Author's Note: I actually began this story in an 'Author in Residence' program that my school sponsors. Author Chris Crutcher came and spoke to us for two days and taught us a lot about writing, but also an awful lot about life in general. I'd like to dedicate this story to my grandfather who inspired it, and also to Chris Crutcher who taught me that it's okay to use stuff from your life and to write what you know. That's pretty awesome because the crazy stuff that happens in my life is probably way more interesting than anything I could make up of the top of my head. This work however, is a work of fiction. Inspiration and details are just taken out of my life, not the story itself. As a final note, if you haven't read anything buy Chris Crutcher yet, I recommend you go pick up one of his books right now. I especially recommend Whale Talk or The Sledding Hill.