The dream was the same as always. Damien had me pinned to the bed by straddling my waist and holding down my arms. I was too weak to fight him off, I always had been. My doctors told my parents that I was fragile and was to be treated with the utmost care. It was all bullshit. The only reason I was weak was because I was feeding a vampire, a man named Belen Darthour, and I loved him with all my soul. My brother, Damien, took advantage of my weakness and tormented me endlessly. I had just turned 17 when this nightmarish memory took place. It always started with me pinned and Damien glaring down at me. "You are going to pay for what you did Hawthorne." He growled.

"I did nothing that you did not deserve brother." I spat in his face. I knew he was there to kill me. He had killed others before so I knew he could and would do it again. I hadn't expected him so soon after feeding Belen though. "You forced yourself on those women and killed them. It was the truth they spoke, and I knew it." He laughed.

"They were not women. They were whores. They deserved what they got." He released one of my arms and reached behind him pulling out a knife. "Just like you deserve what I'm going to give you now." He put his other hand over my mouth then brought the knife to my neck. I beat at him with my fists but did no damage. I was too weak, and he was too strong. All he did was laugh at me again. I moved my head enough to get around his hand.

"Belen!" I screamed. He quickly covered my mouth again.

"Your lover isn't here." He sneered. "Now it's time for you to die." He slid the blade along my throat cutting deeply. The pain made me want to scream but my voice would not work. The blood gushed from the wound darkening the sheets and pillows with the sweet smelling liquid. He removed his hand from my mouth and got off the bed. "Sweet dreams, Hawthorne." He cackled and left. Blood bubbled up between my lips and slid down my face.

"Belen," I whispered. "I'm sorry." I closed my eyes tears trickling out and running down my face to mix with the blood. A hand brushed them away. I opened my eyes to see Belen above me. He stroked my hair. I smiled weakly at him.

"Do not be sorry my love." He said. "I can make you whole again, and then we can be together forever." He leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine. "I love you." He murmured against them. His lips traveled down to my throat and he bit into it.

I woke up screaming. That had been the start of my real nightmare, the one that is my life. Well what life I have. Belen had changed me that night, changed me into a creature of the night just like him. I had never known true happiness until I was with Belen, and I was going to be with him forever, but they changed all that. Those stupid fucking humans called slayers. Why couldn't they just leave well enough alone? They always fucked everything up.

I climbed out of bed angrily and threw on a t-shirt and jeans. I hate nightmares. I don't get much sleep anyway nightmares just make it even worse. Going into the bathroom I splashed cold water on my face to clear my head. After drying my face I stared at my reflection in the mirror. (Yes vampires have a reflection :p) I hate how I look. My black hair hung in my face and clung to my neck framing my soft almost feminine face. I have one black eye and one red and I look like I'm 15, even though I was changed at 17 and I'm 500 fucking years old. I ran my fingers along the scar on my neck, a painful reminder of the past. Usually I cover it with a bandage or high collared shirt. Tearing my eyes away from my grotesque reflection I reached under the sink and pulled out some linen bandages. I wrapped them around my neck until the scar was covered and pinned it in place. Satisfied I walked back into my bedroom and stripped off my hastily put on clothes. They weren't appropriate to leave the house with and I was hungry. I pulled on a long sleeved black button up shirt and some tight black pants. The shirt I only buttoned up halfway leaving some of my chest exposed. Humans seemed to be attracted to it. To finish off the ensemble I placed Belen's pendant around my neck and pulled on long coat. I like how it flares out behind me, almost like a cloak. I peeked out the window and smiled slightly. The last rays of daylight were fading from the sky. It wasn't as though I couldn't walk out in the day time. On the contrary I'm one of the few vampires left who can.

As I stepped outside the cool evening breeze tousled my hair. I sighed letting myself imagine it was Belen and not the wind. God I miss him so much. The pain is still the same as it was 300 years ago. I shook myself and walked off the porch heading up the street towards the busy inner city. I knew all the good places to go for a willing meal. They had actual clubs where humans came to pretend they were vampires and drink each other's blood. If only they knew the truth of our existence. Not many human did. I mean they suspect but they don't really know. The only humans who know are the slayers and they're to be avoided at all costs. I killed the last one that came after me. Personally I think it's stupid to run from them. They just follow you. If you stay in one place for a while they do come after you en masse, but I can handle myself. I may not look it being as I'm 5' 5" and very thin, but I can and I do. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my cigarettes and lighter. I lit one put it to my lips putting the pack and lighter back in my pocket. I took a long drag and exhaled the smoke slowly. The only human custom I truly enjoyed. It makes me angry that they refuse to believe I'm not over 18. I resent not looking older a lot. The alcohol part I don't mind since I have something better, but police officers ask me why I'm not in school if I go out during the day. Other people ask me where my parents are. I don't think anyone would believe me if I told them how old I really was. The thought almost made me laugh. Everything was ok when Belen was still alive. I ran into a strong chest. Oops I guess I should pay attention when I walk. I look up and freeze as hands grasp onto my wrists. A slayer, a damn good looking one too. "My bad." I said giving a half hearted laugh. The man smiled.

"You know it's getting late kid, you should probably head home." He said releasing me. I choked back a laugh, either he was playing with me or he really was that stupid. I took a step back to get a better look at him. He was tall and very muscular. His dark brown hair stood up in places messily and his piercing gray eyes were looking over me carefully. I let my hips jut out a little. He ignored it and frowned at the cigarette then plucked it from my fingers. "You shouldn't smoke."

"Why cause it will kill me?" I smirked. The man was kind of endearing, in an evil slayer kind of way.

