It was Sunday afternoon, when I first lay eyes on her clad in cotton dress.

Her gaze met mine and gently smiled, a forced fake grin, though her eyes still haunt me most

One look was all it took for me to understand their unspoken words.

Her oddly colored orbs glazed over, dull, spoke loud and clear in a sultry tone "Bend me until I break.

Show me to the depths of hell and set me lose

Fight my way through demons and set a fire-blazing path"

She screamed, "I want to feel alive! This place, my home,

It holds and cages me up until I feel utterly alone."

I'd like to intrude her solitude and set her free,

Take her to the number of places only I've ever seen.

Show her how the ocean feels, with sand against her back.

Waves crashing against the rocky shores, just us alone to hear.

"Take me with every force your body could possess.

Show me just how love feels when it's overwhelmed your soul."

White innocence hidden in the night, entangled within warmth of skin

screaming with every breath left in her lungs. "Thank god we're alive"