Forever and ever

it relieves my heart

even if it's not true

I can believe it

since we didn't say goodbye

then it's not a goodbye.

I knew beforehand distance would apart us slowly

until we become strangers.

The sadness was the prettiest rose in the garden

I wasn't able to cut it

there were thorns that could hurt me

I was lost in a nest of illusions.

You asked me to say goodbye

and it was easy 'cause I knew

tomorrow we would be together

so how is it hard to say goodbye now?

I realize tomorrow is not the same

without you... it's a bit monotonous.

Silence on the phone

I had to hang up all my feelings

but I preferred lie after lie

I wasn't able to be honest with myself anymore

floor wasn't more cute than you

but I couldn't face you and avoid blush

in such a way that you'd known

why did I fall in love with you?

maybe you was very kind to me.

Like a curse I repeat and repeat

our story with no end on my mind

it's a movie that still makes me laugh

it's a song that I know by heart

I wonder if you miss me at least a bit.

Listen this goodbye

'cause I want to see you soon

hold this goodbye

and say me it someday

I need to know this has ended

forever and ever

in this life and the another life

we'll say goodbye time and again

until we're completely separated

this isn't a puzzle we can do

this is forever and ever a goodbye.