Only Once

It was only during midnight that I saw your transformation.
When they were all in bed, and the gods in their cradles,
You woke me up and made me lose myself.

Relax, darling, and put yourself in my hands.
I can't hurt you if you won't let me.
Don't be so quick to hesitate.
It'll be heaven and hell rolled into one.

I'm crying, crying, shivering and dying
Don't wanna fall into the circle spinning
Sleeping, sleeping, slumbering in your hold
Don't wanna touch those lips with my bare hands

Hush, my sweet, don't wake the others from their eternal sleep.
I promise you I'll only do this once.

You, smeared with poison, empty my souls into the depths of your hold.
Pushing, pushing, forcing yourself upon me
Weakly I cry out, my mind escaping your reach
Shriveling into a corner even as you claim me.

I need nothing but your flesh.
Your mind, your heart;
They mean nothing to me.

Escapement lies too far from the side of the ocean
I see it, but with your steel grip I cannot touch it
And as you sheathe yourself in me I shudder
From the impurity of it all.

No. You cannot run from me.
Even your screams are there inside me
As I clutch you in my arms.

I claw my way up into the spiraling edge
Tearing into your skin as you teeter on self-control
Indulgence, invasion, when it comes to you they are one
And when you enter I collapse within the banks of my tears

You taste like watered down honey and salt-sweet bitterness.
What, do I really scare you so?

You instill fear like never before.
And I hate you for it;
Though within the blackness lies that still-shining hope
Have you ever loved me?

Stop your illusions;
I only want what you can give.
Nothing more.