sometimes i'm pseudo-philosohpical and sometimes i miss physics class. this might be what happens when both conditions are met. much better when performed than read but alas.

1. Conformity to fact or actuality.
1. The quality or state of being actual or true.

And I laugh because he swears he's telling the truth and he hates that I always remind him, "You're telling your truth, not the truth."

The truth is that truth isn't as exclusive as they say it is. It's one of the reasons I will probably never get married, why I have such trouble connecting with others, why I have such trouble telling the truth.

Your truth is your reality. Your perception of truth and your perception of reality are resolutely and inexorably bound together

Our truths are not the same. A most basic example of how our truths differ is that you are Christian/ Jewish/ Muslim/ Buddhist/ Taoist/ Hindu/ insert religion here and I am not. And if so, taking into account all the truths that spring from our differences in belief, we do not occupy the same reality. And if we cannot/ do not/ will not share our truths, how can we share a reality? And if we cannot share even that; that which is both minuscule in importance and that, which is all important, how can you even presume to know me?

And it would be okay, if this was the only difference between us. We could be .999999… and 1, you and I. Close enough to touch, to seem the same even as we weren't and were. Like those membranes they call universes. But it isn't, so we aren't. You might as well be the negative to this positive infinity I live in.

But how can our realities be so different when we're 99.99 the same. We're humans, after all. There must be something similar there boiling in that gray matter they tell us we think with.

Perhaps we live on the event horizon of some huge philosophical black hole with truth behind us and reality before us and all that matters is that we know how to laugh.

I think I could live like that.

And that's the truth.