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Chapter 2: Discovery

Lash lay there in the tree staring into the sky. It had been two weeks since she had miraculously survived that bomb. She watched as the clouds floated gently by overhead, with glints of a sliver-blue between them. A bird landed on the branch next to her, and she just looked at it admiringly. She heard footsteps as someone walked on the ground below. She stood up on the branch, her brown hair that was now streaked with a rusty red fluttered in front of her eyes, momentarily blocking her vision. She pushed it away just in time to see an Asian looking man walking almost directly under her.

She did a dramatic back flip and stuck the landing right in front of him. He fell back and yelped. Lash laughed and shook her head a little. She reached out to help the man up and said, "The name's Lash, you?"

He grabbed her hand and she pulled him to his feet. "Nisshoku. My friends call me Nisshi, for short," he said through a strong Japanese accent.

Lash opened her mouth to say something that was most likely rude when there was a scream a little farther off. She herself was paralyzed for a moment as she got a flashback of the mother and her little girl from the street. She quickly shook the image away and clapped her hands in front of her face, holding them together. Her ears grew pointed and three whisker-like lines of black grew along her cheeks. She opened her eyes to reveal that they were the same rusty-red color as the streaks in her hair. The most notable detail was the eight long, fox-like tails that she sprouted at that moment.

One of the tails reached out and wrapped itself around Nisshoku waist, lifting him up. Lash got down on all fours and ran extremely quickly towards the scream. She finally reached its origin; a girl about Lash's age, on her knees in the middle of a clearing. She was staring at her fingers. Well rather, she was staring through her fingers. The tips of her fingers had turned to water, and it was slowly creeping down to her hands. After a moment, her entire hand was water. She let out another ear-splitting shriek. Maybe it wasn't all that loud. Lash could never tell because of her heightened fox-form senses.

"Calm down," Lash commanded coldly yet calmly. The girl responded with another shriek. Lash made a twitch of anger and extended another tail to wrap around her shoulders. "I said, Calm Down," she yelled at the top of her voice. The girl looked up and her hands solidified. Lash released her and the girl just sat there, panting. "This overdramatic pain in the butt is Laura," Lash told Nisshoku.

"It's not her fault," a woman said in a minor Indian accent. "She just discovered her mute a few hours ago. I found mine three days ago and I can barely keep them in check. Just because we aren't all able to accept them as quickly as you do doesn't mean that we're weak."

"Will you just shut up already Saria?" Lash said with a glare. Lash turned back on Laura. "Okay, so you just found out that you turn into water. Big deal, get over it. Imagine how I felt when I woke up six days ago and found out that I had eight tails growing out of my butt. Sure, I was worried for a minute, but I just decided to accept it. You don't see me screaming every time I accidentally go into fox-form, do ya'??" Lash said. She was met with an earnest puppy dog face and a whimper. "Will you just shut theā€¦" she started to say, but on the last two words, her hand moved in a mock mouth. Lash lifted her hand and is started moving again, her middle finger contorting itself in ways the she didn't know possible.

She looked over at Saria, who was holding her hand out toward her, and glared. Saria looked at Nisshoku, who had a look of confusion on his face, "It's my mute. I can release and manipulate small amounts of electricity. Not enough to do any damage to a living being, but enough to mess with a machine or, even better, the nervous system. The nervous system of all living beings works by small electrical pulses sent from the brain to various other parts of the body. I can use my pulses to mimic and interfere with that. I can switch nerve signals so that when you tell one part of your body to do something, another part will. I switched her mouth with her hand, obviously. I hadn't anticipated doing anything like that to her tongue and finger though." Saria gave a shrug.

Lash's looked like she was trying to lick her nose as she looked at Saria. Suddenly, Nisshoku started laughing. Saria looked confused for a moment, then her jaw dropped and she looked offended. She closed her hand into a fist and Lash tongue shot back inside her mouth. Lash moved her jaw for a moment as if to test it, and then she said, "You have got to stop doing that. You already know you can mess with emotions too. I don't see why you can't just make widdle Waura here a widdle tougher so she's not such a wimp." At that moment there was a growl. They looked over and Laura was looking up, her long, straight blonde hair was still falling all across her face.

In an instant, she had gotten to her feet and jumped at Lash, tackling her to the ground. Laura punched her multiple times across the face. Lash put her feet together and kicked Laura in the chest, knocking her away and then jumping to her feet. Laura got back up and jumped back at lash again. In midair, Laura's whole body turned to water, starting at the center of her chest. She hid Lash, soaking her and hurting her at the same time. As she started to punch her, her body turned to solid ice, from the same point at her chest.

Lash threw her off with her tails and stood up. Saria stood by patiently and Nisshoku watched Lash intently. Lash went into a kind of fighter's stance as Laura jumped at her again. Something seemed to snap in Nisshoku as he jumped into the same fighter's stance. His ears grew pointed, he grew black whisker-lines across his cheeks, rusty-red streaks went through his hair, and he sprouted eight fox-like tails. Lash shot the tails forward and punched Laura out of the air. Nisshoku mad the movement at the same time, punching nothingness. Laura tried again and landed a firm uppercut to Lash. Lash flew into the air. So did Nisshoku. "Cut it out you two," he said in perfect English, down to losing his accent. The girls stopped and looked back at him. Nisshoku looked back too. He shook his head and he turned back to normal him, all except the accent loss. He just stared at his hands with a smile of amazement.

"Incredible," a man in a white lab-coat said as he walked over to them. He gave them a big smile and said, "Follow me."