B-bmp. B-bmp. B-bmp.

I awoke to the pulsing of synchronized heartbeats and looked around, wondering why I couldn't see anything but darkness. I strained my eyes and the more I looked the better I could see the light blue aura that I knew to be hers shining through sheets. I couldn't remember how I had come to be lying in a bed beside her or when my vision had changed from normal to its new hyper-enhanced state, but here it was and here I was and here she was, and as I watched her sleep I watched her aura pulsing and changing with each breath she took. I realized that she had woken up and was watching me watch her in silence and I blinked rapidly, my normal eyesight fading back as I smiled down at her.

She was naked beside me, her dark brown skin warm against the cool paleness of my own. She reached up to wrap slender arms around my neck and kiss me on the tip of my nose and I wrapped my arms around her waste, unable to see her any longer in the pitch black that was our bedroom. I knew I was home from the scent of the sheets, from the feel of the pillows and the atmosphere of calm that we seemed to be floating inside.

I leaned in closer to her, feeling elated as our lips met, hers soft and pillowy, mine hard and chapped, and I wondered if she noticed how rough my lips where. But if she did, she didn't show it, and instead deepened the kiss, making the place between my legs twitch with anticipation. She still made me incalculably wet, and she must have known just what got me.

Her hands went up to my shoulders, gripping with intensity and I wrapped strong arms around her waste, feeling as our bodies met, and locked together, her legs between mine, her breasts mashed up against mine. I reached to touch her there and a moan escaped her lips, arousing me to no end. I flicked her nipple with my thumb, pressing the hardened point into her, watching in the darkness as her face filled with pleasure. Her hand traveled from my shoulders up my neck and into my hair, driving me completely up the wall.

And then the rudely loud beeps of her alarm clock interrupted our sex-capades, and she giggled, detaching herself from me to stop it.

"Are you still tired?" she asked me as she rolled back towards me in barely a whisper, and now I wondered how long I had been sleeping before her heartbeats woke me up and how long we had been here. I could remember nothing since my mind had taken be back to earlier times, times drenched in our passion and the evil bile that was our Family life. I wished so often that these two things could have been separate entities, separate occurrences, but it was not so and probably never would be. Who would save us from the never ending cycle of treachery and forbidden love? Certainly not our parents, who seemed so obligated to the Brotherhood that they would stop at nothing, short of destroying themselves. Certainly not Jirae, my twin sister who had sworn never to abandon me and never to hurt me. It was thanks to her that my powers had been manifested, even though I suspected she had very little choice in the matter.

"No, I'm not tired anymore," I told her truthfully, feeling the new energy coursing through my body. I blinked a few times again and looked back down at the both of us, unable to see myself except for a white glow that emanated from where my body should have been in the darkness surrounding, but seeing millions of tiny points of white light dispersed throughout her blue aura, and I knew this was the energy we had gained from our time of rest. "You and I both look well rested."

She smiled again and I felt the calm that we were floating in seep into my chest like water into cracks and realized she was wrapping us in a mental cocoon of happiness with her own powers. "You can see energy?" she asked me, and before I could answer she blabbed out several more questions. "Is that what you see when you go invisible like this? How come I can still feel you here but I can't see you? How do you make yourself do that?"

I wasn't at all irritated by her barrage of questions and in fact I wanted to know the answers to them myself. I could only tell her that I wasn't sure, that blinking brought me a change of state but that I didn't know the why and how of any of it. My uncertainty seemed to satisfy her because the calm was spreading through my chest and out towards my extremities now as she wrapped her body closer to mine, smiling a beautiful serene smile up at me.

"You're doing this, aren't you?" I asked her and she nodded shyly, almost ashamed that I understood what she was doing. She wouldn't have been able to keep it a secret from me anyways, I could tell by the mist of blue that emanated from her aura and surrounded us that she was using her power in some way. "We could stay here like this for days," I realized, looking down at her curiously.

"We have stayed here like this for days," she informed me, the calm not allowing me to become upset at her for this. I understood instantly that she was only trying to help us by making me get the rest that I needed, by making me let my body recover, and I felt the tiny spark of anger that could have grown into a full fledged fire fueled by fear and urgency become instantly extinguished. She was already very good at her power, and I felt pride at this, knowing that it would come in handy down the road when we both decided what to do.

"Thank you," I told her, allowing myself to become manipulated by her. I could hear all of her thoughts as I said this and some of them surprised me while some of them I expected.

