It was just one word. One word was all it took sometimes. First it was her feet, her feet went before anything. Tap, tap, tap, slide. Then her head, it was like someone pressed the on button, but only she could hear the music. It was loud, encompassing everything, the people, the faces, the voices became more and more muffled. Then her body started moving, slightly at first, then more and more pronounced. Her mouth moved of its own accord, mouthing the lyrics, then the voice came out, louder and louder. People were staring, eyes were on her, not just her friends but others too. She couldn't care, it was in her now and nothing could stop it. She was singing at the top of her lungs. The sweet, sweet adrenaline coursed through her veins, lighting all the movements. She was dancing! She leapt out from the restraints of the bench, in full swing now. Slide, slide, spin, shimmy, two-step. The world was bright, so bright! Elvis echoed through her head, dancing beside her, in her. The room darkened and the disco light spin in her vision, the floor picked her up and moved her, through her. Everything seemed so perfect, nothing bad had ever existed when she danced. The song was coming to a close now, its finale bursting out of her lips, jazz hands, spirit fingers, pose. Then the light came back on and 100 pairs of eyes were staring at her, shocked.