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Fate's Fools


A month or so later, I had finally managed to reach some sort of treaty with myself: I wouldn't think about the kiss and in exchange my memory would stop being a bitch and replaying it all over again in my head. But of course, what with my unnatural unluckiness, fate refused to let me forget and forgive, and played another dirty trick on me.

Like everything else, it happened on a Sunday. I lay in bed in a dazed state of half sleep, listening to the sound of the rain battering against my window and enjoying the warmth of my blankets and sheets. I was perfectly happy and peaceful when I heard the doorbell ring. My first thought was that Heather would take are of it, then I remembered she was staying over at her Catalina's for the weekend, so I decided to simply ignore it, but it rang a second time, quite insistently. Swearing, cursing and feeling murderous, I rolled out of bed, and stumbled down the stairs and to the front door of the tiny, cramped house, tripping over piles of books and furniture and steps and kicked-off pairs of shoes. Not caring that my hair was in a massive pile of tangles around my face, and that I was dressed in my cute blue pyjamas (which I'd secretly bought in the girl's nightwear department of a shop) and that my face was streaked with the imprint of pillowcase folds, I threw the door opened.

'Good morning sir! Could I possibly interest you in a complete encyclopaedia, comprising more than twenty volumes for the astonishingly low p—'

The door-to-door salesman stopped short, staring at me. I stared back.

Underneath a huge, battered leather trench-coat he was dressed in a business suit that was at least two sizes too big for him and hung over his skinny frame in a pathetic way. His striped Gerard Way-style tie was tied in a simple child's knot and looked as thin and pathetic as he did, and to complete the affect of the five-year-old kid playing pretend door-to-door salesman, he was wearing converse trainers underneath the too-long hems of his trousers. His face was very boyish, almost girlishly pretty: with round, delicate pink cheeks, a plump little mouth, a little pointy nose and wide swimming-pool water blue eyes that oozed naïveté and innocence. His hair was an explosion of the reddest hair I had ever seen.

'You!' we both exclaimed simultaneously, like something out of some clichéd movie.

'You're the random idiot who kissed me in the market!' I yelled, trying to let anger and surprise distract me from the images my traitorous memory was flooding my mind with.

'You're the cute boy I kissed in the market!' he exclaimed, his eyes brightening up, a smile stretching cutely over his cute face. Oh. My. God. Tell me I haven't just thought that? What the hell is wrong with me?

We both stood gaping at each other for a considerable amount of time, him staring, me glaring, the silence tense and charged with things we both should be saying but couldn't bring ourselves to say. Finally, he looked down, a sheepish grin on his adora—detestable face, and said sweetly:

'…I guess you're not going to buy that encyclopaedia after all?'

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