why do you wish to crawl down the rabbit hole?

yes, crawl-on your hands and knees.

down in the dirt.

with the worms and the fleas and the bugs.

there's nothing magical down here;

there only appears to be.

you see-

i don't want you lost

like i've lost me.

but i'm tunneling my way out!

that devious grin doesn't scare me anymore.

i'm sorry, mister hatter,

i don't particularly fancy tea--

milk and cream and lovely things

are far more savoury experienced by themselves.

crumpets? no thanks

i've grown tired of them.

i long for real food;

the kind you don't count.

real sunlight-

overhead, not seen through a hole in the ground far above.

dance in it; laugh in it; cry in it.

the rain, too.

well, come on now!

don't you feel it?

don't hide from it down here.

why do you wish to live down here?

the trees are lovely, but can provide only so much shade

until their leaves are overbearing.

seems enthralling;

but the real world, much less exciting-

you're much more alive.

follow me

this time into light.

the light ... don't you remember?

i don't know you.

you follow the white rabbit into here, and-

and you will follow him out a paler colour than he.

"i'm late! i'm late!" he cries ...

well, sometimes better never than late.

step through the mirror to take you back.

don't get drowned in the depths;

your mind can lead you back -

if you can let go.

you've ruined their mad world

and now you can't stay

for wonderland is only a name.