A bracket of roses grew in the garden. Their red petals laden with sparkles of dew. A woman, with fire crimson hair that fell in waves to her waist, stood beside them, tracing her finger along the thorny stem. A thorn sliced open her finger as a man suddenly drew up beside her.

He was tall and well built with a face that looked like it belonged to an angel. Yet it was expressionless and cold. She ignored him and plucked the rose from the bush and putting it to her face, she smelled its sweet scent. "Have you come to mock me to?"

He gave her a small smile. "No, but I have a proposition for you."

She turned, anger flaring. "I'm not your servant to do what you wish! And I'm not indebted to you just because of one mistake. You can tell me all the proposals you want, I'm not going to fall for your filthy tricks. And I definitely won't stoop to your level."

"Even if it can regain your honor and powers back? Well I guess I should just leave now and save myself the trouble." He turned his back and started walking off.

She stared off at him, eyes widened in surprise. "Wait!" He stopped in his tracks. She bit her lip hoping this wasn't another mistake that'll cost her. "What sort of proposition is this?"

He glanced back at her and grinned. "It concerns a very special wolf."

She stared in surprise. "Wolf?" Her eyes narrowed. "But they've been extinct for over a century at least."

"No, but they will be very soon. That's what makes it so exciting."

"You want me to kill him? Are you sure that's wise?"

His eyes narrowed. "I'm quite capable of knowing what I want Artemis. The real question is, do you?"

She turned toward her garden lost in thought. She sniffed the rose once more, memorizing its scent, and gave her answer.

The man smiled, pleased with her response. Finally he'll be rid of him at last. "Are you sure you'll be able to kill him? You weren't the best with fighting if I remember correctly."

She replied indifferently, "This hunt will be over quickly. You don't need to worry your pretty little head over me."

He snorted. "I'd never worry over you." Then he vanished in a quick pop.

She turned toward the rose bush, still holding the rose in her hand. The blood from the cut had stopped and it caked her finger, dried and cracking. She looked down at the rose. Such a pretty little thing could be so easily crushed, even if it has a measly defense such as thorns. This wolf would be no different. She'll find this wolf, crush him effortlessly, and reclaim her honor and especially her powers.

With that she let go of the rose and it fell to the ground with innocent grace. Her emerald eyes stared down coldly at it. No mercy, she thought and stepped down on the petals, squishing the rose into the dirt.

This is actually a book I'm writing and it WILL be quite long, since you know books are usually long obviously. It has a complex plot that will be explained later so don't get mad because you don't understand it. Please review and tell me whats wrong, I'll really appreciate it.

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