My fun was short lived though. We soon got an extra addition to our family. Another vampire by the name of Tomas; He was a puppet of the council and sent there to watch me while Ben and Henna went to do some training. I didn't mind so much until he came to my room the second night after their departure. I woke up as soon as I felt him straddle my hips. His eyes caught mine as soon as they opened and held them there. "What do you want?" I asked with a calm I didn't feel. I knew damn well what he wanted. It's what everyone wants from me. He just smiled in response and slid his hands up my shirt to caress my chest.

"I always knew Belen's whore would be beautiful, but you amaze me." He purred as he pushed off my shirt. I squirmed trying to get away. He just laughed and I felt his power surge. "Don't move." Air wrapped around my wrists and ankles pulling me into a spread eagle position and pinning me there. His hands moved down and removed my pants then underwear. He whistled softly as he looked me over. I silently cursed the council for sealing my powers. He reached for the bandage and removed it laughing when he saw the scar it covered. "I bet your new boyfriend hasn't seen this yet." He ran his fingers over it. I growled and twisted my head away. He back handed me across the face hard enough for my vision to dim and split my lip. "I said don't move." He hissed angrily. I spat in his face, but he was staring at my mouth. As a trickle of wetness slipped down my chin I realized why. He leaned forward and licked the blood from my chin and lip, healing the cut in the process. His eyes closed as he savored the taste of my blood in his mouth. I shuddered and looked away. He started to kiss my neck letting his teeth scrape against it. I silenced the part of my brain that said it felt good.

"Get off." I growled fighting against him as much as I could. More air solidified around my neck squeezing off my voice.

"Shut up." Tomas said irritably and started kissing down my chest. I jerked and tried to twist away from him. This earned me another slap and a band of air slid around my waist and pinned that to the bed as well. I couldn't move an inch. I tried to scream, but the air around my throat made that impossible. He laughed then wrapped his mouth around my dick. His hands pushed my thighs farther apart so that he could have more room then began to suck hard. I winced and tried to move away again. He bit down. Pain shot up my body and I screamed my voiceless scream again. My blood poured into his mouth making him groan and suckle harder and faster. The air around my throat slipped away and I screamed with the pain. Damn him, and damn the council. Tomas groaned but pulled away and stripped off his clothes. "Now I know why he liked you so much." He moaned sliding up my chest. "You taste so good." He shoved his dick into my opening. I screamed arching up trying to get away from him. God it hurt so bad. He groaned and thrust harder letting the bindings of air go. I hit at him with my fists and tried to push him away, but he only thrust in deeper causing more pain. I couldn't stand it. I wanted him out of me. He reached down and opened a cut in his abdomen then put one on mine in a place where they would meet when he moved closer. I screamed.

"No!" I didn't want his blood with mine. "No, no, no, no!" He grunted and forced us together. The blood lust overtook him as soon as our blood started to mix. That happens to a weaker vampire when they mix with a stronger one. They go crazy for more. I screamed in defiance trying to shove him away again. His teeth closed over the front of my throat cutting off my screams again. Blood poured into his mouth and down my throat. It was pure agony. His hard frantic thrusts made his teeth scrape and dig trying to stay on my neck but just cutting me deeper. I started to choke on my own blood. I hit at his chest even though my arms had begun to weaken. He groaned and came inside of me, but kept thrusting. I could feel myself bleeding down there, and my blood was mixing with seed. His teeth met with an audible click and blood gushed out of the wound. The last of my strength faded and my body went limp. Was this what it was like to die? God I hope not. The pain was intolerable. I had never hurt so bad in my life. Slowly my vision started to fade and I slipped unconscious.

I awoke in a pool of my own blood with Tomas nowhere in sight. I tried to move but couldn't, the pain was too great. I started to cry. Harsh sobs racking my thin frame. Tomas would pay for what he's done. I told myself when I was finally able to get to the bathroom. I cleaned myself off then got dressed. Something different made me stop. I could feel my magic, it was raging inside of me, begging to be tapped into. I started to laugh. That stupid man had accidently released the seals and left me for dead. I collapsed against the dresser still laughing hysterically. Soon my vengeance could be complete, and they all would pay. Every single one. One look in the mirror silenced my laughter. My throat had been ripped open. I could heal it but most of the damage would leave more scars. I shook with anger. I'll kill him, slowly. I wrapped my normal bandage around it for now, then cleaned up the bed. My magic was giving me some strength but I knew I needed blood. I walked downstairs carefully and entered the kitchen. Benjamin kept animal blood in the fridge for me when I got hungry. I drank it all, but it didn't replenish my strength the way fresh, human blood would. I would have to go hunting. I smiled and walked towards the door. As I stepped out onto the porch a car pulled up. My senses told me it was a council cleanup crew. I laughed, they really hadn't expected me to live. I inhaled their sweet human scent as they got out of the car. There were only four, and none of them were hunters so it didn't take me long to drain them dry. My power sizzled and cracked. I laughed as my energy returned to me in full force. I felt better than I had in years. I put their bodies in chairs around the table and waited for Ben to come home.

