I glanced up as the teacher cleared his throat.

"Excuse me, students. We have a new student in the class." He said as the door opened a girl came in. She had pale skin, long jet black hair, and wore a Dead Kennedy tee shit with ripped jeans and converse. I stared at her.

"This is Victoria. She came from, erm, where did you come from?" Mr. Peterson asked her. She looked at the class.

"I'm from Forks, Washington." She said quietly, looking down. I tore a corner from my math quiz and wrote on it,

U think she's 1? I heard they had them there, a whole family.

With out looking up I dropped it onto Tasha's desk. She unfolded it and scribbled for a moment. Then she pushed it back.

Maybe. The only empty desk is by U…

Victoria quietly slipped into the seat next to me, fiddling with a key chain on her bag.


"Hey! Carl! Lyra!" I yelled, running down the road. He turned.

"Oh, hey Alley." He grinned. Lyra, his sister and my long time friend nodded.

"Have you met the new girl? Her name is Victoria."

"Hmm…punk, black hair, green eyes, converse and pale skin?" Lyra asked frowning.


"Yea. She's hot." Carl nodded.

"I think she's a vampire." I said seriously.

He snorted. "Your crazy, Des. In Cliff. Cliff, New Mexico?"

"Well…think about it. It's always over cast, and-"

"The most exciting thing that happens here is the towns rich kid gets a paint job on his truck."

"I know, I know." he said. Lyra stayed silent. That's what I liked about her, when she doesn't know who to agree with, she agrees with no one. "Listen, I have home work."

"And I have choir." She added.

"Yeah. So we have to go." He said, once again slinging his back pack over his sholder and walking. I stood there a moment andbegan walking down the dirt road to my house. I had a math quiz the next day. (dun dun dun)


"Yola, Alley."

"Hey Ashwin."

"Ashley. Not Ashwin.." She added quickly, glancing around nervously.

I coughed "Ashwin." Another student walked by and gave me a funny look.

"Fine, Albertina Des Vanst-." Ashley began.

"OK! Shut it, I got your point. No one will know about your real name. Besides, if they did, no one would think anything of it."

"So? It's the twenty-first century. Ashwin Alice Carvolo is a weird name."

"So is Albertina Des Vanstien." I picked up an apple and tossed it from hand to hand. "I'm going to Victorias house tonight to see if shes a vampire…want to come?" I inquired casually. Ashley looked up at me.

"I didn't know you are on drugs."

"I'm not."

"We aren't going.

" Ok fine, lets just give her a 'Welcome-to-the-middle-of-nowhere-New Mexico muffen basket!" I joked. We both burst out laughing.


"I have a bad feeling about this…" Lyra whined.

"Shh…quit quting Star Wars!" Carl whispered at her. she shooked her head and crouched in a cat like poison on the ground. I shrank in to the shadows.

"Ow! That's my foot!" I complained.

"Sorry." Ashley whispered back.

In order we crept silently around the edge of the dark house. "I don't see any parents. That's a sign." I said.

"Yeah, and I'm in love with the monkeys uncle." Ashley teased.

"I love that song!" Lyra squealed.

Carl muttered something about 'to much estrogen' and motioned for us to stand. We stood and knocked on the door. Victoria opened it.

"Um…hi." She said awkwardly.

"Hey. I'm Alley, this is Carl, Lyra, and Ashley.We think you are a vampire. Are we right?"

She raised her eye brows and smirked mysteriously.

"Show us your fangs." Carl demanded. Victoria laughed.

"You first." She urged. All four of us opened our mouth to show our fangs. She gasped.

"I-I didn't…how…I…." she stuttered, staring at us in horror and shock.

"Crud…" Carl complained. "Now we have no choice."

Lyra stepped forward, her fangs glinting in the little light. "Victoria, welcome to the vampire club."