Christmas Angel

"Mommy!" Four-year-old Jessie Carter rushed into her parents' room, holding her rough crayon drawing of the nativity with pride, and as her parents turned to her, she held up the drawing proudly. Above the stable were an angel and a star, both of which were colored in the brightest yellow. "It's for Sam!" She beamed.

Her parents exchanged a half-smile, and Mrs. Carter looked at Jessie and said, "That's beautiful, Jessie. Do you want to mail it to him?"

Jessie nodded eagerly. "I'll go get an env'lope!" She ran out of the room into the kitchen, pushing a chair up to the cabinet where the office supplies were kept and retrieving an envelope, folding up her drawing and putting it carefully inside.

"Jessie, when do you want to go send it?" called Mr. Carter.

Jessie pulled her red coat that matched her equally red hair and chimed, "Right now!" She zipped up her coat and ran across the living room to get her pink boots on.

"Then we better get going before it gets too late!" Mr. Carter helped his daughter get her boots on (they were awfully tight), and Mrs. Carter got out her dark green winter coat and gave Mr. Carter his long grey coat.

"Thank you, Sarah," he said as he pulled on his coat.

Mrs. Carter nodded. "You're welcome," she replied with a smile.

"Let's GO!" groaned Jessie impatiently.

"Do you have your drawing?"

"…Oh yeah! Hold on!"


"FINALLY!" Jessie jumped out of her family's car, running down the long, gravel trail towards her destination- something she knew by heart after all the times she had sent something to Sam ever since he went away.

Mr. and Mrs. Carter walked behind their hyperactive daughter, who had turned around several times and yelled, "COME ON!"

It was snowing again as the Carters walked down to their regular weekly spot (mostly because Jessie had something new to send to her older brother), and as her parents caught up with Jessie, who had her hands on her hips, and as she saw them, she huffed impatiently. "I need the special stamp," she said.

Mr. Carter smiled and dug the "special stamp" out of his pocket, giving it to Jessie, who beamed and stuck it onto the envelope, which had the words "To Sam, from Jessie" written in large crayon letters and a picture of a Christmas tree beside it.

Jessie sighed, looking at her envelope analytically, and satisfied with the final result, she set it down and looked up to her parents. "D'you think he'll get it OK?" she asked, which she asked every week.

"Absolutely," replied Mrs. Carter, picking Jessie up and holding her in her arms.

Jessie reached for her dad, who took her and put her up on his shoulders. Jessie looked back to her mom and said, "Do they have a post office where Sam is?"

Mrs. Carter nodded. "I think they do," she answered.

Jessie looked down where she had put her letter and said, "Maybe this time, he'll come back." She suddenly looked quite sad.

Her parents exchanged another look, but neither of them knew what to say.

Looking down on her brother's grave, Jessie said softly, "Maybe he'll be my Christmas Angel."

The three of them stood there for a minute or so of silence and then Mrs. Carter said, "Come on, Jess. It's getting late."

Jessie, still looking at her letter, said quietly, "OK." She was quiet as her dad turned around and started walking back with Mrs. Carter to the car, and Jessie looked back, and waving at Sam's grave, she said, "Merry Christmas, Sam."


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