I'm sick of always fighting the demons inside of me

These endless battles waged with wrath, begun in mutiny.

And as they fight, they lie to me, these demons in my head

But as I go, so I believe the bitter words they've said

The darkness tells me scarlet lies, but truth is ever there

Continues growing, taking over-I'm filled with fear at how I fare

Black is all around us as the tunnel light is gone

While the lightness in my laughter just perpetuates the con

Soul swept with grey; this little voice is my existence's bane

And I see the blackness crawling as I slowly turn insane.

Is that a light? A light I see? Have I begun to win?

Has the self-destructive voice forgiven me my sin?

If they're not gone, I will soon be - there's silence in my head...

I'm filled with dread - Are they all dead?

Impending doom-

A flash of red-

"The time has come," the Walrus said.