"Well that and aren't you kind of young". He raised in eyebrow. I couldn't help it I started to laugh. He looked confused, which made me laugh even harder. I wiped my eyes as I got myself under control.

"Thanks." I said sighing. "I haven't laughed like that in a long time." I patted his large chest with my small delicate hand then moved past him to keep walking.

"Hey, wait." He followed me falling into step beside me. "You shouldn't be out alone." I glanced at him. Man was this on dense. I wonder where the slayer council was finding their new recruits.

"I'll be fine." I said. "I go out every night and nothings happened to me yet." He frowned.

"There's dangerous people on the streets." He said. "Do your parents know where you are?"

"They're dead."

"Oh. I'm sorry."

"Don't be. It happened a long time ago."

"Who do you live with then, and what about school?" He asked concerned.

"I live alone and I don't go to school." I'm having a hard time keeping from wringing his neck for being so dumb. I look at him from under my lashes. He looks deep in thought.

"I know where you can stay."

"Oh really, where?"

"At my house. It's big enough." He said looking at me. I stop in my tracks and choke.

"What!?" Man is he dense or what?

"I live alone, so it shouldn't be a problem. Besides what have you got to lose?" How about my life ass wipe? I shook my head.

"I don't think that would work."

"Why not?" This guy just does not give up. I decide to play coy. I hang my head letting my hair fall into my eyes. "It can't be safe for a young girl like you to be living alone." I freeze. Excuse me? I glare up at him.

"I'm not a girl." I growled. His eyes widen in surprise.

"Oh, damn. I'm . . ." I push past him angrily. Humans are so stupid. I screamed my frustration to the uncaring sky. He caught me by the arm. "Hey kid I'm sorry." I jerk out of his grasp and hiss at him. His brow furrowed. "You're not one of those kids that think they're a vampire are you."

"I don't think, asshole, I know I am." I bared my fangs at him. "Why are you humans so stupid? He shook his head.

"Kids these days." He sighed. "It's a dangerous habit." He has to be playing with me. This has to be some sort of stupid trap. I looked around quickly making sure no others were near.

"Either you're just really stupid, or really smart." I said. "I can't figure it out." I couldn't sense another vampire or slayer anywhere nearby. He frowned.

"That's not nice."

"I'm not nice." I hissed walking towards him. "I've never been nice. And if this is a trap, you're life will end here."

"Why would it be a trap?" He asked smiling. I narrowed my eyes. Suddenly an electric current ripped through my body. I screamed. The pain was like no other. I fell into him and his arms went around me.

"It is a trap." I whispered into his chest. "Damn you." I pushed at his chest but my muscles were like water and wouldn't cooperate. He grinned down at me.

"I don't know what you're talking about kid, but I have to get you to a safe place." He lifted me up. I tried to bite his shoulder but he only laughed. "Stop, that tickles."

"What did you do to me?" I mumbled grabbing his shirt in my teeth and pulling at it. He laughed again. He has a nice laugh.

"It's a special sort of taser. It makes it easier to carry people off without them fussing." He said. I sighed and let my head fall back making it tougher to keep a hold on me. "Are you really a boy?" He asked.

"I'll prove it to you if you put me down." I said reaching for my pants.

"No that's ok." He said quickly. I sighed and let my arms drop. He grunted shifting his hold on me. "Stop."

"No." I said. "I don't like being manhandled . . . by strangers." He laughed.

"Oh, right. My name's Benjamin Everson." He said. "What's yours?" I sniffed.

"Like I'm gonna tell you now." I teased running my fingers through his hair. It was very soft just like I thought it would be. Too bad he was a slayer. His eyes fluttered at my touch.

"Hey now." He said quietly. "Keep your hands to yourself. I don't like strangers touching me." He said laughing. I brought my head up closer.

"My name's Thorne." I whispered into his ear. He shivered.


"Don't what?" I teased nibbling on his ear gently. He shivered again sighing a little. Hunger was making me giddy. Why the hell couldn't he have bumped into me after I ate? He walked up to a car and slid me into the backseat.

"No funny business kid." He said mock sternly.

"I could wipe the floor with you if I wasn't so hungry." I said sitting up as he got into the driver's seat and started the car.

"I'll stop and get you something on the way home." He said smiling and pulling into the street. I laughed.

"Just make sure they're cute." I said. "And not too old, they taste funny. I laid down on the seat trying to relax. I could smell that a vampire had been in this car recently, and he probably hadn't lived much longer after his ride had ended. Amazingly enough I fell asleep. I woke up as he was pulling me out of the car. I yawned, blinking sleepily. He laughed his deep laugh and tousled my hair. Like Belen. I buried my face in his shoulder. No, no one was like Belen.

"You ok, kid?" He asked putting his hand on the back of my neck. I shook my head. "What's wrong?" I looked up at him.

"I'm being kidnapped." I said pointedly. He laughed again.

"Oh yeah. But don't worry. I won't hurt you." He smiled and carried me up to a huge house. "I think I'm going to enjoy your company anyway." A girl who looked about 16 came bounding out of the house.

"Who'd you hit this time?" She asked. Ben set me on my feet. "Oh she's cute Ben!" He threw his head back laughing.

"Henna, he's not a girl." She clapped a hand over her mouth her eyes widening. I swore softly under my breath, and stumbled back a few steps.

"Fuck you both." I said. "I'm outta here." Ben caught my arm again.

"You're not going anywhere kid. Besides they're cleaning out the clubs tonight, and you don't have anyone to go back to." Then I heard the screams in my head.

"No." I whispered as they got louder. Vampires were dying out their screams echoing in my head. "No!" I screamed putting my hands to my head and pulling at my hair. The pain they were feeling amplified in my skull. "You bastards!" I screamed then my vision went black.