Don't believe the things you've heard about turning. There is no burning pain that feels as if your flesh is being ripped from your limbs; no blood boiling through your veins or some all-consuming torture. Nor does it feel like pleasure. There is no sweet moment of overpowering ecstasy that makes your heart pound in its last few precious beats and no taste of sweetness on your tongue.

It is neither of these things, but a sudden absence of anything. This is not your usual feeling of numbness that settles into your limbs and keeps you aware of the things you should be feeling. No, this is the complete loss of feeling; a black void where you forget even your name.

I'd imagine this is what it's like to die. You awaken from this to being neither alive nor dead; silence echoing in your ears with the absence of a comforting heartbeat, your senses pulling at you from a distance.

And then the thirst comes. Not a need, no that's far too human an emotion, but a carnal pulling that makes you suddenly aware of all your senses at once. These are not your mere human senses; suddenly you can smell the blood pulsing, hear it rushing in your ears from miles away. You cannot fight the full, all you can do is move towards it with a grace you have never known; and you take your first warm, delicious victim with deadly precision.

No, vampires are not the romanticized creatures you know. They are cold, animalistic creatures of the night; feasting on humans to survive. There are no human emotions like guilt or pleasure, all we feel is the most primal hunger for blood.

You can cling to your novels with your romantic vampires for that human need of security, if you must. Humans have always loved their fairytales.