some of the people in that class really need a babysitter.

As I walk to class I'm not watching where I'm going and walk smack into the math room's door. Everyone laughs like they never saw anything like that before when I know that they've done something similar before. I shoot a glare at everyone in the room, trying my best to inflict telepathic pain the likes they've never felt before.

"Sam, Stop trying your telepathy. It doesn't work." Oh, she would know.

Really, she would. We tried for days at a time to make a telepathic connection between us and then some other unfortunate people. Needless to say, it wasn't exactly a success.

"One of these days, Reba! You all will be amazed when I cross all the minds boundaries and have you all totally enslaved!" I turned around and sat in my desk, quietly waiting for the bell.

My class by now was used to my out bursts that would usually freak people out majorly.

I have to say, math is one of my favorite subjects. When I tell people this they just don't understand, they give me the "are you insane" look. They sometimes ask if I'm feeling well or what me temperature is.

Ms. L walked into the room looking frazzled with her Starbucks coffee in one hand and folders on the other. I tuned out today because Reba and I learned everything last class after we finished early, and the fact that my dad taught math in high school and taught us after we annoyed him with our laughter has nothing to do with it.

Math went by really fast…after I fell asleep on the desk. I love Ms. L, she lets you do anything in her class as long as it's quiet and doesn't interrupt the lesson, you do you homework and you score 90% or higher on the test we get every Friday or Thursday.

I was poked awake by the pointy end of a pencil wielded be my best friend.

"Get your butt up! We need to get to our next class!" And that's how most of the day went, with different people waking me up each time. Unfortunately the only classes I have with Reba are Math, English and Gym. Everything else I have with other people in my little group.

By last block I was re-energized from all my catch up sleep. Just in time too. In science class everyone always needs as much energy as they can have by the end of the day.

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