"I love you...you are so cold and I want to warm you...I hope now that you've slept for so long you know what to do...I want to make love to you, I want to feel you inside me…" she thought to herself, not saying any of those thoughts aloud. She only looked up at me and blushed even deeper. Somehow she knew I knew what she was thinking although I could sense no mental blocking in her head. It was as if she was inviting me inside. And we both knew full well that if I heard something I didn't like, it was within her power to make me happy about it. It was like we had each other checked and balanced, our powers seemed to snap together like puzzle pieces, however manipulative and intrusive they may have been. I wondered if this was by our Father's design or if something deeper, something biological or physiological had determined this for us.

"We will make plans soon," I promised her, "I know what to do now, I feel so sure of it."

"You feel sure of it because I am making you feel sure of everything right now," she told me, "But when I stop doing this, will you still know?" she asked. I nodded immediately, knowing that she needed to trust me in order for my plans to work, and that she would only trust me if I seemed sure about what I was going to do.

"I've never been more sure," I promised her, kissing her warm red cheeks gently. She giggled at this, squinting her eyes shut. These seemed to be the happiest moments we had ever had with each other.

"When will we leave?" she asked me and I shrugged, looking down at her in my arms.

"When you are ready," I told her, knowing that she only had to stop the spread of calm and replace it with a sense of urgency for the two of us to be on our way. "How did we get home?" I asked her, not wanting to pry into each of her thoughts for the answers to all my questions. Her voice on my ears was too much of a delight to simply dismiss.

"You passed out in the car," she told me and I could see her mentally picturing this happening. "And you said nothing about where we were going or why, so I wrapped us in peace and drove here, and you slept for nearly 24 hours, as did I."

I nodded, pleased with the decisions she had mad. A sharp pang of breathtaking cold pierced our shield of peace and I wondered what she'd just been thinking about. The peace continued to fade away and I watched as her face twisted into a pained expression.

"I can't believe this has happened to us," she whispered to me. "We're freaks," she thought to herself sadly and I pulled her in closer to me, wishing I cold make her sadness go away, erase the mental scars my family was responsible for her having. And honestly while I'd always expected as much if not worse from my Mother and Father, it wasn't fair at all that she had fallen subject to his just because she was close with me.

She sat up, her naked body glistening in the moonlight that streamed down upon us, and I felt the urge to do the same. We continued to get dressed in synch and I went around my house trying to formulate some semblance of a plan. I could hear the echo of her thoughts in my mind they strangely comforted me, knowing she was always there in my mind.

"What are we going to do…" I could hear her thinking and I walked to our room to answer her questions.

"I remember when we first were hit with radiation," I told her and she wasn't startled by me walking up behind her. She must have heard me or felt me coming. "I know we are supposed to be weapons. Our Father and my Mother will stop at nothing to make this happen, and Jaele and Wavorly don't seem to care or understand."

Her face scrunched up at Jirae's name and I mentally blocked her thoughts, not wanting to hear the mental objections she had against my sister.

"You think they're going to come after us?" she asked me, pulling on a pair of skintight black skinny jeans and a neon pink shirt. She sort of looked like a superhero, maybe "Aura" or something, and this thought made me smirk. We finished dressing.


"How could you have let them go?!" Rueben seethed with anger, causing Wavorly and Jirae to cringe at the sound of his tirades. Neither of them could have been called cowardly but they knew what their Father was like when upset, and understood that it would not have been a good time to say anything.

Their Mother sat quietly in the corner of the room, playing quiet observer as she often did, sitting in complete silence, tiny hands folded in her lap, eyes closed, seemingly deep in thought. Jirae wondered what she was thinking, pleaded silently for her help in the situation. Who knew what their Father would do in his anger, who knew what plans he would force Jirae and Wavorly to carry our for him, for the Family, for the Brotherhood? And carry them out Jirae certainly would, she had no choice in the matter now, having betrayed Jaele and harboring a deep hatred for Eisley, this twisted family was all she had left.

Rueben's voice brought he back to the present as he slammed an angry fist down onto his desk which he stood behind, physically shaken and obviously enraged. To him fourteen million dollars and seven and a half years worth of research had merely walked out of his reach, and nothing he or the other fourteen million dollars of research sitting before him could do had stopped them.

