Purple mania

In all the crowns of royalty

Envied and pitied by their followers,

Thinking without a brain.

What have we become?

Mere scarecrows

Left outside for decoration?

Mass society

Unassuming and unquestioning;

The laws that are wrong; we break them-

But merely to break them.

Fasten your seatbelt

You're in for a wild ride

As we race past,

Flying by culture and independent thought

Just excited to be riding in our new car-

Look at the pretty colors!

We're soaring down the streets.

But we mustn't lose sight of the trees along the way

Else we reign as a world of dolls

With straw for brains and a talent for scaring away birds.

Well, if that's what we wish to be known for,

Let us ignore the trees.

After all-

Someone needs to tend the fields.