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Chapter 1: The Attack

It was a dark night in the dregs of New York. Ariel Sona, or Lash, as most people called her, crouched in the shadows of a thin alley. She heard two men talking quietly around the corner. She looked across to her partner and made a small hand motion. They slowly stood up halfway and took a moment to ready themselves. She pulled a silencer from her belt and screwed it onto her pistol. Her partner just shook his head at her. He always told her that they were in a gang, not a covert ops team. She responded by saying that just because they were in a gang didn't mean that they had to be stupid.

She rounded the corner and felled the two men with two quiet shots to the heart. "That's my Lash, always the sharpshooter," her partner Orik told her almost affectionately.

"That's me," she responded sarcastically. "I've taken out the guard, now you do your thing." He pulled out a small box of matches. "You're planning on burning open the door with that? You couldn't even have brought a blowtorch; it had to be a box of matches. You really are an idiot," she said. He shook his head again and drew a small stick of dynamite from his jacket. Her eyes widened as he lit a match. He held the flame under the wick and it started to spark. She turned and ran around the corner as there was an astounding BOOM! She returned and saw him standing there laughing, his whole front covered in black soot. "Are you trying to wake up everyone in the neighborhood?

They stepped into the cold, dark stone hallway and Orik pulled the map he had been given. They knew what the safe looked like, as they had seen the picture before. They knew why they were here. To retrieve an advanced weapon that their rival gang had purchased off of the black market. It was believed to be a powerful laser based weapon, like something straight out of Star Wars.

They crept almost silently through twists, turns, and pathways. Only running into other people twice and Lash killed them both easily. They stopped occasionally to check the map again. Finally, they reached the room where the safe was supposed to be. Orik exchanged the rolled up map for a pair of semi-automatic pistols. Lash pulled a pin from her hair and easily picked the lock. "That was almost-"she started to say, but was cut off when Orik threw the door open, revealing the safe room. It also revealed about twenty men with AK-47s aimed at the door. We turned and ran as fast as we could, trying to remember the way back out.

The loud clank of automatic rifles firing at us rang all the while. Just as they rounded a corner, Orik yelled. She looked back and saw him lying on the ground, blood flowering from a hole in his lower back. He looked up pleadingly at her. She hesitated for a moment, but turned away and continued running, actual tears streaming down her face. She had seen countless tears fall from others, frequently from her doing, but these were the first real tears she had cried since she was ten. That's six years without a single heartfelt tear, and she felt furious for at her weakness. She finally burst through the door and ran out of the alley. She could see the park down the street. She had mostly lived there for the past eight years, so she could easily lose them in it as it was a heavily forested park with a few paths and clearings.

She started running down the street when she noticed that sirens were going off all over the city. At first she thought there was a tornado, but there wasn't any wind. A few people stepped out of their houses and looked around. Then there was a scream. Lash looked over and saw a woman pointing to the sky with one hand and holding her little girl close to her with the other arm.

Lash looked to the sky and saw what she had screamed about. There was a rather large stream of fire flying through the air. At the front of it was what appeared to be a missile. It was very near the ground, no more than thirty feet above the ground. There was a crack as it flew through the trees in the park. There was an explosion as it crashed. An explosion that made the second BOOM she had heard that night rang out across the whole city. It could probably be heard across the entire East Coast.

Of course, little did she know that it could be heard all over the world. This was because identical missiles were striking at equal distances apart all over the world. Lash stepped back as a wave of green shot from the park. She watched as the woman and her daughter were thrown back into the wall of the building they had just come out of, which collapsed almost instantly as the wave of green hit the building itself. Lash only had a moment to close her eyes before she felt the wave hit her too, and everything went black.