I peeled off the decayed layers of my skin,

I needed to find that timid little girl with in,

The one who cries in me,

I had to see,

Why that sad little girl continued to live in me,

I hated the mirror; we had no connection,

I dreaded seeing my own reflection,

I couldn't understand why,

Deep down inside this little girl cries,

Know one told her she was beautiful,

Constantly being ridiculed,

Mentally abused,

So confused,

Hating herself was an outlet,

One where she felt know regret,

I can't understand why,

I can't stop her eternal cry,

She cries so loudly in me,

I'm drowning and she's unable to see,

Why does she cry in me?

This is my final plea,

Little sad girl please stop crying in me,

I just want you to set me free.