His thoughts flicked to Eisley and this made his anger subside in a wave of guilt. Guilt that his was the respect he paid his old friend, this was how he took care of a child entrusted to him so long ago. He knew he had let him down, let himself down, but there was no going back now. Eisley was just as contaminated as the rest of his children, thanks to Jaele and her disgusting, unproductive and altogether forbidden lifestyle.

Elaine wondered to herself if she was the cause of this desertion, if it was her fault that Jaele was a lesbian, if it was her fault that the girl had seduced Eisley into her own forbidden fantasies and that now Rueben probably would kill the two in one of his fits of anger.

He was a good man when they first met, brought together by the elders of the Perrott family and told that love had nothing to do with duty and honor, and that bearing children was the the greatest honor she could do the Perrott family. Being a Haslen, a member of the soldiers on the Family, it was expected that the two's offspring would be royal soldiers, or something of the like. But what they had become was unprecedented, unexpected, and unplanned, at least at first. What mother birthed a child with diabolical thoughts in mind? And yet here they all were, or almost all of them, her beloved children and husband, twisted by fate into a plot well beyond their control.

Rueben slammed another fist down on his desk in his tirades, most of which Elaine had been successfully blocking out. He shouted her name and her head snapped up at his call.

"Elaine! Do you know where they are?" he asked her, motioning for her to work her magic and dial them in on the surveillance units. She stood and snapped a finger at the flat screen television mounted on the wall behind Rueben and it flickered on, a live feed of a quaint house flickering onto the screen.

"There," she told him, and then when back to her chair, the sense of urgency that he had tried to instill in her simply not catching on. Nothing caught her attention that she didn't want to, and she would not be persuaded that any plan involving harming Jaele was a plan she wanted to be a part of.

She looked over at Jirae and Wavorly, both of whom looked terrified to be in their father's presence while he was so angry. Elaine didn't understand why they were so scared. If only they understood what kind of power had been bestowed upon them, upon the entire family, and here they were taking Rueben's orders. Make no mistake, Elaine was fiercely loyal to the Family and to Rueben and her children. But she also knew that when it came down to it, her and Rueben's flimsy powers were parlor tricks compared to the havoc that could be wreaked by the power of their children.

A chill ran down her spine at the though of this and she smirked to herself.

"Rueben," she said quietly, causing him to look down at her, his chest heaving as he took huge breaths to compensate for the yelling he had been doing. "Stop scaring them, let them go to bed. In the morning, you and I and our children will go and retrieve Jaele and Eisley, bring them home, and all of this mess will fall back into line."

Rueben became instantly visibly calmer as Elaine asserted her powers of persuasion on him, and he took a seat behind his desk, the anger melting off of him. She was pleased by the strength of her words, and she dismissed Jirae and Wavorly with a flick of her wrist. They scrambled away quickly.


The woman with the ivory eyes shifted in her seat to watch her more closely. The eyes scared her, unsettled her, and she wondered what the would have to do to be released from their grip on her chest. It was as if she couldn't take a single breath when the woman was watching her.

The pianist still had not ceased in his playing, and instead he had grown steadily more intense as the music directed him to. Crescendos where his forte and he never had trouble understanding just what the music desired. She thought to herself that the pianist was unnecessary and a general waste. This man could be put to better use, maybe as a scientist in the lab, a working in the mines, anything was better then the silly music he was playing with such fervor.

She wondered at his ability to burry himself in the song, he hadn't looked up except to turn the page, which he did flawlessly and without pause.

The song haunted her, it haunted her in its melody, as if she had heard it before. She hated where music took her, back to the past before she had learned control, before she understood that letting go meant countless lives would be lost and that loss would be her fault and hers alone. The power she welded was second to none, and for that she was lorded around, requested, summoned, nearly begged to come and administer her services to the Family, and their needs.

Tonight was no different. She had been summoned to persuade a young girl to step into her new role as head minister of the Haslen family. And here she was, waiting with a pianist and a body guard of sorts for her chance to serve the Family.

She cringed, feeling like a whore, knowing that when it came down to it, she would do whatever she had to do to keep the girl at her bidding. Sex, glamour, money, it was all up for use. With Edward Perrott, the 57th son of the first Edward, ordering her himself to do this, and do it well, she had no room for error. And if the little lesbian girl did not comply, she would be replaced. Her royalty was all that really had kept her from not being replaced already.

That, and the girls extraordinary power, rumored to be equal to her own.

"We'll see about that," she whispered under her breath to herself, and then looked back at the old woman body guard, who was watching her still, just as close.