Werewolf's Cry

I sit on my back and howl to the moon

The smell of pray is there
It shall meet its doom

I howl once more just to share
the kill of the night with you

Off I prance panting hard
my sense of smell leading my way

I stop short as if I've been bared
the smell is strong yet it's almost morn
my back cracks my hands grow

I howl in the pan I under go
My body has less my body has more
I look at the sun and I confess
That my life as a wolf was worth a great deal more
The sun has done it
It's changed me back
Into a man I thought I forgot
I scream and hit the ground below
To release the anger that has grown
When my rant is over with
I curl up in my little bed
I lay there and drift to sleep
Till the next night the moon calls for me.