She looks in the mirror

Her eyes full of hate

Don't try to save her

It's already too late.

Disgust and anger

Reflect through her eyes

As the voice barks its orders,

Feeding her lies.

"Worthless! Fat! Stupid!"

It hissed in her mind

"But we can fix this;

For now you are mine.

I will mold you and shape you,

Bent until broken."

The words echoed inside.

The commander had spoken.

"Food is quite dirty,

And you are to be clean.

Listen to me, and

Soon you'll be lean.

Soon you'll be happy,

And pretty, and thin;

Regardless of

How much pain you are in.

You will eat no longer.

That belongs to the weak.

Salvation through starvation

Is what we will seek.

You will run every day

Till your legs give out:

This is what your life

Will be about.

But when you go to the bathroom

And step on the scale

No matter the number,

You will always fail.

Thinner and thinner

Is always the goal;

For a perfect body--

For a perfect soul.

Your mind will be filled

With these ravenous lies

Till you're good enough..

Till the day you die."