A little after dark I felt their presence as they came up the driveway. Tomas was with them. I chuckled to myself, and suppressed my aura. Henna's laughter floated through the window as she got out of the car. Benjamin's grunt of response told me that the laughter was directed at him. He had been apprehensive about leaving me with Tomas, which was probably why they had hurried back. I started to wonder what Tomas had told them when he showed up. They walked in the front door, the lights in the living room clicked on. "Do you smell that?" Benjamin's voice asked.

"Eew, yeah." Henna replied.

"It's coming from the kitchen." Tomas said quietly. I let my aura loose as soon as they walked through the door and turned on the light. Henna screamed at the sight of the bodies.

"Hawthorne!" Benjamin exclaimed looking around. "What happened?" I pulled my lips back in a sneer.

"I took your advice and had dinner." I curled my fingers in one of the dead human's hair and tilted his head back. His face was frozen in an expression of pure terror. Tomas made a choked sound and turned to flee. "Don't even think about it." I snarled. My will wrapped around him and dragged him back into the room. I put him in one of the empty chairs and bound him there. Benjamin took a step towards me.

"Thorne, don't-" I cut him off with a wave of my hand.

"Be quiet Benjamin." I said frowning slightly. "I don't want to have to hurt you."

"At least get rid of the corpses." He pleaded shooting a look at Henna. I followed his gaze and felt my anger die a little. She was staring wide-eyed at the four corpses around the table. I snapped my fingers and they disappeared. She jumped looking up at me.

"How did you-?" She started. Benjamin cut her off.

"Thorne, what the fuck is going on here?"

"Simple revenge." I smiled at Tomas. "I need to give him something. You don't have to watch." I lifted my hand using my power to raise Tomas into the air. I pulled him after me and went outside onto the lawn. Tomas began to plead with me, blubbering and prostrating himself on the ground. I kicked him in the face. "Shut up." I snarled. He started to laugh.

"This isn't what I expected from Belen's whore." He smiled. "Belen was a weakling, always talking about peace." I took his chin in my hand and pulled him closer.

"This whore," I spat out the word. "has more power in one hair, then you could ever have in a lifetime of eternity." He swallowed. "Too bad eternity ends for you tonight."

"The council will kill you." He whispered. A slow smile spread across my face.

"Not if I kill them first." A sound off to my left made me turn. I flung up a shield as the taser bolt headed for me. It hit my shield and bounced off. Henna stood there with her arms outstretched holding the empty gun.

"Stop it Hawthorne." She said shakily. I shook my head.

"I can't." A sword slid out of my arm, blood dripping from every inch of it. I curled my fingers around the hilt. Tomas started to whimper.

"They said you were sealed." He cried. I leaned down and pressed my lips to his. Sending him every image and feeling I had felt from our earlier encounter. He fell backwards screaming.

"That was only temporary." I said smiling. "That's why they sent you to kill me." He didn't respond. I doubt he could have if he tried. Benjamin came running outside. I wiped my mouth and turned to face the two slayers.

"What did you do?" He asked staring at Tomas who was still on the ground writhing and screaming.

"Giving him a taste of his own medicine." I replied. Henna was scrambling to reload her gun. I sighed and held out my hand. It flew out of hers and came to hover a few inches above my palm. "I'm not going to hurt you or Ben, Henna." She looked like she was about to cry. I tossed the gun to the grass at my feet. Tomas stopped screaming and lay on the ground in the fetal position sobbing. I knelt down in front of him and jerked his head up by the hair so that he was looking me in the face. "How does it feel?" He broke down into new sobs crying something intelligible. I curled my lip. "You're pathetic." I hissed in his face. Letting him go I stood and turned back to Ben and Henna. "Cover her eyes." I said quietly. Benjamin took one look at my face and grabbed Henna, burying her face in his chest. I nodded then focused on Tomas. He rose into the air. I held out my empty hand and gathered energy. Tomas started to scream and claw at his chest. His heart burst out of his chest and flew to my hand. I swung the sword causing his head to fall from his neck. His body turned to dust and blew away. I put my sword arm out straight and opened my hand. The sword slid back into its hiding place. I closed my eyes against the pain it shot up my arm. I looked over at Benjamin who was staring back at me.

"Who are you?" He asked quietly.